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B.o.B – “Pennywise”

B.o.B putting together a Halloween treat for the streets, like this “Pennywise” jawn… he ain’t gonna take up much of your time. But your pressing repeat… that’s on you!


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B.o.B – “The Elephant” (Video)

Watch. Listen. There is something that everyone, especially B.o.B haters need to ‘fess up to… B.o.B got BARZ… Enough to hold “The Elephant” down!


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B.o.B – “Ol’ Dirty Bastard” (Video)

B.o.B doing his rhymes raaaaaaawww for this “Ol’ Dirty Bastard” of his. Spitting some barz AND real talk like he got big nutz… biggest in the room… even if folks do call him a ‘pop ninja’ (haaaa)!


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B.o.B – “Magic Number” (Video)

Yeezussss WEST! Did B.o.B just ruin my childhood? “Magic Number” was my fave Schoolhouse Rock commercial back in the day. And now B.o.B has gone and tossed that in a blender to pour out one of the the dopest (and low-key raunchiest, ‘swallow all the kids, no child left behind’) displays of beats & lyricism in the modern Hip-Hop era.

Lots of tongue-in-cheek (and tongues in cheeks, and… you get it) references in this ‘version’ though. Rock with it. I am, though I tried my best to fight the feeling.


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B.o.B – “Soul Glo” (Video)

Nooooo! Could have sworn B.o.B. would have kept it all natural, with the juices and berries like Prince Akeem. Oh well… I guess we can still rock to this craziness over the super-flipped ‘Coming To America’ commercial music. Let your “Soul Glo” man. Hahaa!


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B.o.B – “Food Fight” (Video)

Man I love this song & video. Posted a snippet on the Instagram page a while ago but now here’s the full meal.


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B.o.B – “$tack Of Dreams” (Video)

New Hip-Hop hypnotic visuals delivered from ATL’s own B.o.B. This is for “$tack Of Dreams” – out now as part of his new project “E.A.R.T.H.” (Educational Avatar Reality Training Habitat). Get it FREE here.


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B.O.B. – “Not For Long” feat. Trey Songz

Ha! B.O.B. and Trey Songz on some ol’ Biggie creep your girl from behind ish. Click the video, and don’t have your girl around if you want to keep her. ‘Cause she might be yours at the start of the vid, but “Not For Long.” Single off B.O.B.’s forthcoming album.

(Check out the behind the scenes look after the jump.)

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Joell Ortiz – “Music Saved My Life” feat. B.o.B x Mally Stakz (Video)

And anotha one! Joell Ortiz drops another video off the upcoming album (“House Slippers”) right quick. It’ll be out September 16, 2014. What’s the rush?? Shiiiid! This message music… That’s the rush!

Got Mally Stakz and B.O.B. on this, huh? Makes sense that some ATL-shot footage shows up in here.

“You didn’t let me die. Music saved my life!”


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B.O.B. vs. Hot 97 NYC (Video)

I was one of the earliest supporters of B.O.B. in Atlanta & actively promoted him & his talent to anyone who would listen.  I’m still a supporter but this interview on Hot 97 brings up a serious issue amongst radio DJs that I can immediately identify with.

I’ve been in radio for 20 years & have interviewed many artists who have stopped by my radio show but most of the time when those artists get larger they never come back or send a thank you unless their careers are falling off & they are trying to reconnect with their original fans & supporters.

I never felt like B.O.B. was only reaching for a pop audience but I can understand 1000% what HOT 97’s program director Ebro is talking about because it happens all the time to me on the radio station I’m on.

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B.o.B – “Through My Head” (Video)

“How we gettin’ broker and they boost the price of living?” Trust that that is only a taste of the depth of B.o.B’s rhyming on this “Through My Head.” Political commentary put to a haunting track. Visuals that take our posts on future tech, flying surveillance drones, and patrolling robots to apocalyptic extremes right from the start. Watching this video movie is mind-blowing! This video movie was produced by Ricardo de Montreuil and Eliz Eskeranli. The new B.o.B LP – “Underground Luxury” – is coming soon.

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T.I. – “Memories Back Then” feat. B.O.B. x Kendrick Lamar (Video)

The first time I heard the original version of this song “Memories Back Then” I thought it was just cool, but this beautifully shot video directed by PhillyFlyBoy draws the perfect picture to compliment the stories being told in each one of these emcees voices. The original version of the song was inspired by & had sampled Gotye’s mega-hit record “Somebody That I Used To Know”. This new reworked version for the video still has that initial inspiration but musically the music has been changed without the use of the Gotye sample. Singer Kris Stephens does a good job on the hook of this Kenoe produced track while T.I., B.O.B., & Kendrick Lamar do what they do best with the bars to this song that will appear on the upcoming Hustle Gang mixtape.


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B.o.B. ‘Big Day Out Tour’ Australia (Video)

You can follow B.o.B on tour on Twitter and on his vlog (video blog). In the above episode, we go from Eastside Atlanta (Georgia, USA) all the way to Sydney, Australia, for some off-stage and big stage access. Crazy!
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B.O.B. – “Just a Sign” feat. Playboy Tre (Video)

Crazy how folks find a way to hate on B.O.B. But even they must admit, the man’s successful… and expansive in the way he delivers his brand of Hip-Hop. The visuals above support B.O.B.’s dope originality on the track he rode with Playboy Tre“Just a Sign.” The track is available on the iTunes album “Strange Clouds” available for download via link here.

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B.O.B. Invades Switzerland (Video)

It’s another chapter in the adventures of Decatur’s finest B.O.B. as he tours the country of Switzerland. Special cameo from the Wu-Tang Clan’s Raekwon The Chef amidst all they other activity & craziness taking place….
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B.o.B Takes Over Sweden (Video)

Let this montage (“B.o.B Takes Over Sweden”) be your ticket to ride with B.o.B. on his tour-year tour through Sweden. This video feels more like a “rock-umentary” than a rap documentary…because that’s what it is. On one level, it gives an “almost first person” understanding of life on the tour; on another, a turn-out-until-you-burn-out cycle of rehearsals-shows-appearances-interviews-booze-no snooze. Very interesting.
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B.O.B. Speaks On Why He Can’t Live Without His iPhone (Video)

I’ve been telling fools for years….iphone is best period. I really don’t need anything else. B.O.B. agrees….

B.O.B. – “No Where Near Close” (Video)

B.O.B.’s next album “Strange Clouds” officially drops next Tuesday May 1st & it seems this song “No Where Near Close” will appear on the album. I’m hoping it’s not just a short interlude because it really sounds very good. Although they used this song as sort of a promo for the “Strange Clouds” album in the above clip, the song has me itching to hear more of it. Without a doubt this ‘No Where Near Close’ joint sounds like a song something I’d definitely buy by the way it’s sounding from this preview….

Cyhi The Prynce – “Open Letter Freestyle”

CyHi The Prynce has been one of my favorite new artists for the past year or two now.  I’m praying he gets his just fruits for his talent now that he’s signed to Kanye West’s “G.O.O.D.” music camp. Kanye’s ‘G.O.O.D.’ music team may arguably be the most talented in hip hop right now especially with the recent addition of Q-Tip of ATCQ so I’m not surprised that Atlanta’s CyHi The Prynce is involved on that squad of high powered talent. Check out this “Open Letter Freestyle” that the Stone Mountain native dropped prior to the release of his “Ivy League Club” mixtape. The G.O.O.D. music album spearheaded by Kanye West is on the way too….



B.O.B. – “So Good” (Video)

Man this is a really great song & video from Atlanta’s own B.O.B. for his latest single “So Good”. The video was filmed down in beautiful Buenos Aires, Argentina….great sound, good look, & good subject matter that anyone around the world could relate too. Bobby Ray continues to make some great moves & choices that only seem to further his rise as a global superstar beyond just hip hop…..
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