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Want Your Own Bulletproof Combat Helmet? British Special Forces Are Checking Them Out Now (Video)

Okay, I am more a Star Trek fan than a Star Wars fanatic. But they had me at “looks like Boba Fett’s helmet.” However, they probably got a few more with the whole now-soldiers’-heads-can-be-bulletproof-too thing. Check it out.

British special forces are testing DEVTAC’s Ronin helmet. It’s being compared to the Boba Fett mask from “Star Wars,” but what this thing can do is crazier than fiction. You can order one from their website.
– Tech Inside


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Lifestyle: 2 Chainz Gets Expensive & Bulletproof (Video)

2 Chainz be on some of ‘The Most Expensivest Sh!t’… and this ep here will show him something that could keep him fresh as hell, if the fedz watching… or SHOOTING!

Have you ever thought, “Man, this a great suit, but I wish it was bulletproof!”? If so, Toronto-based tailor Garrison Bespoke can make your dreams come true starting at $15,000. Watch as 2 Chainz tries on a bulletproof look that he deems nice enough to wear to church

Think it’s a game if you want. We been posting on bulletproof chic clothing. Get your wardrobe together. Get your life together (maybe even save it)!

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Joel McHale With Vodka, Guns And A Bulletproof Suit… ACTION (Video)

Bahaaaha! Remember that writeup from a while back on bulletproof clothing (here)? Maybe? Well, you definitely won’t forget this hilarious spin sitcom and talk show cutup Joel McHale puts on the fashion forward choice in attire… and his chosen beverage.

My journeys have brought me here: A strange land the locals call Canada. Where the people are polite, the bacon is round, and the menswear… is bulletproof.

And shout out to nanotechnology (the geek in me gets geeked) in the suits!

Alright let’s go to the gun range and blast the sh!t out of this thing!

And have a drink afterward. Alcohol and guns. Yeah, that’ll work out fine. Watch and be amused… and a little afraid.


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