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Pusha T Pushes Marijuana Legalization In His Ad: Artists For ‘Yes On 64’ (Video)

A different angle and valid discussion point of view from Pusha T on weed. Sure, we have seen Redman, Sean Price (RIP), and other emcees advocate for marijuana products in commercials and in their lyrics. But this ad is more academic and socio-political in its approach. Legalizing marijuana possession/use, decriminalization, any step in the direction of Proposition 64 on the California ballot, are positive gains in walking back oppressive mass incarceration legislation that has many friends & family locked up unnecessarily and for way too long.

Major key: Pusha T is not even a California resident. But he knows as California goes, so goes much of the rest of the U.S.

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The Great Marijuana Debate: Nancy Grace vs. 2 Chainz (Video)

Nancy Grace. Please. Use your inside voice. Want some smoke? A “big fat doobie” perhaps to calm down?

Rapper 2 Chainz made some very sensible points about legalizing marijuana. Don’t get frustrated when Nancy cuts him off (a lot) and yells (a bit). That’s just how she is on her show. Good commentary about individual responsibility, child rearing, economics, the criminal justice system and more. The full show segment featuring the debate above. Watch and discuss.

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Smart Policing: When San Francisco Stopped Prosecuting Drug Users Violent Crime Went Down (Video)

San Fran is applying a radical strategy…LOGIC! By disbanding various drug task forces and allowing those cops to pursue and thwart violent offenders instead of wasting their efforts just locking up drug users. And their approaches seem to be working to reduce violent crime and free up police to chase real criminals…

“I’m a narc. I’ve been a narcotics guy forever,” says San Francisco police chief Greg Suhr. “But I’m just telling you, I’ve always felt bad for the people that were addicted to drugs.”

Suhr’s compassion translates into policy that works to the benefit of folks he pities (by not criminalizing them). And it has also let him fight a war on two fronts since 2007; crime, on the one hand… in the face of deep recession-driven budget cuts on the other.

“Not trying to just keep a stat game going on arresting people for narcotics has not hurt us in trying to achieve our goal in trying to make San Franciso safest,” says Suhr.


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