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Activism/Politics: Dear Young People, “Don’t Vote” (Video)

This ad by Occupy Democrats is good, scary good. Don’t think it will ‘scare’ millennials, but maybe it will get them thinking… maybe even ‘dared’ into voting in next month’s midterm elections.

Hope so #KnockTheVote #VoteDammit


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Miguel – “Vote” (Prod. By Mark Ronson)

Placement on the “Crazy Rich Asians” soundtrack (that movie is poised to do some decent end-of-summer numbers) is a good look. Big name like Mark Ronson on production. Yep, “Vote” checks all the right boxes for a move to keep Miguel’s name on bubble out there in the streets.

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Activism: Real Justice PAC’s Grassroots Effort To Reboot The U.S. Justice System

Mass incarceration… mass victimization inflicted on us by unfair, overreaching law enforcement and an unjust judiciary. You KNOW the story. You (and/or someone you love) has LIVED the story. You’ve cried, as have we; and cried out, “ENOUGH.” But then what? Then ACTION, that’s what!

Real Justice PAC (Political ACTION Committee) is a grassroots political team determined to reimagine and completely overhaul America’s justice system. How? Glad you asked. Real Justice PAC’s Shaun King hit the inbox with much much-needed info, including an ACTION plan.

Our nation has 2,400 elected prosecutors. Not thousands, but millions and millions of cases come through 2,400 officers every single year. And it is these elected prosecutors who decide not just whether or not violent or corrupt cops are prosecuted, but these prosecutors decide how seriously to take those cases and how many staff members to put on them.

These prosecutors are 95% white, 81% male, and only 1% of them are women of color. They are also, as you can imagine, overwhelmingly conservative. Hundreds of them are effectively serving what amounts to unofficial lifetime appointments because they basically run unopposed term after term. Some of these prosecutors have been in office for over 30 years.

And they wouldn’t know a serious challenge if it smacked them in the face.

That’s where we come in.

No position in all of politics is more overdue for a complete reboot than that of America’s 2,400 District Attorneys. It’s ripe for innovation.

What We’re Demanding from District Attorneys:

1. Ensure that everyone is treated equally under the law
2. End the War on Drugs.
3. Promote Transparency and Accountability.
4. Promote Policies that Aid Undocumented Communities.
5. Make Punishment Fair.

Shaun King, Activist/Journalist For Real Justice PAC

Endorsing and supporting candidates for District Attorney offices who will herald the return of Real Justice for the people! Learn more about Shaun King, Real Justice PAC, and how you can help at

Pusha T Pushes Marijuana Legalization In His Ad: Artists For ‘Yes On 64’ (Video)

A different angle and valid discussion point of view from Pusha T on weed. Sure, we have seen Redman, Sean Price (RIP), and other emcees advocate for marijuana products in commercials and in their lyrics. But this ad is more academic and socio-political in its approach. Legalizing marijuana possession/use, decriminalization, any step in the direction of Proposition 64 on the California ballot, are positive gains in walking back oppressive mass incarceration legislation that has many friends & family locked up unnecessarily and for way too long.

Major key: Pusha T is not even a California resident. But he knows as California goes, so goes much of the rest of the U.S.

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Killer Mike Comments: Bernie Sanders Deals With Dissent While Hillary Clinton Condescends (Video)

Hmmm…some of you, now having seen and heard what Former Secretary Hilary Clinton respond to Ashley Williams’ “bring them to heel” protest, may be saying to themselves (and each other), “Somebody should SAY something.”

Well, Killer Mike is ON IT! After all, stumping for Bernie Sanders AND following up a jab at the Clinton campaign. Win-win, right?

Above: The ladies of The View welcome Killer Kill to clarify some of his hot-button campaign commentary. Oh, and while I am sure I do not have to urge YOU to vote, let the people around know… Whether during early balloting or Super Tuesday… VOTE DAMMIT!! VOTE!


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Classic Clips 1996: Snoop Dogg x Tupac Shakur Mobilize The Community To Vote (Video)

Remember when Hip-Hop HAD to say something?? Even the most gangsta, clowning around, sex-driven, smoke-you-down, or whatever rap act had to have a stance on, or answers to, the political questions of the day back in The Golden Era. Well, check out some visual ’90s gold: Death Row Records labelmates Snoop, Tupac, Hammer (yup)… even CEO Suge Knight at a political rally doing right by the community. Great clip!

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Will Ferrell Will Do Anything To Get You To Vote For President Obama (Video)

Actor & comedian Will Ferrell never ceases to get more than a few laughs out of me even when dealing with situations as serious as this very close 2012 Presidential Election. Clearly President Barack Obama is the best candidate with a shot to win at this time in my opinion. It’s apparent that Will Ferrell feels the same & wants to make sure you laugh your ass to the polls on November 6th & re-elect the President for a 2nd term.
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Nas Encourages Young People To Exercise Their Right To Vote (Video)

Here at we don’t get political… Ha! Couldn’t even say that without chuckling. But seriously, the vote is something all Americans should take seriously. Nas does. And he wants young Americans (especially college-age voters) to take it seriously, too. Good look, God Son. Watch the message above. Check out what Nas had to say below:

‘The future of this country is in the hands of the young people… Now that I’ve voted, I feel so much power that I didn’t feel before.’

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Comedy: Samuel L. Jackson Says “Wake The F*@k Up” & Vote For President Barack Obama (Video)

Hahaaaa! This is Samuel L. Jackson being SAMUEL L. JACKSON. “Wake the F**k Up” is a new political ad from the Jewish Council for Education & Research, a liberal PAC (Political Action Committee). Hilarious! But it makes the point! The ad was written by Adam Mansbach, the same author behind the satirical children’s book “Go the F**k to Sleep,” for which Jackson did a similarly styled audiobook recording (see the explicit version of the “children’s story” after the jump).
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