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Comedy: Jimmy Kimmel Talks to People Buying Weed at Marijuana Drive-Thru (Video)

Shouldn’t ALL weed dispensing establishments have a drive-thru? I have seen drive-thru liquor stores around the ATL, so why not drive-thru dispensaries some of everywhere? Go to the burger drive-thru to get grub, then go smoke up some munchies and go BACK to the burger spot after you devour what you already bought.

See? Good for the economy. Good for everyone! Wonder if Jimmy brings that kinda of thing up? Let’s see.

The world’s largest marijuana dispensary, Nu Wu Cannabis Marketplace in Las Vegas, Nevada, is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the best thing is – it’s got a drive-thru window. We checked back in with our friends there to play another round of ‘Let’s Make a Dope Deal!’ with their customers.
Jimmy Kimmel Live


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Lifestyle: You’re In Los Angeles. You’re High. What Do You Do Next? (Video)

A weed travel show. Excellent idea! And an appropriately laid-back episode to boot.

On VICE’s weed travel show ‘BLUNT REVIEWS,’ we trek to places where weed is legal to review things a cannabis-consuming tourist can do while they’re stoned. On this episode, VICE’s Darlene Demorizi spent a day getting blazed in Los Angeles, where she cured her munchies at Pink’s Hot Dogs, a historic restaurant that tops franks with guacamole and nacho cheese. Then she unwound at Lit Yoga, a THC-friendly studio, and stopped by Puff Pass & Paint to make a little art over a glass of CBD-infused wine.

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70 Year Olds Try Smoking Weed For The First Time (Video)

Bwaaahahaaa! THIS is why, though I am not a consumer, I am cool with having the doobie-doers around. No personal politics in this video one way or the other. Just some dudes who have gone all their lives without taking even one hit off a joint, now deciding to fire up and fuse up. The result is informative and incredibly funny (looking at you, Graham)!

Plus… there are snacks!


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Stephen Colbert With A ‘420 Monologue’ To (Not) Remember [Video]

Wonder if Stephen ever ‘inhaled’ though. But he and intern Stoney Von Dankington have this same convo every year on this date. Yes. THAT is the real meaning behind 4/20 – a commemoration of their hilarious conversation.

(That… and puff-puff-PASS maaaaan. Hahaaaa!)


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Pusha T Pushes Marijuana Legalization In His Ad: Artists For ‘Yes On 64’ (Video)

A different angle and valid discussion point of view from Pusha T on weed. Sure, we have seen Redman, Sean Price (RIP), and other emcees advocate for marijuana products in commercials and in their lyrics. But this ad is more academic and socio-political in its approach. Legalizing marijuana possession/use, decriminalization, any step in the direction of Proposition 64 on the California ballot, are positive gains in walking back oppressive mass incarceration legislation that has many friends & family locked up unnecessarily and for way too long.

Major key: Pusha T is not even a California resident. But he knows as California goes, so goes much of the rest of the U.S.

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Weed Infused Wine (Video)

This line of Mary Jane Wines though… wooo… the promise of a glass of high-class high. Some conjecture as to whether the hemp-infused wine will actually make you flyyyy robinnn flyyyy, but the prospect is fun to consider, isn’t it. Check it out and see if it’s something you and your friends can go five on.

(Normally the ‘Mary Jane’ comes in a sack, right? So, would this come in some kind of Crown Royal bag? Some folks transport in that… we’ve heard *wink*)


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Snoop Dogg And Sugar Ray Leonard Face-Off On ‘Celebrity Family Feud’ (Video)

WaitWHAT?! Snoop Dogg missed the Family Feud toss-up question for the category of… WEED???? Aw hell no. Steve Harvey’s reaction when Snoop beat Sugar Ray Leonard to the buzzer though. Hahaaaaaa!!

We can’t believe Snoop Dogg didn’t get the top answer right away! He was pretty quick to hit the buzzer though. So what would Grandma do? Watch Celebrity Family Feud on Sundays at 8|7c on ABC.

Soooo… do you think Maw-Maw might ask for a li’l “medicine” for her… um… cataracts?

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Ricky Williams Takes The High Road (Documentary Trailer)

That music for this trailer though. Dope. Speaking of dope

The former NFL running back dives deep into his relationship with the substance that effectively cost him his football career. Catch the full film, “Ricky Williams Takes The High Road,” at on July 13th.

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Comedy: Ice Cube & Kevin Hart Help Conan’s Intern Get Ready For Her Driver License Test (Video)

HILARIOUS! Sure Ice Cube and Kevin Hart have their upcoming “Ride Along 2” movie to promote (in theaters January 15, 2016), but why not “ride along” (ha!) with their homie Conan O’Brien? He could use some help schooling Diana Chang on maneuvering in these streets… not being no punk… cutting off and cussing out drivers (offensive driving)… throwing batteries and pennies at ’em… wilding out on them po-po’s… picking up pinatas, scoring weed and scarfing chicken…

You know, some real drivers’ education and sh!t. Hahaaaaaaa!

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“The Grass Is Greener” (Documentary)

VICE sent another cute reporter (hey, just saying) to get another story traditional news media is simply not covering. Though the Marijuana Movement has had coverage, the travails of the business side, post-legalization, have not. Above is the story of an industry that continues to grow – in spite of limited bank backing for businesses, risks associated with having to do high-volume cash business (um…STRONG ARM ROBBERY on dat azz regularly), and very limited government support (dare we say opposition, as weed is still an illegal drug at the federal level).


Still weed biz strives. Look, they’re having conventions and luring investors. Not to mention sending major tax revenue to the state of Colorado. Watch the report above.

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2 Chainz Smokes Out of a $10,000 Bong (Video)

2 Chainz is a self-described “casual smoker,” but when he’s presented with the opportunity to smoke out of the “Picasso of bongs” what do you think he’s going to do?
– GQ Magazine

This moth#$fu%$ing chandelier bong costs 10 thousand moth#$fu%$ing dollars? Yup. No moth#$fu%$ing joke. This episode of “Most Expensivest Shit” featuring 2 Chainz is definitely the bomb bong!


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The Great Marijuana Debate: Nancy Grace vs. 2 Chainz (Video)

Nancy Grace. Please. Use your inside voice. Want some smoke? A “big fat doobie” perhaps to calm down?

Rapper 2 Chainz made some very sensible points about legalizing marijuana. Don’t get frustrated when Nancy cuts him off (a lot) and yells (a bit). That’s just how she is on her show. Good commentary about individual responsibility, child rearing, economics, the criminal justice system and more. The full show segment featuring the debate above. Watch and discuss.

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Baked Alaska (Documentary)

It all started with “…f#ck it I quit.”

Never thought a weed head would say that, did ya? Hahaaa! True, Charlo Greene did not quit her relationship with Mary Jane. In fact, she started (actually, kicked into overdrive) a public debate/campaign for Alaska’s legalization of marijuana. She had to quit her job as a television reporter to do it…

…or did she? Her quitting was a media and viral video score for her cause (good PR strategy).

On November 4, 2014, the state of Alaska was faced with a ballot measure to potentially make recreational marijuana legal. In this episode of Weediquette, we follow democracy in action through the eyes of Charlo Greene.

Greene became the firebrand folk hero of the “Yes on 2” movement after she famously quit her job as a news reporter on the air to run a cannabis club. VICE travels to Alaska to follow Charlo, and along the way we meet a cast of Alaskan natives who all have something at stake in this election.


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Moms: The New Target Market Segment For Marijuana (Video)

“The ‘Green Crack’… That’s a real branding problem. You wanna get rid of the stigma…for moms.”
Jessica Roake

Go for the moms. U.S. industry has pursued that marketing strategy for over a century. Exhibit: ‘soap’ operas (e.g. the ‘stories’) being produced specifically to sell SOAP to housewives back in the day. The tobacco smoking industry’s advertising included moms in the targeting mix (hell, they even included ‘doctors’ in some ads). The green industry machine had to eventually get around to talking to moms in their promotions (got to calm down eff’n ’round with these damn kids haha).

[The legal cannabis industry is] searching for ways to get moms around the country to set down their wine and light up. We travel to Denver with Jessica Roake, a mother of two from the suburbs of Washington, DC, for a mom-friendly cannabis tour. She gets blazed beyond belief in the name of market research.

Ah, VICE. This is that good good… article. Watch above.

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Swaziland: Gold Mine Of Marijuana (Video)

Smokers are gonna get high on the greenery scenery to start in the video above, but stick around and take in the economic reality that drives grandmas and other good people into this business. It stinks (and not in the good way). People are just making a living the only way they can, by farming the only tax-exempt produce in Swaziland. That ‘tax exempt’ part is a huge loophole favoring growers in the sub-Saharan monarchy’s economy. Everything else is taxed to hell in a land where 2/3 of the population lives below the poverty line. So Swazi weed is not just a means of escape from the day’s humdrum or from the ails of the AIDS epidemic gripping the populace; but probably the only way to any level of prosperity for the citizenry.

Swaziland is a landlocked country sandwiched between South Africa and Mozambique. Despite Swaziland’s small size, it boasts more hectares of land dedicated to growing Cannabis than all of India. It is also home to Swazi Gold, the legendary sativa strain.

Hamilton Morris travels to Swaziland hoping to chemically analyze the cannabinoids present in some of the local strains. Instead, he finds a country steeped in political corruption and economic turmoil. Cannabis is viewed by many growers, users, and politicians as a drug that will cause insanity, but it may be Swaziland’s only hope for economic stability.

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GGN: Redman and Snoop Talk About The Funk, The Marijuana Movement, The Music And More (Video)

Snoop welcomes the Funk Doctor Spock (aka Redman) onto the GGN set for some good smoke, and to talk about what he and artists like him sacrificed to get the marijuana movement – nicknamed “Mt. Kushmore” – to where it is today… and about “Muddy Waters 2” and more… Oh yeah… the Stormy Fronts forecast (of course, mostly ‘cloudy’) with the banging honey @ChanelUrban.

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Teaching Old Drug Dogs A New Way To Sniff? Washington ‘Weed Heads’ Beware (Video)

In Washington state, changes in law enforcement procedures – especially allowing for legal marijuana possession and use – has come with unique challenges. Unique for now… I’m sure other states will eventually have to go through challenges like this: How do you get a dog to respond differently when sniffing for weed in Washington – to let “personal use” ride but still alert handlers to “intent to sell” situations? Some of Washington’s law enforcement agencies have an answer: Stop training drug-sniffing dogs to alert for marijuana.

“Moving forward, it makes most sense not to train dogs to alert to marijuana as that would likely lead to unwarranted investigatory detentions of people who are not breaking any law.”

Alison Holcomb, author of Washington’s I-502 Law and Drug Policy Director for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

WHAT??!! Is that a round of applause I hear? Wait. You know I have to posit the downside on stuff like this. But I am not alone this time: My worry is ACLU’s worry. Not all law-enforcement agencies are changing procedures for training or using narcotics dogs, as the possession of marijuana is still illegal under FEDERAL law. That’s one thing, but not the MAIN thing. Holcomb has a concern that

“…narcotics dogs trained to alert for legal marijuana could extend detention and questioning beyond the scope of reasonable suspicion of a crime. This is especially worrisome because marijuana residue and odor are much more likely to be present on the state’s residents than any of the other substances dogs are trained to detect.”

Hate stop and frisk? Try stop, SNIFF, frisk, and DETAIN UNTIL COPS FIND SOMETHING TO ARREST YOU FOR.



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