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Large Professor Names His Top 5 Producers Of All-Time (Video)

If anyone can speak to a top 5 all-time list for Hip-Hop producers, it’d have to be a stalwart like Large Professor. Google-research it for yourself sometime if you need convincing (you don’t; take our word)… Large Pro is WORTHY! So who makes the cut? DJ Mark The 45 King, Easy Mo Bee, Marley Marl, Rick Rubin, DJ Premier and Pete Rock.

Wait… isn’t that SIX? Haaa! C’mon, give him one. Enjoyable sit-down with Sway In The Morning’ (above) that includes more good Hip-Hop convo (including talk about his “Re:Living” release).


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Jarren Benton Freestyling And More On ‘Sway In The Morning’ (Video)

Jarren Benton showed up (on time) to see Sway and company on the SiriusXM morning show… to give praise and thanks to Sway and Heather B, praise and thanks to the Funk Volume label’s fans… and to throw a shot or two at label head honcho Hopsin (officially NOT retired)… bust out a freestyle… and more than a little bit more. Check it out!


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Fabolous Freestyles, Reminisces With Sway And More (Video)

Fabolous comes back home… as far as Sway in the Morning is concerned. Sway’s very first guest on Sirius. Set the tone for what the Show was all about. Loso was grateful for the love, and hit the Show with a freestyle.

They (F-a-b-o, Sway and Heather B) talk about word-play and lyrics, plus dream collaborations for him, and more.

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Adult Star ‘Asa Akira’ Speaks On How She Prepares For A Film, Oral Sex, Views on Incest, & Her Book (Video)

Come through, show some tit, talk about how you do (or how to prep for getting poked in the doo-doo)… You know it’s another day for Sway, Tracy G, and their sexy guest Asa Akira. You know how ‘real talk’ can sound so unreal BUT you gotta keep listening? Well, you will when you click play. It all starts with Tracy G’s intro (some real… umm… admiration by Tracy G). Asa explaining to Sway about all it takes to ready her a**hole for extreme penetration… It’s crazy.

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She Broke The Internet: Kim Kardashian Speaking With ‘Sway In The Morning’ On Being A Divorcee, Relationships With Beyonce & Kanye And More (Video)

WHOA! Have you seen it? What broke the Internet? Check after the jump. Say what you want: Kim K got dat azz (or, nowadays, Kanye got dat azz… put a ring on it)! But she did a lot of chit chat with Sway on his morning show a while back, too. Above and after the jump.

Kim swung by ‘Sway in the Morning’ to state the facts.

Check it out.

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DJ Quik Tells ‘Sway In The Morning’ About His Days With Tha Row, About Music Through The Ages And More (Video)

Quik is the name. And if anyone can tell you about the game, esp. Hip-Hop on the West side, it’s DJ Quik. He stopped by to chop it up with Sway In The Morning,’ talk about music back in the day (his and others’), music now (his, collabos), and even turns in a live performance.

(And on some real real… lean in around the 26-minute mark… just saying.)

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Big K.R.I.T Freestyling On Sway In The Morning (Video)

It’s nothing… it’s easy! Sway put on the “Mind’s Playing Tricks On Me” beat and damn if Big K.R.I.T didn’t go in on it. Then hit ’em with some lyricals a capella from the LP like that was nothing… Effortless, but engaging, you wanna watch this Sway show snippet.

(Some insightful interview footage from K.R.I.T. after the jump, too.)

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Cover Story: Common And Kanye Part Ways Musically, And It’s All ‘GOOD’ (Video)

Well, we just posted on Busta Rhymes’ leaving Cash Money. Now, there’s another shift in the Hip-Hop cosmos…G.O.O.D. Music bids adieu to Chi-Town’s Common. Similarly, the rap titans (Kanye West and Common) have apparently parted on good terms; no animosity in Common’s commentary about the subject.

‘Ye is my brother. Point-blank, business-wise, it wasn’t like…‘Ye wasn’t really like ‘Okay, let’s go do this. Let’s go do this album.’ It was like, ‘I’m ’bout to go do this album, ‘Ye. We friends, but if you ain’t really trying to…but if we ain’t gonna create together, it’s all good. We still brothers.’ I think his focus was somewhere else…Marriage, life, good places…I cherish our friendship more than music. I’m grateful for the music we did…

Good scoop by HipHop DX. Check out the RapFix interview clip above. Good seeing brothers wish the best to each other; whether together or on their own. Part of being grown.



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‘Martin’ Cast to Reunite? Tichina Arnold Talks About That, Gets Some Dancing In And More (Video)

Great episode! The ever so sexy ‘Pam’ (from TV’s ‘Martin’) was talking to Sway Calloway that day. Sway in the Morning has Tichina Arnold talking about the possibility of a ‘Martin’ reunion and a lot more… like working it oooouuut Mary J. Blige style in an impromptu in-studio vibe dance battle with Heather B. I mean, love and respect to Heather B; but Tichina won that one (wow… did she ever win)!

“When in doubt, show your butt.”
Tichina Arnold with some post-dance off ‘advice’

Enjoy this interview. Beyond the looks, there’s a lot to admire about Tichina (like her work with the Lupus Foundation).


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Tracy Morgan Speaks On Donald Sterling, Kevin Hart Vs. Mike Epps And More (Video)

Tracy Morgan stopped through “Sway in the Morning” to promote his new comedy tour, talk about Donald Sterling, and hear Heather B spit a bit. That’s what he came for… but the talk veered toward the Kevin Hart and Mike Epps beef (on which he would not really comment). But, the surprise Scarface call-in…very cool. Check it out. Great clip.

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Nelson George And Sway Speak On The New Book About Don Cornelius, Soul Train And More (Video)

Dancing is whack? Really? Nah… Nothing wrong with dance in our culture. Dance is part of our culture. In fact, Nelson George stops by Sway in the Morning to reminds us where the dance craze always started, Soul Train. Nelson also clears up some other long-held “truths” we were so sure about. Like how that Tupac vs. the Hughes Brothers thing really went down. Yeah. You gotta watch.


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Akon Talks To Sway About “Lighting Africa,” Changing The World With Hip-Hop And More (Video)

Konvict Music’s Akon stopped by the Sway in the Morning show to drop his single, “So Blue.” Oh… and to discuss “Lighting Africa” – the project and powering Africa (with electricity for 1 million homes on the continent by year end 2014. AND to declare the Hip-Hop is world music, way more important than swag and bling… It has the power to change the world! Speaking on all that and then some.

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The LOX Perform Songs From ‘The Trinity’ (EP) Live On The ‘Sway In The Morning’ Show (Video)

Styles P is my boyfriend… that’s my Hood Man right there!’ – Heather B

That’s what’s up! SP, Sheek, and Jada stop through the Sway in the Morning show to chat it up with Sway and Heather B. They talk about the career ride. Respectful, staying solidly in their lane. Other random topics come up; but what you want to see is their in-studio performance (of “Faded” and “Talk About It”). Click above and you will. Click below, and you will… get the link to get their recent EP, “The Trinity” (posted earlier here).


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Award-Winning Director/Producer Ron Howard Drops In On ‘Sway In The Morning’ (Video)

The man who brought you Backdraft… starred in the TV classic Happy Days… and played Opie Taylor (aka Sway’s “First White Friend) on The Andy Griffith Show… stopped by ‘Sway in the Morning’ to chat about past achievements, present affairs like producing Jay Z’s “Made In America” documentary, and projects in the works like Project Imaginat10n – an experiment with photos submitted from people across the United States, used as inspiration for well-known actors to direct a film from it.

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Diamond D and AG Talk Hip-Hop Then And Now With ‘Sway In The Morning’ (Video)

If there’s anyone (or two) who can comment on the Kendrick “Control” verse, comments on it and responses to it, and the state of Hip-Hop in general… It’s Diamond D and AG! Respect to Sway In The Morning for providing the platform for these Golden Era heavyweights to speak. Watch and reminisce as the two mainly talk Hip-Hop history and what they have cooking on the front burner now.

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Scott Storch Talks About Going For the ‘No. 1 Spot’ As a Producer & Names His Top 5 Favorite Emcees (Video)

Scott Storch. First he rocked with The Roots. Slid to the west coast where he worked as a go-to producer for Dr. Dre. Then he ‘leaned back’ with Joey Crack and Terror SquadScott was hot! Then he… well, he took some time away. But now Scott is back, dropping by Sway In The Morning’ to chat about his top five emcees, classic beat work he has done, what’s next for him (like claiming that top producer spot), and more. Check out more footage after the jump….

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AZ and Questlove Bless ‘Sway in the Morning’ With An Impromptu Freestyle Collaboration (Video)

‘Sway in the Morning’ with an INSTANT CLASSIC collaboration: AZ and ?uestlove. Look ma, no drums… ?uestlove backs up Tha Visualiza’s freestyle rhyming with some beat boxing! Keep watching after the jump, as Sway and AZ keep chit-chatting after the jump – giving some reflections, some advice, and some memories… of Jay-Z in the high school days.

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Snoop Dogg Speaks On His Global Popularity, Past Conflict With Tupac Shakur, His Last Moments With Biggie, & More (Video)

We need to sit back and take Snoop in from time to time… World traveler, known around the world, knows a LOT of people for a LONG time (like Tyrese since before the Coca-Cola commercial). Sway gets into it with Snoop on real gangsta cred, on ‘Pac, on B.I.G. and more. Heather B chiming in. Good talk!

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Sway Calloway Is ‘Living Proof’ Interview Part I, II, & III (Video)

Part 2 of the interview under the hood…..
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A Tribe Called Quest Discuss Problems With Their Documentary On MTV (Full Video)