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Black History: Black Hockey Players… Old News. Black Polo Players… Say What? (Video)

When you watch this, substitute references to ‘polo’ with football, basketball, rap music… the stuff we’re supposed to be into… and you’ll start to really get it; and why the kids that succeed in polo would likely succeed in any endeavor given a chance to fall in love with and be good at it!

In Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park, young people have found a path, and purpose, through polo. In Why I Play, The Undefeated documents the journeys of two young trailblazers who have dominated a sport that has long been considered an exclusive country club pursuit of privilege for centuries, while exploring the role youth sports play in the Black community as a means of opportunity and empowerment.

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Bri Steves – “Come Up Show” (Freestyle) [Video]

Daaayum!! Bri Steeves got BARZ!! Get to know her. You should. K. Dot does. Just saying. We’re getting to know her.

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Sean Falyon talks his DJ Journey & More on Odell’s Roundtable

When your tag line name is Sean Falyon Be Everywhere (#SFBE) its no surprise that Sean found himself as a guest on Odell’s Roundtable. On this episode of Odell’s Roundtable Sean breaks down how he made the move from Philly to ATL. Supplied custom T-shirts to Bonecrusher upon his arrival and immediately found himself engulfed in Atlanta culture.  He also shared how he went from being on the microphone as an emcee to being behind the tables as DJ who is in high demand right now.  Gain helpful tips as Sean shares how he has forged great relationships with people all over the states to over in Europe while staying authentic!

ArtByOdell: Twitter/Instagram


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Black Thought Really Wants You To ‘Visit Philadelphia’ (Video)

The City Of Brotherly Love’s own, Tarik “Black Thought” Trotter definitely has Roots (had to do it) in the hometown, so there is a bias. But that does not mean the case he makes in this ‘Visit Philadelphia’ series, coaxing all to come, is not valid. You already know about the cheesesteaks and global eats from an earlier post (here), but watch up (above, continuing after the jump) and see more proof!

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Got Three Minutes For Some Good Food? Okay, ‘We Got You’ (Video)

Start it out so Philly and end up with eats halfway ’round the world. Are you okay with that? Then, yes, ‘We Got You.’

Tarik “Black Thought” Trotter of Grammy award-winning Hip-Hop band The Roots and Dustin Ross, co-host of weekly podcast “The Friend Zone,” meet up at a famous cheesesteak shop in North Philadelphia. Later, New York Times best-selling author Luvvie Ajayi and Founder and CEO of Skai Blue Media Rakia Reynolds strike up a conversation over tasty Moroccan food and belly dancing.
– Visit Philadelphia

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The 2017 NFL Draft Experience: Takeaways From JAYFORCE.COM Sports Team In Philadelphia

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The 2017 NFL Draft In Philadelphia was the 1st time the NFL Draft would be held outdoors. The NFL draft in Philadelphia drew over 250,000 people with plenty of activities for adults & children a like as fans packed Philly’s Benjamin Franklin parkway up to Philadelphia’s Art Museum aka the “Rocky Steps” made famous by Sylvester Stallone.

There were a wide variety of activities in the park before & during the NFL draft that were free of charge most likely leveraged by the variety of corporate sponsors participating. Zip lines, kids events, & even a Lombardi trophy was on hand for fans to gawk or flick it up with.

A few things we noticed included the price of beers that were $12 a can which made it more difficult for anyone to get too rowdy & drunk during the festivities. Although the beers were expensive, the purified water at various stations throughout the park was free.

Public transportation from the suburbs & back on Philadelphia’s Regional trains was free for anyone who stepped foot on board. Philadelphia did an excellent job hosting the NFL Draft outdoors on the parkway.

Not only did it turn out successful, but it also allowed the NFL to break attendance records for the NFL Draft as various people were moved in & out of the seating area for a chance to witness the draft up close. Check out more video, pics, & thoughts from the sports crew about the experience below…..

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Beanie Sigel Gets Serious About Meek Mill & Representing Philly On The Breakfast Club (Video)

Schoolly D Speaks On Philadelphia and The 30th Anniversary Of His Hip Hop Classic “PSK” (Video)

Schoolly D and DJ Code Money saying it’s so still doesn’t make it feel like it’s so. Been 30 years…damn. Hear them talk about the Philly of old, when it was fun. That environment helped birth “PSK” man. And they’re re-releasing the joint on vinyl. Nice!


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Curren$y ‘Jets’ To Philly With Randall Cunningham On His Back (Video)

Catch the flight and experience ‘Jet Life’ with Curren$y and the crew. They fall through and in store to bond with eager fans and take selfies before taking the the Philly stage. Draped in the Randall Cunningham throwback, sir, well played. And to that fan that passed the FOOT LONG at the show… daaaammmn! Hahaaaaa!

Check it out.

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“I Am Philadelphia”: Allen Iverson Reflects on his Career with the Philadelphia 76ers (Video)

Last night the Philadelphia 76ers retired future hall of famer Allen Iverson’s jersey number & it was a special night in the city. It was clear that A.I. embraced Philly just as much as we embraced him. Allen Iverson was a high profile athlete who repped my hometown, but he was the personification of what being from Philadelphia was all about. Tough, hardworking, blue collar, & fearless.

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Freeway Speaks On Having The Support Of Philadelphia (Video)

Above, Freeway recognizes the support that he continually receives from his home city of Philadelphia, PA, USA. You can get Freeway’s album and support him via a link in an earlier post (see below) . He go on to speak on his coming up in Philly, changes in the city’s Hip-Hop scene over time, and the importance of Mitchell & Ness.

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DJ Jazzy Jeff Makes History With ‘The Roots’ On The 4th Of July Weekend In Philadelphia (Video)

It’s a fact that the largest 4th Of July celebration in the country every year takes place in the ‘City Of Brotherly Love’. Philadelphia….the birthplace of the United States. The cameras follow DJ Jazzy Jeff during all the festivities last week including the rehearsals & performances with The Roots, Queen Latifah, Common, Skillz, Daryl Hall (Hall & Oates) & more. Sit back & take a ride with one of the world’s greatest DJs in the hometown of our own Jayforce.

Philly Event: The Roots present “The Philly Fourth of July Jam”

Summer is hot, and so is The Roots’ summer festival – “Philly Fourth of July Jam!” The Roots’ 2012 event will feature an array of guest stars including Common, Queen Latifah, Joe Jonas, and Daryl Hall. By the way, in case you cannot make it to Philadelphia for the live event this year, we have your back. You can watch it live online via Livestream! Click here for more information.


Jakk Frost – “A Way to Escape” feat. Freeway x Malik B

“A Way to Escape” is a new joint that West Philly rapper Jakk Frost let loose from his Twitter page. He brought along Freeway the Philly Freezer AND Roots member Malik B (missing in action for a minute, but looks like he’s BACK)! This track produced by Jake One has a spiritual, uplifting Hip-Hop vibe to it. Need that in our lives. Listen and feel it.


Warrior (Official Movie Trailer)

Set in the tough as nails city of Philadelphia, this upcoming film ‘Warrior’ due in theaters this September looks like the Mixed Martial Arts version of the classic 1976 ‘Rocky’ flick starring Sylvester Stallone. Back then Sylvester Stallone was a little known actor & it became a classic & iconic film that defined a city & Sly Stallone’s career. Will ‘Warrior’ be a classic in this MMA era? I surely doubt that but its obvious that the growing appeal of MMA has Hollywood taking notice. If history should repeat itself then films that focused on the ‘sweet science’ of Boxing will continue, but they may be less focused on two fisted pugilists in favor of the MMA’s newfound popularity. This is only the beginning…