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Stephanie Santiago as ‘Bonita Applebum’ During A Tribe Called Quest’s New York Performance (Full Video)

A Tribe Called Quest opened for Kanye West on the Yeezus tour & most definitely the highlight of their set had to be when “Bonita Applebum” showed up in all her glory. Model Stephanie Santiago set the internet on fire with her appearance during Q-Tip, Phife, Jarobi, & Ali Shaheed Muhammad’s set. There were literally hundreds of internet videos & photos of the event, but this video shot by my homie DJ Rasta Root was clearly the best video in it’s full entirely.  Lawd have mercy

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Jarobi Is The Guest For A Special ATCQ Edition Of OKP’s “The Questions” (Video)

So the shows A Tribe Called Quest are doing in NYC shows with Kanye West are their “final” performances, eh? We’ll see. Well, if anyone can speak on such and more things ATCQ, Jarobi White can. In a sit down for OK Player, Jarobi speaks on his gig, restaurant biz, music, rumors of his death… You know, typical interview stuff. Hahaa! Good clip though. Watch.

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Phife Dawg, 4-IZE, & Senor Kaos ‘Rush The Court’ In The Studio (Video)

Is Phife in ATL talking noise about the Falcons?? Hahaaa! This 4-IZE jawn“Rush the Court” featuring him and the homie Senor Kaos better be solid.

Check out 4-IZE (from 6 Rings) and Phife Dawg (from A Tribe Called Quest) talking about 4-IZE‘s new project “Chi-TLien” produced entirely by the Dynamite Bruhz. “Rush the Court” features Phife Dawg & Senor Kaos. The sports theme of the track got 4-IZE and Phife talking about our hometown Atlanta Falcons just after Monday’s big game. Be sure to check for more videos chronicling the recording of “Chi-TLien.”

– Salem Psalms

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Q-Tip Speaks On Rumored ‘Cruel Winter’ Album, His 4th Solo Album, The ATCQ Documentary & More (Video)

Q-Tip talks with Christina “Queen Diva” Sanchez (damn… Diva is a DIME plus) of Hip-Hop Since 1987 about the documentary on his old crew (A Tribe Called Quest), his fourth album (“The Last Zulu”), the best song he produced, and more. This video was shot and edited by Rick Dange.
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Q-Tip Gets DNA Test & Discovers More About His African Roots (Video)

Former A Tribe Called Quest frontman, Q-Tip, was interviewed by the people over at OkayAfrica who through a simple DNA swab of his cheek helped him determined more information about his African roots.

ATCQ Rocks With Nas On Stage (Video)

In some footage that ended up on the cutting room floor from the A Tribe Called Quest Documentary “Beatz, Rhymes, & Life” directed by Michael Rapaport, Nas brought out A Tribe Called Quest on stage for a live performance in New York City.

A Tribe Called Quest Speak on ‘Beats, Rhymes, & Life’ with Angie Martinez (Video)

Q-Tip, Ali, & Phife (via phone), join Q-Tip’s former girlfriend Angie Martinez up at Hot 97 New York to talk about the documentary & the controversy surrounding it. The film officially hits selected theaters tomorrow, but this time Q-tip mentions that he’s FINALLY on board with the project. All drama aside it’s still a dope documentary…Not sure what Q-Tip’s real issue was but who knows. Maybe Q-Tip & Michael Rapaport created the drama to further build interest. Who knows…who cares. I think Phife handled everything well overall & I have to agree. For such an iconic group that they are I just want people to see the film.


Phife Dawg x Michael Rapaport Visualize Beats, Rhymes, & Life (Video)

Phife Dawg Talks New Album, EP, & The ATCQ Documentary (Video)

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Michael Rapaport Addresses ATCQ’s Grievances With The ‘Beats, Rhymes, & Life’ Documentary

Complex Magazine caught up with Michael Rapaport for him to give his side of the story regarding the upcoming A Tribe Called Quest documentary ‘Beats, Rhymes, & Life’. I’ve seen the film already but I’m not sure what the final version will look like after some demands were made to have multiple scenes and statements left on the cutting room floor. I have to agree with Michael Rapaport on several key things he mentioned in this article that I was asking myself prior to this interview. Like adding the final piece to a completed puzzle my assumptions were confirmed by Rapaport’s responses. There’s not enough time for me to go into detail here, but you can check out the article at the link below. Pay careful attention & I believe you’ll come away with a better understanding of what really happened & of what is going on now. There’s alot of stuff said here from Michael Rapaport that simply makes alot of sense.

The bottom line is that this a documentary & not a film with actors.  There’s nothing that needs to be acted so what the audience is getting is who you really are when those cameras are on.  I personally believe Q-Tip didn’t like what he saw about himself on screen & immediately began to initiate steps to do damage control. Off screen he’s not exactly making himself look too good either with the interviews & twitter statements instead of handling things behind closed doors.  The general public doesn’t care about what issues Q-Tip has with Michael Rapaport.  They just want to see the film & it won’t stop them from going to theaters or to the bootleg DVD man to see the movie.  After piecing it all together I do believe Phife handled things pretty smart in a variety of ways. There appears to have been a lot of great opportunities missed with this project & because Q-Tip is the frontman of the group it could be perceived that he’s the primary problem. At least that’s my perception.


A Tribe Called Quest Discuss Problems With Their Documentary On MTV (Full Video)

Q-Tip Tells His Side Of The Story About The ATCQ Documentary (Video)

Hmmmmm……I have a feeling that the movie may show Q-Tip in a really negative light according to people who have saw the movie already ….

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Phife Dawg Talks About The ATCQ Film Reception (Video)

Yo I see DJ Rasta Root in the background trying to get some camera time! Haha!

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Phife Dawg Of ATCQ Speaking At The Sundance Film Festival (Video)

Michael Rapaport Talks About The ATCQ Documentary At Sundance (Video)

Alot of people were wondering why Phife only attended the Sundance screening in Utah & assumed that most of the brothas didn’t support the film. Ali Shaheed had been on a European tour & couldn’t make Sundance. Seems like before members of the media started making assumptions they should have probably reached out to them individually. Assuming that members of the press had tried at all. I’m still looking forward to seeing the film. A Tribe Called Quest is one of my favorite hip hop groups of all time & I’m also proud to enjoy a friendship with Phife, Jarobi, & Ali Shaheed.