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Did You Watch The 2018 BET Cyphers? Do It Now, And Again, Right Here (Video)

A good look for BET: posting these to YouTube without that forced auto-play turned on. Now you can watch them in turn… enjoy, critique, hate on… whatever you do when you watch. Pretty dope overall. Wasn’t hyped in the weeks building up to them this year. Might be a good thing. The heads will check for the Cyphers. The rest who have to be ‘marketed’ to; we don’t need ’em.
#JustSaying #HipHopForTheReal #RealHipHop

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Did You Watch All The 2017 BET Cyphers? Do It Now, And Again, Right Here (Video)

The BET Cyphers were really good this year. Actually, they were pretty decent last year, but Em’s Cypher smash callout of President Trump (got that, in full, after the jump) making headline news likely brought a bit more attention to them. Which is good. The Cyphers needed a good look when they looked good.

Got all the rest here. Start above. And keep going after the jump. Because this Hip-Hop… It won’t stop!

(Fair warning. You will need to pause several of the embedded clips after the jump. It gets hectic in there. But this one-stop Hip-Hop shop for dope rhymes… worth it!)

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Royce Da 5’9 Explains His Popular “Hi Rihanna” Line During The BET Hip Hop Award Cyphers (Video)

….Bye Rihanna