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Rapsody On Working With Kendrick Lamar, Advice From 9th Wonder & Guru, And “Wisdom” (Video)

You saw Rapsody ack’a’damned fool in the 2017 Cyphers, right (see here)? She started her rhyme with how she is the best. Period. Then went for hers.

And she don’t stop.

But she did stop by and kick a while with The Breakfast Club to promote her latest project (“Laila’s Wisdom”), the reemergence of talented artists (esp. females) in Hip-Hop, and more.



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Boosie Badazz And Ray J. Are Starring In A Musical? (Video)

Producer Melvin Childs brought Boosie Badazz and Ray J. through to discuss a new Hip-Hop musical. Hilarious interview! And now I got new terminology… Watch your back in the joint. The “booty goons” are out to get’cha!!

(Of course, there’s more than the promo portion to this interview. Watch it all.)


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Comedian Gary Owen Says Kevin Hart Will Find The Comedy In His Scandalous Situation… Eventually (Video)

Comedian Gary Owen is a friend of the Breakfast Club (of course), married to a Black woman (of course), and could not throw Kevin Hart under the bus for ‘allegedly’ (nah, not really allegedly) cheating on his pregnant wife… Yeah, his hood pass is still up to date! Check out the interview above. It may help Kevin find the funny, eventually.

Plus he talks about recent life, family and road experiences; and his comedy special.


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This 2 Chainz Interview Starts With Some Confessions And Ends With An Apology (Video)

2 Chainz came to promote an album, let us know that “Pretty Girls Like Trap Music” too, and to get Charlemagne Tha God back for ‘setting him up’ (gotta watch to the end for that one). He wasn’t trying to get caught up in talking about the Nicki Minaj vs. Remy Ma beef from back earlier in the year or that bag that Ludacris still owes him… Wait what? Oh, he was here to talk about that, too. Hahaa!


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Amanda Seales After ‘Floetry’… Finding Her Lane And Riding It (Video)

Hmm… don’t know why I never made the ‘hey, that’s Amanda Diva‘ realization until she said so in this interview. The ‘Tube tagline says she “Dishes On Floetry, Getting Fired Because Jay-Z, Her Hollywood Come-up & More”… Yeah, yeah, that part… but I tuned in because she was so cute to me on those anti-smoking campaign commercials, and I just wanted to know if the effect of my brain would come anywhere near matching her look’s effect on my eyes.

Check! I am in. Amanda is so HOT, and cool, at the same damn time.


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Lil Duval Says He Is 40, Is Not Politically Correct, And Is Ready To Toss Shots At Sidechicks (Video)

Still single… Nah, Lil Duval is just going in and out of blessings. Maybe he can get ‘blessed’ by some Charlotte Sidechicks in this. Hahaaa!

Oh, wait. This is the show that got Duval in all that hot water with his transgender commentary. Alright, shutting it down. Watch and make your own judgments.


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Issa Rae Shares Her Excitement About Season 2 Of “Insecure” And Her Insights On ‘Hoery’ (Video)

I wanna spend some precious moments rubbing on Issa Rae’s beautiful skin.

Okay, it’s out there. Is that ‘awkward’ (and if so, does that boost the chances of making that happen)? I’m asking. The answer won’t change my desire to do so though.

Soooo, this is Issa back on the radio with the pre-Season 2 promo for her “Insecure” series on HBO. Well worth catching up on if you have not done so already (only two episodes down this season). Also, hear her addressing Regina Hall’s implication of f*cking her way to the top, insights on women and their hoe phase, and she ‘big ups’ some of her co-stars. Lots in this interview.


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Model Bernice Burgos Says Her Relationship With T.I. Was Mainly ‘Business, Never Personal’ (Video)

Bernice Burgos, the model (not ‘video vixen’ because she does NOT like that title) who has been placed at the epicenter of the TITiny breakup quake, presented her case on the radio waves the other day. Kinda makes sense, since she is being tried in the court of public opinion for being a homewrecker for the most part. Speaking of ‘tried’… she spoke on (among lots of other things) her social media war with Tiny during the interview; claiming her online clap-backs were more self-defense than sucker punches.

I was shocked at myself, I’m very disappointed in what I did. Social media sometimes will put you in a place that you have to fight with people that you don’t know. I was listening to social media, so many lies, so many you this, you that, like wait a minute…
Bernice Burgos


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Angela Rye ‘Hates’ Charlamagne Tha God Most Of The Time, But Credits Him For Her New Podcast (Video)

Angela Rye (1) is VERY HOT, been sleeping on her cuteness and her voice; (2) is VERY WOKE, activism is in her DNA; and (3) is VERY much wishing Omarosa WOULD swing on her!

Yuuuup. All that in just the first 10 minutes of the interview. So, now, while I go find her podcast (On One With A. Rye) and subscribe, you should watch this interview. Awesome stuff!


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Trevor Noah Talks Tomi Lahren, Donald Trump, Racism In America & More (Video)

I have observed the online musings of many who think Charlamagne Tha God & Trevor Noah made the stupid Donkey (e.g. ‘dumb azz’) move when they gave shine to unapologetic Conservative mouthpiece Tomi Lahren recently. Noah even brought her on ‘The Daily Show’ as a guest. Which is where I think we saw evidence of effort in trying to bridge gaps, perhaps; or at least bold media strategy.

Hear me out.

Everybody who has or might follow Trevor Noah knows who he is, shares most of his views, etc. Same can be assumed of Tomi Lahren’s fanbase. Is it such a bad gamble to think that those followers of Tomi who just ‘know’ they hate that Trevor Noah (say it with a drawl in your head, I can give you permission since I speak drawl y’all)… and his lefty ‘Daily’ comrades… and all the dummies who tune in whenever he spews his nonsense… Okay, you get it… But might those Tomi followers tune in at least long enough to ogle Tomi, amen what she says, and listen to see what there is about Trevor to hate? Maybe a scant few might see that, Liberal as he is, he was at least cordial, actively engaged, and respectful.

Donald Trump is President Elect folks. That’s reality for America The World. We’ve gotta start somewhere. Listening, and REALLY trying to understand, to the other side express WHY… just as good a place as any.

See Trevor’s talk on paths to understanding, his book, and more during his Breakfast Club interview.


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Beanie Sigel Gets Serious About Meek Mill & Representing Philly On The Breakfast Club (Video)

The Game Speaks On His Album “1992,” Dissing Sean Kingston & Meek Mill And More (Video)

Wow. The Game has found love or respect for everyone, Kurrupt to KXNG Crooked (aka Crooked I) to Kendrick Lamar, even 50 Cent… but NOT Meek Mill and Sean Kingston. Wow!

The Game talks about his beef with Meek Mill and Sean Kingston, the disrespectful lines in “Pest Control,” his new album “1992, patching things up with 50 Cent, did his cars get shot up in Miami and much more.

Catch his apology for the stray shot he took at Meek’s girl Nicki Minaj in there, too.

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Redman Speaks On Hip-Hop Then And Now, His Projects And More (Video)

Reggie Noble! Dude has that “Mudface” out now, and he has “Muddy Waters 2” coming… so off he goes on the promo trail. Next stop: Power 105 to chop it up with The Breakfast Club. Speaking about Jersey, representing back in the day (Jersey was HEAVY in the game) and now (with a shout to Fetty). Talked about his MTV Cribs episode, too. No getting around that. Haaa!


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Jill Scott Speaks On Bill Cosby, Love, & Her New Album ‘Woman’ (Video)

Jill Scott is down with “Closure” sex (a la her LP “Woman”)! Make up to break up for that last cut up (that ‘thang’ as Jilly said in the interview). Great interview with Charlamagne Tha God & Angela Yee of The Breakfast Club. Among the hot topics covered: growth (career, personal), her feelings and stance on ‘The Cos’ and the controversy surrounding him and her album (linked below).



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Dr. Boyce Watkins talks Finance, Black Masculinity, Racism & More on The Breakfast Club (Video)

There has been a lot of talk about Black ownership and financial freedom sparked from the Damon Dash interview he did on The Breakfast Club.  It set off a firestorm on social media some people being inspired and some comical moments with the hashtag #TweetLikeDameDash.  With all of that said Dame brought up some good topics and Dr Boyce Watkins helped to bring some perspective to the conversation.  He has a PhD in finance and owns his own business Financial Juneteenth.  Dr Boyce discussed obstacles like Racism & White Supremacy that play a part in blacks becoming financially independent.  He does not make excuses though and agrees with Dame Dash in regards to Black Men & Women having the be their own Boss mindset.  Overall it is a great discussion between Angela Yee, Envy, Charlagmagne & Dr Boyce Watkins a breath of fresh air rather than mindless gossip talk.

ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Game Speaks On The R.E.D. Album, Battle Rhymes, & More (Video)

I like the way Game handled himself in these interviews while speaking on his new album, dealing with friends in & out of the business, & dropping battle rhymes like those in “Uncle Otis” record among other topics. Often times I feel the interviewers asking the questions in the media are partly responsible for the negative feedback, perceptions, & gossip that occurs with artists. More video under the hood…..

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