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Art & Music: The “787 Graffiti Ball” Visually Captured By Atlanta’s ‘Hometown Heroes’ (Video)

One thing about Atlanta is the range of events that happen here.  Whether it is a Hip Hop Show, EDM or the Ballet & Symphony. Or it could be a Falcons, Hawks, Braves game or NASCAR event.  Besides those well known events you have cool niche events like BonFire ATL, Elevated ATL and 787 Graffiti Ball.  The 787 Graffiti Ball recently went down here in Atlanta at 787 Windsor St.  An event where the first 250 people who RSVP’d got a free spray can for the event.

What is Graffiti Ball ? Well it is a night dedicated to the art of Scribbling, Scratching, and Defacing.  Not only is it a chance for the everyday person to do some graffiti without having to look over their shoulders for cops.  Some of the biggest and emerging aerosol artists are brought together ranging from NYC, Miami, and of course here in Atlanta.  One of the well known ATL artists represented was DR. DAX whose amazing work can be seen all around Atlanta.  This video recap was shot by HomeTown Heroes make sure you check out their site

-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Hometown Heroes Radio Vol. III

So often mixes are either all Hip Hop, all R&B all Rock etc.  Then when you hear someone advertise new music you never heard before a lot of times it’s a reason you never heard it and not happy you finally did.  Well our friends over at Hometown Heroes have you covered Sayeed & Zee meticulously craft mixes that have Hip Hop, Soul, R&B, Rock, New Age, House, Garage etc.  Now you might think well with all of those different genres how does it sound?  It sounds good because they make sure that all of the tracks work together so yes you get taken on a musical journey but it’s a smooth ride.  Be sure to stay connected with them at their HomeTownHeroesATL site for the next mix and the next show they put together!

ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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ArtByOdell Interviews WALDO (AGO/Soulection) [Video]

Recently Grand Rapids native Waldo made his Atlanta performance debut rocking at The Basement in East Atlanta.  The show was put together by Hometown Heroes and Beatz & Lyrics co host ArtByOdell was front and center to see it all happen.  ArtByOdell gets the exclusive interview speaking with him about touring the states and overseas off of his mixtape and collaborations.  Waldo details working with Sango also an upcoming collaborative mixtape with Tre Capital (Xzibit’s Son) and he also gives Odell the exclusive on the title of his upcoming project!


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