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Neil deGrasse Tyson Suggests That Maybe Aliens Have Already Visited Earth… During Comic-Con (Video)

Wanna see some aliens? Dr. Tyson says drugs, drugs, drugs… can come through and make that dream come true… for you. Hahahaaa! But this clip though: MIND-BLOWING!

Neil deGrasse Tyson touches our soul in this clip where he talks about aliens and considers the idea of extraterrestrials already living among us in secret.
– ScienceNET

Should we feel a kind of way about the 2% diss Neil put down in this though?


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‘Alien Body’ Unearthed In Nazca, Peru… Is It A Hoax? Are You Sure? (Video)

It looks like it could be fake to me, but you never know…

A new anomalous discovery has been unearthed in Peru. Join Gaia’s ongoing investigation and decide for yourself if this is proof of a non-human species.
– Ancient Origins

Still working on carbon dating and DNA testing for authenticity, and to determine age and gender of the mummified figures (current scientific ‘guesses’… about 1900 years and female). Hit the jump for another report and video (from Collective Evolution), featuring an in-depth interview with renown investigative reporter Jaime Maussan.

Man, oh man. Just when evolution-deniers get textbooks printed that challenge the theory of evolution we get this… someone’s head might pop.


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Alien: Covenant (Trailer #2)

The path to paradise begins in hell.

Wow! “Alien: Covenant” is trying to come with it. Definitely doing so in the new trailer that just came out. Hope they are saving something for May 19, 2017.

That line about “You hear that… nothing” though? Whew! Gotta know sh!t was about to get really hectic right after that!

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Alien: Covenant (Trailer)

Amazing! One of those lifelong, decades-strong franchises that Hollywood seems to really love… This is the latest “Alien” installment. In theaters May 19, 2017.

Ridley Scott returns to the universe he created, with “Alien: Covenant,” a new chapter in his groundbreaking “Alien” franchise. The crew of the colony ship Covenant, bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy, discovers what they think is an uncharted paradise, but is actually a dark, dangerous world. When they uncover a threat beyond their imagination, they must attempt a harrowing escape.

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NASA Puts Its Money Where It’s Satellite Is: Burning Up A Billion-Dollar Probe To Protect Alien Life (Video)

Once again, Star Trek gives science the blueprint. Remember the Prime Directive (prohibiting Starfleet personnel from interfering with the internal development of alien civilizations? Well, NASA is following that in purest form and intention!

NASA’s Juno probe successfully began orbiting Jupiter on July 4. The spacecraft has 37 orbits to go before it burns up on purpose — to protect potential aliens.

Holy self-destruct, NASA! We don’t even want to risk exposing any potential alien life to our Earth germs. And before you grumble about that being billion-dollar overkill, Google how ill the Native Americans got shortly after being ‘exposed’ to European explorers ALIENS waaaaay before Star Trek.

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Sci-Fi: Beyond (Short Film)

Gold mine find for the sci-fi minded! Very thoughtfully put together film short entitled “Beyond.” In it Arya Vega, the last remaining member of her family, a lineage with a unique genetic code (‘variant DNA’) that grants her the ability to teleport. DOPE! She goes on missions exploring new planets, but all the while she is in search of something that will explain who exactly she is and where she comes from.

Kudos to producer/director Raphael Rogers, doing the work himself with co-stars Bianca Malinowski and Andrew Varenhorst.

Only thing is… this seemed to be a taste… gotta be something more. It’s not too late for someone (e.g. some production outfit) to pick up and continue the story.

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Prometheus (Movie Trailer)

Prometheus was originally set to be the prequel to the classic Alien film series, but the director decided to make the movie into an original story involving the same Alien creatures. Ridley Scott, director of “Alien” and “Blade Runner,” returns to the genre he helped define. With PROMETHEUS, he creates a groundbreaking mythology, in which a team of explorers discover a clue to the origins of mankind on Earth, leading them on a thrilling journey to the darkest corners of the universe. There, they must fight a terrifying battle to save the future of the human race. The movie, anchored by talented actors Idris Elba & Charlize Theron, hits theaters Summer of 2012…