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evitaN – “Higher” (Prod. By Paten Locke) [Video]

I heart evitaN! There, I said it. Once you run this one, you will say it, too. Dres & Jarobi with another heater, here in visual form, taking us “Higher.” I mean, Dres set this off with “I’m a Black Sheep, like Jesus.” Come onnnn. DOPE lyrics matter, son! And you KNOW it.

The hard hitting single by the Native Tongue brothers Black Sheep Dres and Jarobi of A Tribe Called Quest.



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Eats, Rhymes, & Life: Jarobi Put ‘The Chef’ In A Tribe Called Quest (Video)

Jarobi of A Tribe Called Quest and EvitaN. He’s a real life chef talks with a catering company “Eats Rhymes & Life” (yeah, like flipping the ATCQ documentary). Enjoy this clip of him talking up his “Tribe Taco Tuesdays” and other ideas. Great stuff!

Got a friend that might need to sample that falafel taco though bruddah. For real!

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EtivaN – “Gone” feat. ST 2 Lettaz (Prod. By Danimal)


ATCQ + Black Sheep + ST 2 Lettaz is a combo Original Mattress Co. says should not be slept on. Okay. Jarobi (of A Tribe Called Quest) and Dres (of Black Sheep) – together known as EvitaN – feature Alabama’s own ST 2 Lettaz to demonstrate what emcees ought to do when Danimal blesses ’em with a track.



Jarobi Is The Guest For A Special ATCQ Edition Of OKP’s “The Questions” (Video)

So the shows A Tribe Called Quest are doing in NYC shows with Kanye West are their “final” performances, eh? We’ll see. Well, if anyone can speak on such and more things ATCQ, Jarobi White can. In a sit down for OK Player, Jarobi speaks on his gig, restaurant biz, music, rumors of his death… You know, typical interview stuff. Hahaa! Good clip though. Watch.

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Dres x Jarobi Speaking On Being ‘Evitan’ (Video)

The good people associated with ‘I Don’t Camouflage’ caught up with EvitaN (Dres from Black Sheep & Jarobi from A Tribe Called Quest) one night during the rehearsal with their band at Shinobi NInja studio in Manhattan. The video shot, directed, & edited by Aiko Tanaka finds the two complimenting each other as they go in-depth as Dres describes Jarobi as Jordan.
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EvitaN (Jarobi x Dres) – “Euphoric” (Prod. by Danimal) feat. Craig G [Video]

Banging! Banging! Banging! “Euphoric” is a banger of EvitaN’s “Speed of Life” album. Man, this is old school keeping it true. Check out true school vets Jarobi (of A Tribe Called Quest) and Dres (of Black Sheep) teaming up once again as EvitaN (that’s ‘Native’ turned around, for those who might’ve missed that… as in Native Tongues flipping it). Craig G (Juice Crew!) is along for this lyrical joyride on the Danimal track. Nice! Mr. Complex directs this video – a Hip-Hop take on “Trading Places” (great movie)!


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Evitan (Jarobi x Dres)- “Hot Damn” (Video)

EvitaN (Jarobi of A Tribe Called Quest and Dres of Black Sheep) are keeping it moving with another fresh joint. “Hot Damn” actually combines elements of old anthems from each of their groups, ATCQ and Black Sheep. This is how we take the old to the new / the new to the old / the old to the new. They are keeping that “Native” tongue tradition alive for 2012 as “Evitan” in reverse. The video for “Hot Damn” (above) – which weaves in live show footage – was directed and edited by Omar Akil. That’s wasup…

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EvitaN (Dres x Jarobi) – “3 Kings” (featuring Sadat X) [Video]

Track veterans Jarobi (of A Tribe Called Quest) and Dres (of Black Sheep) have collectivized, forming a new Hip-Hop entity known as evitaN. Here, they invited Sadat X (of Brand Nubian) to help bless a sick Will Tell boom bap track. The result…HISTORY! They call the track “3 Kings” and the video does justice to the royal concept. See for yourself!

The 54th Annual Grammy Awards: Red Carpet Interviews (Video)

Common was one of the many entertainers who floated by while attending the 54th Annual Grammy Awards. Check out more interviews delivered by FUSE TV from artists like A Tribe Called Quest, Mint Condition’s Stokely Williams, Kelly Price, Shaggy, plus artists like Lupe Fiasco, J.Cole, & Fergie who all brought their moms with them to the Grammys as they grace red carpet under the hood….
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Evitan (Dres x Jarobi) – “P.T.I. (Occupy Wall Street)” [Video]

The homie Jarobi of A Tribe Called Quest & Dres formerly of Black Sheep have formed a new group together called Evitan. Evitan spelled backwards is “Native” which is short for the iconic Native Tongues movement they were all a part of. “Occupy Wall Street” is the first single from their forthcoming, soon-to-be-titled album, which will be released in 2012. The video was shot on location at the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York City.

ATCQ Rocks With Nas On Stage (Video)

In some footage that ended up on the cutting room floor from the A Tribe Called Quest Documentary “Beatz, Rhymes, & Life” directed by Michael Rapaport, Nas brought out A Tribe Called Quest on stage for a live performance in New York City.

A Tribe Called Quest Speak on ‘Beats, Rhymes, & Life’ with Angie Martinez (Video)

Q-Tip, Ali, & Phife (via phone), join Q-Tip’s former girlfriend Angie Martinez up at Hot 97 New York to talk about the documentary & the controversy surrounding it. The film officially hits selected theaters tomorrow, but this time Q-tip mentions that he’s FINALLY on board with the project. All drama aside it’s still a dope documentary…Not sure what Q-Tip’s real issue was but who knows. Maybe Q-Tip & Michael Rapaport created the drama to further build interest. Who knows…who cares. I think Phife handled everything well overall & I have to agree. For such an iconic group that they are I just want people to see the film.


Beats, Rhymes, & Life: The Travels Of A Tribe Called Quest (Trailer)

This is finally the official trailer of the one of the most anticipated documentaries in music due to drop this summer! Directed by Michael Rapaport with a total running time of 1 hour & 37 minutes, the film is slated to be released in theatres July 8th

Michael Rapaport Addresses ATCQ’s Grievances With The ‘Beats, Rhymes, & Life’ Documentary

Complex Magazine caught up with Michael Rapaport for him to give his side of the story regarding the upcoming A Tribe Called Quest documentary ‘Beats, Rhymes, & Life’. I’ve seen the film already but I’m not sure what the final version will look like after some demands were made to have multiple scenes and statements left on the cutting room floor. I have to agree with Michael Rapaport on several key things he mentioned in this article that I was asking myself prior to this interview. Like adding the final piece to a completed puzzle my assumptions were confirmed by Rapaport’s responses. There’s not enough time for me to go into detail here, but you can check out the article at the link below. Pay careful attention & I believe you’ll come away with a better understanding of what really happened & of what is going on now. There’s alot of stuff said here from Michael Rapaport that simply makes alot of sense.

The bottom line is that this a documentary & not a film with actors.  There’s nothing that needs to be acted so what the audience is getting is who you really are when those cameras are on.  I personally believe Q-Tip didn’t like what he saw about himself on screen & immediately began to initiate steps to do damage control. Off screen he’s not exactly making himself look too good either with the interviews & twitter statements instead of handling things behind closed doors.  The general public doesn’t care about what issues Q-Tip has with Michael Rapaport.  They just want to see the film & it won’t stop them from going to theaters or to the bootleg DVD man to see the movie.  After piecing it all together I do believe Phife handled things pretty smart in a variety of ways. There appears to have been a lot of great opportunities missed with this project & because Q-Tip is the frontman of the group it could be perceived that he’s the primary problem. At least that’s my perception.


A Tribe Called Quest Discuss Problems With Their Documentary On MTV (Full Video)

Q-Tip Tells His Side Of The Story About The ATCQ Documentary (Video)

Hmmmmm……I have a feeling that the movie may show Q-Tip in a really negative light according to people who have saw the movie already ….

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