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Uncle Murda – “Get The Strap” feat. Casanova x 6ix9ine x 50 Cent (Prod. By Trilogy x Blanco) [Video]

Straight ahead with the lyrics, and a sparse beat that does not get in the way. Powered by mayhem & firepower – lyrics about the threats, use, and the aftermath of the blap-blap-blap – this is highly-anticipated heat from and for the streets by Uncle Murda, featuring Casanova, 6ix9ine, and 50 Cent #GetTheStrap


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Comedy: Rap Stars Read ‘Mean Tweets’ From Fans (Video)

Hilarious! Yeah, all of the trolls who flex that ‘keyboard courage’ on social media, see Remy Ma with your Twitter fingers and you could catch them hands… My vote for best part is definitely Remy’s response. But the whole video is awesome. Kudos to all featured for being good sports.


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It’s Actually 50 Cent Responding To These Online Comments (Video)

Maaan, somebody get your man Curtis. Crazy hilarious! Check out 50 Cent trolling (sorta) and responding online on most all the popular social networking sites.

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50 Cent ‘Reviews’ Jay-Z’s Album “4:44” (Video)

50 Cent called Jay-Z’s album “4:44” golf course music? Felt ‘Carlton Banks’ ish about it. Bahaaaa!

(C’mon, the album was good; but so is Fiddy’s comedic jabs. It’s okay, you can laugh.)

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The Stars Of “Den Of Theives” Speak On Their Upcoming Featuring Film (Video)

This is the coolest part of Hip-Hop.

Preach on it 50 Cent! Hanging out with a descendant of Hip-Hop royalty, O’Shea Jackson Jr. (a rising movie star himself), Gerard Butler (Lionitis from “300” man, come on!) and Pablo Schreiber all talk sh!t AND talk up their “Den Of Theives” movie with the Breakfast Club.

(The exec producer of “Power” bringing the A-List cast through to do a promo round on Power 105 is a power move fa’sho.)

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50 Cent & Tiffany Haddish Tease Her Upcoming Appearance On ’50 Central’ (Video)

Hmmm… Wonder what these two are gonna do tomorrow night… on 50 Central. The rest ain’t our business (but can’t be mad if Fif shoots a shot, because Tif sexy af)!

#TifAndFif #50Central


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Rachael Ray Surprised By Her Celeb Crush 50 Cent And Introduces Him To Her Mommy (Video)

Maaaan, 50 moves in and out of urban and crossover worlds so easy it’s like his mutant power. Watch the Hip-Hop Nightcrawler bamf over to Rachael Ray’s set to get some love from the audience, the happy host, and her moms!

Rachael Goes Wild When Her Celeb Crush Surprises Her For 2,000th Show! He Made. Her. Day.
Rachael Ray Show

Work it, Fif. This is how you build that ‘big rich town’… connections! #Power


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Comedy: 50 Central Presents “Sexual Harassment Training” (Video)

“He wants to ‘Baywatch them titties’… until his Johnson becomes The Rock!”

In a word… WOWWWW! And why oh WHY is Ms. Dixon sexy AF in this sketch?? Ask 50. He had to keep it 100 (showed her better than he could tell her when he stood up). Hahahaaa! Real deal sexual harassment policy training starring 50 Cent, Mark Harley, Tristen Winger, Vince Swann, and Jasmin Brown.


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Comedy: 50 Cent As Black Spider-Man Is Hilarious (And On Point) [Video]

Bwaaahahaaa! Fiddy a FOOL! This is a favorite scene of mine from the Tobey Maguire “Spiderman” movie. And until today, I thought it was ‘bulletproof.’

Take these shots Hollywood… and society. Ha!

#BlackSpideysMatter #SheHellaCuteThough


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50 Cent Tells The “The View” What He Would Do If He Became An ‘Accidental President’ Like Trump (Video)

Hey yo Fif! Hit ’em with the Fiddy essence, maaan. The ladies on “The View” will swooooon, player. Hahaaa! The time will fly on this clip. Good talk with several relevant topics covered.

50 Cent weighs in on kneeling protests, ‘Power,’ fatherhood.
– The View

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Comedy: Trying To Get That Old Thing Back? Curtis And Vivica Go To Couples Therapy On ’50 Central’ (Video)

This could have gone any number of ways, and Fif ‘n Viv played havoc with all of them… a little jokey-jokey, some gangsta sh!t, some a lot of sexual innuendo.

After years of separation, the two moguls enter the same room for a therapy session and things get a little dangerous.
– BET Networks

Bwaaahahaa! Viv was about to “Set It Off” (caught that?) on 50 Central… Whoa! Put the knife DOWN!

Besides… I see you… keeping thangs tizzight, Ms. Fox. I’m saying though. Maybe 50 don’t want that thang-thang, but I know a dude who wanna see about it (raised my hand, hoping to raise my… heh… nevermind).


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‘Big Rich Town’ Vacay In Puerto Rico: 50 Cent Took Grandpa To The Strip Clubs (Video)

Hahaaa! YouTube surfing will let you catch some cool content in the side margins. Then when you click on one of those, you find several related. Like the 50 on Kimmel a while back. Hilarious. Dope.

Streets is watching. And 50 Cent is behind you! But that’s after the jump. Start above.

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Lenny Grant aka Uncle Murda – “On & On” feat. 50 Cent x Jeremih (Video)

Okay! Uncle Murda doing the right things… Eye Candies in thongs, poolside video for the song, directed by 50’s goto guy Eif… the reasons for predicting early success for Lenny Grant go “On & On.” Knew this joint deserved a video when we heard and posted it on here a while back.

(Where Jeremih though? Dude missed out!)


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Uncle Murda – “On & On” feat. 50 Cent x Jeremih

Dope! Uncle Murda, 50, AND Jeremih are killing on this “On & On” joint. “The Lenny Grant Story” is shaping up to be an instant classic. Murda need to hurry up with that (or keep dropping these bangers regularly, dealer’s choice)!


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Young M.A. – “Ooouuu” feat. 50 Cent (Remix)

When you’re so dope… when what you do is so dope… folks find you, find your work, join in in most flattering ways… you’re winning. Exhibit Young M.A, on her “Ooouuu” campaign, IS WINNING!!! Remix with 50 Cent on it. Nice. All the “Ooouuu” incarnations are dope though; and we got a couple on here now (and keep checking for more).


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Comedy: The 50 Cent Store (Video)

Forget about Dollar General… shop with the G-Unit general! Hahahaaaa!

50 Cent is a man of many talents. He’s an actor, a producer, a rapper and he also owns a highly successful chain of retails stores which are currently having a big back-to-school sale.

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Kanan’s Nudity On “Power” Surprised 50 Cent… And His Aunt Geraldine (Video)

The opening theme of “Power” focuses on coming from the ‘poorest part’ of a ‘big rich town’… Well, show creator Courtney A. Kemp didn’t tell producer and star Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson (playing the arch enemy, Kanan, on the show) that his private ‘part’ would be prominently featured in episode four of the hit series.

Bad move. The bad blood caused by that surprise full frontal shown on-screen still lingers to this day. Fiddy has learned to joke about it, but we’re not sure about his auntie Geraldine. We can only hope she’s calmed down. Ha!

Watch. You gotta.

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Travel/Business: 50 Cent And Hostel World Want You To Meet The World (Video)

If 50 is speaking on it, it’s money in it. Facts. Looks blingy and nice and all… but the pitch floats a little wide and high when Fif is selling the nickel-plated railed ‘tour bus’ style beds. More ball (e.g. out of the strike zone) than ‘baller.’ But we all can’t ball out overseas. However, Hostelworld is saying we can all have somewhere to stay and ‘Meet The World’ … through its enthusiastic spokesperson 50 Cent.

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50 Cent – “I’m The Man” feat. Chris Brown (Remix) [Video]

Fif takes another run at an “I’m The Man” visual. This time, plug in Chris Brown, and see where it goes this go ’round.


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50 Cent – “I’m The Man” feat. Sonny Digital (Short Film)

So, once you go all Showtime with a series, you gotta move the music videos over a bit to incorporate some major music cinema in there. Step your game up by stepping what’s in your frame up. Got it 50. Got it! Y’all check out this short film (NOT just a video) for “I’m The Man” (featuring Sonny Digital, off “The Kanan Tape” linked below).

Recognize that Eif Rivera is still in the video game wif Fif. All this violence and intrigue (mixed in with heavy doses of dime pieces) kinda makes us wish that “Power” would hurry up and come back on Showtime.

(Scratch that. Ain’t no “kinda” about it. Hurry up with that 50!)


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