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Dave East – “The Marathon Continues” (Nipsey Tribute)

So real! Dave East his a nerve on this one. Of course the Nipsey Hussle notes will hit, but that one common trait he is sure he shares with everyone else who has or will succeed at ANY endeavor… PERSEVERANCE! Dave ultimately credits his winning, his “Survival” even, to one thing… his refusal to quit. Pledged that he will DIE before he quits chasing the dream.

Dope. Deep.

(And I hear your tag on that beat Araabmuzik. Banging!)

#RIPNIP #TheMarathonContinues #Survival #NeverQuit



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How To Escape A Kidnapping (Video)

You can add this to the, “This is what I would’ve done,” files; so you can comment on your bad azz-ness when you are watching that hostage or ‘Taken’ situation on TV or at the theater.

Of course, if you actually are kidnapped, you’d probably be better off having learned this stuff. Straight from a U.S. Special Operator, get tips of the trade that may save… a life… YOURS!


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You Can Survive A Crash In A Free-Falling Elevator (Video)

Yes, you can. It’s not intuitive (like timing a jump up to avoid impact), not easy (like strapping yourself to a side of the elevator car like wearing a seatbelt in a crash), and NOT painless (this is gonna HURT)!

Oh, and surviving an elevator crash is not guaranteed


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Advice: Stranded On An Island? Don’t Panic…

After a day of overstuffing my belly with a house full of loved ones, I just thought it interesting to come across this vid about maybe starving and dying alone. Macabre much? Hahahaaa!

Still full (burp) from Turkey Day though. Not starving for a loooong time homie 😉


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How To Find Water In The Desert (Video)

Fact about me: I like watching survival shows; though I am in no way claiming expertise at anything I watch. However, I am tucking this bit of ‘expertise’ in the back pocket of my mind… in the VERY unlikely event I find myself stranded in a desert, cut off, without water.

If you ever find yourself lost in the desert, knowing how to quickly find water is going to be key to for your survival. Here’s what you’re going to need to know.
– Tech Insider


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How To Make A Survival Whistle From A Soup Can (Video)

The video shows a kid front-and-center for this survival scenario, but maybe let’s not say this is for kids. If they gotta they gotta, but with the sharp edges, handling makeshift poking tools and such, it is just not safe for kids.

An empty soup can gets hacked into an emergency survival whistle using a nail and a rock. Be careful with the edges of the can and lid, they can be very sharp.

This could actually save your life, or let you make life miserable for someone who has to listen to you practice ‘survival whistling’ (hahaaa).

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Science Can Tell You How And When You Will Die (Video)

Science, statistics, and lifestyle can help predict how you will die!

Wow. So… Soften the subject with some cornball music why don’cha… Well, by now you know that death is a fact of life for us all. Not one we choose to focus on a lot, in fact, even when ‘your time’ comes you probably want it to happen unexpectedly, fast, and painlessly… but not for a long time yet. But is that how it will likely go? Turns out that science can let you know.

(Did you know that the macabre topic of mortality is studied by more than just researchers and medical doctors? How about insurance companies and government agencies like the Social Security Administration. Actually, SSA has a document actually called an Actuarial Life Table.)

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How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse (Video)

Think AMC’s The Walking Dead is a joke, man?! It’s actually fiction; not a whole lot of funny. Many might say prospect of a zombie apocalypse is scary. And some of them would say… the threat of it is REAL… at least real enough to go to a training camp to learn the basic survival skills of living with all kinds of undead walking around.

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How To Cook Egg In Potato (Video)

Okay, this is survival people! You never know when you could be out in the cold winter. Freezing. Starving. With a potato and an egg. And a knife and spoon… with fire making materials. What would YOU do to survive? Don’t know? Don’t worry. That’s where Russian Survivalist has you covered!

The Russian Survivalist shows you how to cook an egg in a potato. This is an essential wilderness survival skill for cooking eggs. Enjoy.

See how easy it is (above) to cook up an egg in a mere 45 minutes. And doesn’t it look… er… delicious?

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Science/Technology: New ‘Vetigel’ Stops Bleeding In Seconds (Video)

Soon to be a must-have in every first-aid kit, this Vetigel can be injected into the deepest cuts to literally stop heavy bleeding within seconds. The Vetigel is a hemostatic substance, made using algae, whose particles reorganize in the wound to form a solid blockade to stop blood from escaping.

Vetigel is approved for use on animals now; with clearance for use on humans expected next year (2016). A little too late for this year’s barbecue carving mishaps; but for next year’s cookouts, perhaps have some Vetigel kits at the ready.

Oh, and when Joe Landolina started working on this medical science innovation… He was 17 years old (wow)!


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Eminem – ‘Survival’ (Video)

Detroit emcee Eminem creeps up out of hibernation with a brand new video for “Survival” produced by DJ Khalil which is a featured track on the upcoming ‘Call Of Duty: Ghosts’ video game dropping November 5th for Xbox & PS4 fans.

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Eminem — “Survival” featuring Liz Rodrigues (Prod. By DJ Khalil) [‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’ Version]

Eminem-SurvivalTo be played loudly up to and through the release of the new ‘Call Of Duty: Ghosts’ video game. This is Eminem’s new song “Survival” off the game’s soundtrack. Produced by DJ Khalil. Feature vocals from Liz Rodrigues. This is the version exclusively for the video game. Em will have another version for his own project.

(After the jump: Extended video game trailer for ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’)


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