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Filmmaker And Tech Enthusiast Pete Majarich Gives Us A Look At The ‘Surface Of Mars’… From Utah (Short Film)

Uh ohhh. Elon Musk, we have a problem.

There are still moon-landing deniers around who claim that all that video of that American space trip was faked. And this short film “The Visitor” (by Australian filmmaker Pete Majarich) is an even more appealing, amazing, look at a trip to what looks to be a ‘red’ planet.

This was shot in a southern Utah desert. Confirmed (hit the jump and see). So, if we make the Mars trip… proving it… could be a problem!

(But this is a cool tech-driven flick though. No problem with that.)

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How To Find Water In The Desert (Video)

Fact about me: I like watching survival shows; though I am in no way claiming expertise at anything I watch. However, I am tucking this bit of ‘expertise’ in the back pocket of my mind… in the VERY unlikely event I find myself stranded in a desert, cut off, without water.

If you ever find yourself lost in the desert, knowing how to quickly find water is going to be key to for your survival. Here’s what you’re going to need to know.
– Tech Insider


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