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“Chescaleigh” Examines The History of Asian Sex Stereotypes (Video)

You saw the episode Franchesca did on Black female stereotypes, right (here)? Well, she’s got one for Asian stereotypes, too. Lotta stereotyping we have going on in our society…

If you take a look at popular culture there’s a pretty strange divide between Asian women and Asian men. Asian women are adored and fetishized by men of many ethnicities, while Asian men are rarely seen as sex symbols of any kind. Why? Well, these stereotypes don’t come from nowhere, they actually evolved from a long and twisted history of war, trade, and persecution of American citizens. Watch this MTV Decoded episode with Franchesca “Chescaleigh” Ramsey to learn more.
– MTV Decoded


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Franchesca Ramsey Declares That It Is Time For These Black Female Stereotypes To Die (Video)

Hahaa! This reminded me of the ‘Black Acting School’ part of Robert Townsend’s “Hollywood Shuffle” (with White ‘instructors’ insisting that ‘students’ act ‘Blacker’… like ‘jive turkey mothaf**ckas’). Sharp commentary in that, too. Watch Franchesca’s commentary on long-standing Black Female stereotypes in media.

Ever notice how black women in media tend to looped into a few basic stereotypes? Like, get portrayed as the sassy friend who has an instant comeback for everything, or the over-sexualized woman who wants it all the time, or the helpful Black maid. Well, these stereotypes don’t come from nowhere. And on this Season 3 throwback episode of MTV Decoded, Franchesca “Chescaleigh” Ramsey shows where they come from and explains why they need to be buried good and deep.
– MTV Decoded

(I think she could have ‘stuck it’ to reality TV a bit more. There’s one obvious culprit right there.)


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Why “40 Acres And A Mule” Is No Longer Enough Reparations For Black Americans (Video)

Word on the street, dirt road… hell, everywhere… is that that 40 acres and a mule promised to Black folks in the United States… IS. NOT. COMING. And even if it was, it would NOT be enough to ‘catch us up’ and make things fair & square for how far slavery, Jim Crow, and follow-on disenfranchisement has set people of color (esp. Black people in America) back. The ‘why’ behind this is skillfully “Decoded” above in this throwback episode.

Out of 536 billionaires in the USA, only 3 are Black. Why the stark racial divide? Well, it’s complicated, but it turns out our history of racism has a lot to do with it. From segregated schools that receive less funding in property taxes, to the history of redlining Black homeowners, to the long history of slavery, oppression, and segregation, White families were accumulating wealth. That “old money” has provided the capital for the modern-day billionaires, and even average-income white families, to stay significantly ahead of Black Americans. So how can we fix the wealth divide in America?
– MTV Decoded


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Why Racism Isn’t Just a Southern Problem (Video)

Sure, Harriet Tubman led slaves away from the South to escape slavery… the Jim Crow and Civil Rights black & white photos and videos show the South as the true ‘home’ of racism… BUT, let Franchesca Ramsey hip you to fact that racism ain’t just in the South good buddy!

While the stereotypical racist in the US might be a southern good ole boy, the reality is that “progressive” Northern and Western states have had a pretty long and terrible history with racism as well. Whether it’s the history of sundown towns that threatened violence against people of color if they were found there after dark, the incredibly racist founding of Oregon, or the long history of redlining to prevent home ownership, it seems like racism certainly wasn’t and isn’t just a southern phenomenon.

Go Franchesca! Comedy Central’s The Nightly Show was cancelled, but you’ve got too much to share with the world to stop now. No joke. Keep it pushing!

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Franchesca Ramsey Debunks Four Myths About #BlackLivesMatter (Video)

Franchesca Ramsey making the rounds from Comedy Central’s The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore over to MTV’s Decoded (all in the ‘family’…Viacom). Here you can see and hear her give facts that you can hit haters (e.g. those who insist on trolling against #BlackLivesMatter) in the head with. Now, do not get discouraged if all you get in response to your factual rebuttal is ‘All Lives Matter.’ You cannot have a battle of wits with an unarmed person.

Time for the truth. Press play above.


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Fabolous’ Hit “Breathe” Is ‘Decoded’ (Video)

‘Don’t worry. I can make make it say “Breathe.”

Fabolous said that is what producer Just Blaze said of that vocal sample when he first share the beat track for the hit, “Breathe.” Good episode of ‘Decoded’ on the Life+Times channel, curated by Jay-Z.

“You n!ggas can’t share my air.” – Fabolous, “Breathe”

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