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A Party Yacht With Its Own Private Beach… On Board! (Video)

This shizz iz craZy! Know how they say don’t bring sand to the beach – like not bringing a date because it will ruin your hump-around chances? Well, imagine bringing this monster baller boat around… where you are not bringing sand to the beach… you are bringing a yacht near shore… and the yacht has its own damn beach! WHAT!

(All good until Jaws comes through to ‘belly up to the beach’ for some human hors d’oeuvres. Hahaaaa! Just listen for the horror scene music and you’ll be a’ight… you tough, right?)

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Rolls-Royce Introduces A New “Dawn” (Video) (Video)

Oh wowww. Rolls-Royce’s Dawn convertible is cool; like a sunset dip in a beachfront infinity pool (see the promo video to know how cool that can be people). That’s a mighty sexy, luxurious good look… you know, for those of you who are into drooling over high-end vehicles. Yeah, that’s you… you will be drooling over this. The leather looks so butter soft… and the finish and… Just watch, please, watch above.

Striking. Sensuous. Endlessly sociable. Dawn marks the arrival of open-top driving as you’ve never experienced it before.
– Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

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Skyzoo – “Luxury” feat. Westside Gunn (Video)

Brand new visuals from the Brooklyn emcee Skyzoo for “Luxury” featuring Westside Gunn. This is the latest video from Skyzoo’s very dope new project “Music For My Friends” that’s out now. In keeping with that ‘Music For My Friends’ theme, Skyzoo & the homie Westside Gunn sprint around New York City in the droptop BMW alongside the beautiful Sofia Body & Star Rodgriguez who we’ve featured in our ‘Eye Candy’ posts. I’m a Raiders fan so it also goes without saying I’m diggin’ that Oakland Raiders Jacket too. Niiiiiice.



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Meet Danny Lambo: Britain’s Flashiest Playboy (Video)

Like Bruce Wayne without the dangerous hobbies to cover the cape-and-cowl nightlife. Danny Karne of Croydon (Britain) is living a life that you could scarcely believe, even if you read it in a comic (or watched it in the movie made from the comic). Since some folks cannot help but hate the player and the game, let’s enumerate the things for you to hate.

At 16, Danny dropped out of school… to link up with a Japanese music producer and pursue a singing career.
Far from home, Danny and his band hit the Far East… touring girls schools (and other spots in Asia, Australia and New Zealand).

At 21, Danny is done in the music game; a high-school dropout with no marketable skills or experience… but he knew his way around a hotel.

Keeping ties with his family (even sending all his money made from touring back home), Danny’s older sister (an interior designer) helped him buy and renovate a 30-room Paddington bed-and-breakfast into a respectable hotel.

Danny’s “respectable” hotel would soon become a celebrity must-stay destination… By 22, Danny is a millionaire hotelier.
The big bucks (pounds) came rolling in… like the extra loud Lamborghinis he loved to drive (hence the name Danny Lambo).

The ladies loved the cars, but they were too loud. Danny loved the ladies, but he loved the cars… Solution: Stay in the car, and shout out the ladies with a bullhorn (yeah, it worked)!

And it follows… laying up with Russian models and all kinds of leggy ladies, five thousand on a meal here and 10 thousand on a drink there… All the while, growing a hotel and real estate empire.

Enough? How about a Danny Lambo movie? Nah, that’d be ridiculous. But “Danny’s World” – a reality TV series – is being filmed.

(Oh… and Danny is just 37. Wowwww.)


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Joel McHale With Vodka, Guns And A Bulletproof Suit… ACTION (Video)

Bahaaaha! Remember that writeup from a while back on bulletproof clothing (here)? Maybe? Well, you definitely won’t forget this hilarious spin sitcom and talk show cutup Joel McHale puts on the fashion forward choice in attire… and his chosen beverage.

My journeys have brought me here: A strange land the locals call Canada. Where the people are polite, the bacon is round, and the menswear… is bulletproof.

And shout out to nanotechnology (the geek in me gets geeked) in the suits!

Alright let’s go to the gun range and blast the sh!t out of this thing!

And have a drink afterward. Alcohol and guns. Yeah, that’ll work out fine. Watch and be amused… and a little afraid.


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