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Eminem – “I Will” feat. Kxng Crooked x Royce Da 5’9 x Joell Ortiz

…more shocking than a pissed off Blanka!


Because slick, sick BARZ and all that is on the menu! Eat y’all. EAT! And if you felt disrespected… these guys either (1) don’t give a f**k, (2) don’t give a f**k how you feel, (3) both!

They took this track to the Slaughterhouse maaaan!! Yeah, you get it #WishTheyAlsoIncludedJoeTho


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Eminem x Conway The Machine x Westside Gunn x Benny The Butcher – Bang (Remix)

If you do not admit to being an extra level of excited, and a bit scared, when you read the title line for this post… I don’t think you are (1) true school Hip-Hop and/or (2) you are not being honest with yourself.

Then again, maybe you just don’t know what bound to happen when Eminem & Griselda Gang go “Bang!”

(And hooooot daaaayum! Em shot some SHOTS in this; listen for the dissin’ if you dare.)


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Throwback: Eminem x Proof – “Tim Westwood Freestyle” (Video)

Of course, a Tim Westwood freestyle pretty much stamps an artist as ‘official’… even though Em & Proof had earned that stamp over and over again since the time this throwback was recorded.

…years ago Eminem & Mr Porter dropped the biggest freestyle in the world on Tim Westwood TV!

To celebrate I’m releasing this rare never heard before anywhere Eminem & Proof (R.I.P) throwback freestyle.
Recorded back in 1999 on New York Live show with Westwood & Marley Marl.



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Eminem – “Venom” (Video)

Eminem checking in a video for his joint off the soundtrack for that “Venom” anti-hero thriller in theaters soon from Marvel.


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Eminem – “Lucky You” feat. Joyner Lucas (Video)

Move out the way and let Joyner EAT! Oh, don’t feel like moving? Eminem… MOVE ON ‘EM! Now on the other hand, if you are an emcee that knows better and does better, “Lucky You.” Off Em’s latest album.


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Eminem – “KILLSHOT” (Machine Gun Kelly Diss Response)

Okay. It’s a response. Not sure how much longer this EminemMGK beef will go on. But I can say that both combatants fired shots and inflicted damage. Here’s the latest. Em calls it a “KILLSHOT.”

Could be. We’ll see…


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Eminem – “Fall” (Video)

You wanted Shady. You got him!

Dope visuals to go with the vitriol spit by Eminem for this single “Fall” (off his recent surprise release “Kamikaze”). Took several shots at folks in this. See why they mad. Watch!


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Eminem – “Kamikaze” (Album)

You heard about that surprise Eminem LP drop, right? Grabbed that yet? If not, I got it linked… maybe bag that before you head out to the cookout. Surely someone is bringing forks, plates, napkins and drank. Here’s a unique (and dope) surprise ‘contribution’ you might add.

For flavor.


Royce Da 5’9 – “Caterpillar” ft. King Green x Eminem (Video)

Royce Da 5’9 just dropped that “PRhyme 2” with DJ Premier, and now he is working another project out here. Yup. Sounds like hitting the street with that work! “Book Of Ryan” is that good work apparently. Exhibit A of the proof of the street value is this “Caterpillar” (featuring King Green and Eminem)


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Did You Watch All The 2017 BET Cyphers? Do It Now, And Again, Right Here (Video)

The BET Cyphers were really good this year. Actually, they were pretty decent last year, but Em’s Cypher smash callout of President Trump (got that, in full, after the jump) making headline news likely brought a bit more attention to them. Which is good. The Cyphers needed a good look when they looked good.

Got all the rest here. Start above. And keep going after the jump. Because this Hip-Hop… It won’t stop!

(Fair warning. You will need to pause several of the embedded clips after the jump. It gets hectic in there. But this one-stop Hip-Hop shop for dope rhymes… worth it!)

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Fat Joe And Talib Kweli Lean In Toward The Mic… To Speak On Eminem’s Freestyle Dissing President Trump (Video)

Daaaayummm! Shots were heard ’round the Hip-Hop world when Eminem took multiple shots at President Trump and whoever follows him in his BET 2017 freestyle. Check out responses from Fat Joe and Talib Kweli.

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Dr. Dre & Jimmy Iovine Are ‘The Defiant Ones’ (Video)

Getting close to the HBO four-part docu-series debut date: July 9th. Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre are “The Defiant Ones”. Got the latest trailer for that cued up above.

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Eminem Speaks On Dr. Dre x Jimmy Iovine As ‘The Defiant Ones’ (Trailer)

Getting closer to the July 9th release of this one on HBO. You saw Em on “The Defiant Ones” trailer, so you’d expect him to figure prominently in the film; but what he has to say (here) might surprise you (dope line about the ‘levitator’ and the ‘innovator’). Watch him and others weigh in in poignant, as well as playful snips in the above teaser trailer.

And hey look… some cool content on the project’s Instagram (here).

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Eminem – “They Don’t Know Me Yet” feat. Childish Gambino

Primo dish of spicy new Eminem with enough added seasoning from Gambino…and some well-placed low-key guitar riffs in the beat. This “They Don’t Know Me Yet” track is fire! You’ll be bobbing and nodding by the time ‘Ern’ (from “Atlanta”) hops on the mic. Pretty dope.


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Eminem – “Detroit Vs. Everybody” feat. Royce Da 5’9, Big Sean, Danny Brown, Dej Loaf, Trick Trick (Video)

Eminem rounds up all his rap cats reppin’ Detroit for one of the more popular songs off his latest SHADYXV project produced by Statik Selektah. (Note: Statik Selektah is from the Boston region…just in case some of y’all didn’t know)

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Eminem vs. Cassidy – Rap Battle (Animation)

Boom! Eminem vs. Cassidy. This is fun. I’ll let you watch and decide if it’s lyrical sport or comedy or vanguard art in Hip-Hop or what. I liked it, so I shared it; because I’m that kind of dude. I will say that it’s okay to nod your head, laugh, cover your mouth (with the “ooohhh” sound)… all while watching. Hmm… just like at a real cipher.


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Young Zee – “Dear Shady” (Video)

Eminem was an a member of the Outsidaz (with Young Zee & Pace Won) back in the guts of the Golden Era. He shouted to the old crew and Zee in his “Fine Line” cut. Turnabouts is respect and love. Take a trip back with Zee – including that ’90s footage that you remember even if you never saw it (nothing like Hip-Hop TV back then) – with his response to Em, “Dear Shady.”

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Eminem – “Guts Over Fear” feat. Sia (Video)

… f#ck am I gonna do? It’s too late to start over. This is the only thing I know…

Over the years, it’d be fair to say that Em has put it down on almost as many heartfelt confessional styled tracks as he has pitbull-vicious-attack tracks. This one, featuring Sia, is another of the former. “Guts Over Fear” available on the “SHADYXV” release by Eminem and various artists (out now). Visuals above. Links below.


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Star of Marvel’s ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Recites Eminem’s Verse To ‘Forget About Dre’ (Video)

Ahaaaaaa! Bet you thought he was gone stop after a couple of lines. Chris Pratt, “Guardians Of The Galaxy” co-star, busted out damn near the whole Eminem verse he started on a dare on The Whoolywood Shuffle with DJ Whoo Kid. Nice!

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Busta Rhymes – “Calm Down” featuring Eminem


Say what you want. Crack all the BET awards pic jokes you want about him… but admit to yourself that if you hate Bussa Buss’n on this “Calm Down” (with Eminem), you are a HATER! That snip from the House Of Pain “Jump Around” intro, flipped into a beat, is sick!!!