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D Smoke, Londynn B, Troyman & Flawless Chat & Freestyle On ‘Sway In The Morning’ (Video)

Hmm… I wonder if Flawless was this picky for his BET Cypher freestyle (see here). No matter, because under pressure, the bars were up to par. Flawless is fierce with the flows.

And he will keep sharpening that sword. As will the rest of the Rhythm + Flow artists up there with Sway that day.

The internet has been buzzing about Netflix’s new show, Rhythm + Flow, and today we welcome the final contestants, Londynn B, Flawless, Troyman and of course the winner of the $250k, D Smoke.

Not only did these 4 fire spitters talk about their journey on the show, the exposure they received and the advice they were gifted from each celebrity judge — but they also gave advice themselves.

Inglewood reppin’ D Smoke also opened up about his investment plans with his quarter of a million.

You know we couldn’t let them leave without dropping off a few bars though.


And HOLD UP! Young Devyn got something to say… for the freestyle SHUTDOWN!!!


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Did You Watch The 2018 BET Cyphers? Do It Now, And Again, Right Here (Video)

A good look for BET: posting these to YouTube without that forced auto-play turned on. Now you can watch them in turn… enjoy, critique, hate on… whatever you do when you watch. Pretty dope overall. Wasn’t hyped in the weeks building up to them this year. Might be a good thing. The heads will check for the Cyphers. The rest who have to be ‘marketed’ to; we don’t need ’em.
#JustSaying #HipHopForTheReal #RealHipHop

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