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Elon Musk Updates The 2017 International Astronautical Congress On The SpaceX Mission To Mars (Video)

Elon Musk is going to Mars. You know that, right? We have been saying it here. But this visual presentation… Okay, you know when a planned trip starts getting real? When you have real talk about how to get there and how to PAY for it. Click play above and watch Musk get real right from the start.

Elon Musk gives new details about SpaceX Mission to Mars at the 2017 International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Adelaide, Australia and reveals plans to shorten most long distance travels to less than 30 minutes. September 2017.
– Expovista TV

Full disclosure: There is a lot of science & tech in this talk, but you can hang. Press play and get excited about the future of space travel!

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Learn About A Pivotal Gallipoli Campaign Of World War I (Documentary Trailer)

Netflix is the place to experience history. Not all the way sure of what draws me to war epics and documentaries, but this trailer is making me think it is time for me to catch another. Want to learn more about Gallipoli, too? Got the Netlfix link at the end.

An epic reconstruction of the battle that changed nations forever: a film of spectacular visual sweep and great emotional power.

It all began as a demonstration of strength against the Ottoman Empire by Great Britain and her allies. It became one of the largest landing operations in history and one of the bloodiest and most controversial battles of the First World War. The campaign affected Turkey, Australia and New Zealand profoundly.

– Ronin Films


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Vinyl Destination | “This Is Life” With The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff (Video)

DJ Jazzy Jeff and the fellas a half-world away. Hong Kong, hit some shops, get some sneaks, rock the spot. Then to Melbourne: Hop a plane and do it again (well, first time for Dayne Jordan but still). Yeah, just another Vinyl Destination episode.

DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Vinyl Destination crew are in Hong Kong. No visit to Hong Kong is complete without a trip to the renowned Sneaker Street. DJ Ferno and Dayne Jordan can’t believe their eyes as they peruse the shops in amazement. After the show, Dayne gets a chance to connect with fans old and new. Next up is Sydney, Australia where things get heated for Jeff at the hotel and the show. Later, Steve takes time to reflect on his experiences while roaming the streets of Melbourne.

Luxurious life of globetrotters. Oh look, hot Mickey D’s. Awesome. And hotter hotel rooms. Super awesome. These ‘awesomes’ are sarcastic… just to clarify). Still good times. Watch.


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Ghostface Killah Rocks The ‘Toastface Grillah’ in Australia (Video)

Damn right if you are Ghostface Killah AND you go to the Land Down Undah AND there is a spot, Toastface Grillah, practically named after you… in Perth (Australia)… you go ROCK THAT MUTHAPUCKAH! The clip fires up with that classic Wu-Tang Clan “Ain’t Nothin Ta F#ck Wit” and elevates from there. Watch.

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B.o.B. ‘Big Day Out Tour’ Australia (Video)

You can follow B.o.B on tour on Twitter and on his vlog (video blog). In the above episode, we go from Eastside Atlanta (Georgia, USA) all the way to Sydney, Australia, for some off-stage and big stage access. Crazy!
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Ta-Ku – “Make It Last” (EP)

MAKE IT LAST artThe Australian producer Ta-Ku has dropped a FREE four-track EP for all y’all. The stream/download link  for “Make It Last” appears below. Get it. Nothing’s stopping you.


Erykah Badu Speaks On Her Necessities Whenever She’s On Tour (Video)

While touring in the land down her (Australia for you slow folks), DJ Low Down Loretta Brown better known to the world as Erykah Badu talked about her essentials to help her prepare for each & every show…..