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REASON – “Show Stop” (Video)

Look. For the homage this homie paid by doing the old school Ice-T album cover shot in there… this video got three plays and a post here out of me! You’re welcome.


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Did You Watch The 2018 BET Cyphers? Do It Now, And Again, Right Here (Video)

A good look for BET: posting these to YouTube without that forced auto-play turned on. Now you can watch them in turn… enjoy, critique, hate on… whatever you do when you watch. Pretty dope overall. Wasn’t hyped in the weeks building up to them this year. Might be a good thing. The heads will check for the Cyphers. The rest who have to be ‘marketed’ to; we don’t need ’em.
#JustSaying #HipHopForTheReal #RealHipHop

(Hit the jump for more and more!)


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“Keloid” Is Young, Black, And Super-Powered! Binge Season 1. Here. NOW! (Video)

Holy sheeeit! This “Keloid” series could very well cause Blerdgasms (Blerd = BLack nERD, and if you don’t know ‘gasms’ go Google or ask your parents or some sh!t) across the Interwebs! Have you peeped it out yet? A really compelling take on the coming of age, coming into one’s own, story of a youngster with abilities. Right in keeping with young hero sagas like Gotham already on Fox Television and The Gifted and Cloak & Dagger hitting the tube soon. And see, “Keloid” is already on YouTube, thanks to continued crowdfunding.

In episode 1, Keloid and his mom disagree about the emergence of his special abilities – telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation and the control of electricity. Meanwhile his girlfriend Aisha appears at his door unannounced. Is she right on time, or is it the worst time possible?
– Black TV & Film Collective

CRAZY! Check out Episode 1 above. More (like, the rest of the season!) after the jump, after the funding link below… where you can support if you like.


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