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Politics: Saudi Artist & Activist ‘Hisham Fageeh’ Channels Bob Marley With His Viral Internet Hit “No Woman, No Drive” (Video)

Interesting. To be certain, this women’s rights issue-driven video could have been delivered with a more serious tone; but 26-year-old Saudi comedian/activist Hisham Fageeh likely ‘toned down’ his Bob Marley-inspired song “No Woman, No Drive” – as to be too fiery would put the performer, and any involved with the vid’s production/distribution, under fire.

A couple of months [after the “No Woman, No Drive” song was created], Twitter was abuzz with talk that Saudi Arabian women would defy the ban on driving by mounting a demonstration on October 26, Fageeh and his two friends, Saudi musicians Fahad Albutairi and Alaa Wardi, decided to produce a video to coincide with the day of protest.

– The Daily Beast

I like that this points out injustice, then pokes a stick at it… in sort of a fun way, but even that is done with substantial socio-political risk. On another note, Fageeh’s pretty good for someone who “doesn’t really listen to music.” Dude definitely getting his Bobby McFerrin on (e.g. with the ‘body music’ with a message). Wonder if there will be any ‘response videos’ from pro-conservatives of Saudi?

While the Saudi government officials issued harsh warnings to political dissenters or anyone supporting female drivers, there have been no reported arrests or fines, and the young comedian says he’s not afraid in the least. So far, he tells The Daily Beast, he’s gotten “nothing but love” in response to the video, from everyone from Saudi grandmothers to New York hipsters. “It resonated with people,” he says. “It was relevant to them.”

– The Daily Beast

By the way, you can buy the track (name your price)…


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Free Event: One Love Wednesday


Marley (Film Trailer)

Directed by Kevin MacDonald (The Last King of Scotland, State of Play), it is a documentary on the life, music, and legacy of legendary Jamaican singer-songwriter and musician, Bob Marley. The film was premiered at the 2012 Berlin Film Festival and set to hit SXSW Festival next month March 8th – 13th 2012 in Austin, Texas.

It is the first feature backed by the Marley family as well as the legend’s longtime music label head Chris Blackwell which should make for the most insightful look at his life yet as it follows “the musician, revolutionary and legend from his earliest days to his rise to international superstardom” using rare footage, archival photos and incredible performances and interviews with his family, friends and bandmates. Blackwell executive produces alongside Marley’s son, Ziggy.” – BOBMARLEYARCHIVE


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Happy Birthday Bob Marley (1945-1981)

February 6th marks the birth of one of music’s most prolific fixtures, reggae legend Robert Nesta Marley.  His lyrics, containing messages of activism, love and self-awareness, continue to move crowds more than 30 years after his passing.  Catch this 1979 footage of the legend performing one of his many, many hits.


Classic Clips: Bob Marley Interview In Atlanta December 1979 (Video)

Back in 1979 Bob Marley was in Atlanta for a show at the iconic Fox Theatre on Peachtree Street. Gary Anderson ( Yeah…I don’t know who he is either) is stiff as hell in this interview. Most likely because he couldn’t understand a word Bob was saying. Haaahaa! It’s still a classic clip in Atlanta history & Bob Marley continues to drop some knowledge for the people. In the second segment of the interview, the interviewer didn’t really overstand when Bob Marley said he wasn’t trying to reach strange people, but reach OUR people. It wasn’t anything coded or meant solely for black people. OUR people means anyone who is on the same path of righteousness regardless of race. At the end of the segment the interviewer shakes Bob Marley’s hand & then wipes his hand like George Bush meeting Haitian earthquake victims. Check out part 2 under the hood…..

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Happy Birthday Bob Marley (February 6, 1945 – May 11, 1981)

Salute to the greatest reggae artist that ever lived….the iconic & legendary Robert Nesta Marley. One Love

Distant Relatives: Hope Road PT 1 (Video)

Distant Relatives Nas & Damian Marley journey to Bob Marley’s Hope Road In J.A.