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Che Noir – “Win Lose Or Draw” (Prod. By 38 Spesh) [Video]

And none of these rap n!ggas never will top me.
And that’s a hard pill to swallow but I’m Bill Cosby.

Awwww she’s adorable… Wait… Is that a Wu-Tang shirt she’s rocking? And hold up… Is that a 38 Spesh beat spinning up? Uh ohhhh, it was a trap! Che Noir got more BARZ than all the jails, and she just LOCKED the cell. We’re going NOWHERE. Not you. Not me. Not until we get this work!

Che Noir, the First Lady of Trust Army, delivers her latest album titled “Juno,” entirely produced by 38 Spesh.

Features include Eto, Jai Black, Ransom, Planet Asia, Street Justice and Klass Murda.

Here’s an official music video for “Win Lose or Draw” off of the project.

Directed by Panoramic Films @panoramicfilms

“Juno” available now on all major streaming platforms.

– PaperChaserDotCom



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What Are Full-Time Rideshare Drivers Making Yearly? (Video)

This New Yorker makes up to $540 a day driving for Uber, Juno and Lyft from CNBC.

Knowing folks who drive for companies like Uber and Lyft (like we all do at this point), does anybody know if the fares are really fattening pockets out here in these streets though?

Watch and learn.

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NASA Puts Its Money Where It’s Satellite Is: Burning Up A Billion-Dollar Probe To Protect Alien Life (Video)

Once again, Star Trek gives science the blueprint. Remember the Prime Directive (prohibiting Starfleet personnel from interfering with the internal development of alien civilizations? Well, NASA is following that in purest form and intention!

NASA’s Juno probe successfully began orbiting Jupiter on July 4. The spacecraft has 37 orbits to go before it burns up on purpose — to protect potential aliens.

Holy self-destruct, NASA! We don’t even want to risk exposing any potential alien life to our Earth germs. And before you grumble about that being billion-dollar overkill, Google how ill the Native Americans got shortly after being ‘exposed’ to European explorers ALIENS waaaaay before Star Trek.

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