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Dzydex Speaks On Becoming A Producer & A Man On Odell’s Roundtable (Video)

I mean, I am more of a producer… a behind-the-scenes kind of guy more than on-camera talent. However, I get tempted to get interviewed every time I watch Odell do one of his guest intros. The props he gives are tops!

A lot of times the main person that can hold you back from Greatness is yourself. When I recently had Dzydex on the show he spoke about how he has grown as a music producer. He is well traveled living in places all over the world as a military brat. His production has caught the eyes and attention of people like Joe Kay of Soulection to being used for Adiddas ads in London. We talked about how he has built the relationships in this music and life game and what drives him to push forward. Check out his music at and if this provides value to you please subscribe to the Channel & share with a friend!


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Young M.A Breaks Down Her Tattoos (Video)

Young M.A takes us on a tattoo tour. Learn the ink, learn the emcee & her life.

Brooklyn rapper Young M.A came up in an era of snapback hats and tattoos (think Wiz Khalifa, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne and Soulja Boy), so she always knew she wanted to get inked up. From her first tattoo memorializing her late brother to the one of her block in Brooklyn, Young M.A. breaks down all of her ink.
– GQ


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Blctxt Speaks On Being A Rap Nerd & His New Album On Odell’s Roundtable (Video)

Ohhhhh, so Blctxt is doing his different thing now… a photography thing, too, now… we knew about the music, but let’s learn about everything. Courtesy of the homie O-Diesel.

Representing Clayton County Blctxt joined me on the Roundtable to talk new music. The Working Class Music artist has just dropped a new album “Nothing Takes” where he talks about growth and following his creative spark. We also discuss how he started taking photos on his phone to now having his photographs in accredited Art Shows. A great conversation watch, share, and enjoy!

Like the late great Nipsey Hussle might say: Blctxt “Is Nothing Like These Other Rap N**gas!” Good interview.


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‘Nerds’ Embarass Street Ballers On The Hardtop (Video)

Hahaa! This is like real life “White Men Can’t Jump.” The so-called ballers were so dismissive of the two ‘nerds’ that just wanted to play (okay, the ‘nerds’ were ringers)! And they got GOT!

My college teammate and I disguised as nerds were dunking on the hoopers at Venice Beach!

I played at the University of Oregon, Pepperdine University, & Rice University

Bishop played at Rice University.

AJ Lapray


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Joe Stu – “weallknow” feat. Wolves On Jupiter (Prod. By Chitope)

The homie Stu got another one for you, you, and you. Still art, beats & lyrics. On point. On deck. Online (click he links). This offering is “weallknow” (featuring Wolves On Jupiter). Artwork available via link (here).


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Joe Stu – “Sallie” (Prod. By D.R.U.G.S. Beats)

Yoooo! Remember that post on Joe Stu where he was offering still art to go along with music to move you? It was a “Lotta Things” (here). Well… he’s got some more things! We’ll be sharing them with you as he has with us.

Check out “Sallie” (Produced by D.R.U.G.S. Beats). You can peep & cop the inspired art here.


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Eye Candy: ‘Iconic’ Imagery Featuring Dynasty, Kimeko Farrar, And Many Artists & Models

You know what’s cool about being @ojones1 and working with #TeamJayForce … everything! But boiling it down to one thing I’d like to share on this post: I actually encounter some insanely talented people. Beautiful people.

Even cooler, I encounter many such people in my meanderings in ‘real life’ (it’s all ‘real’… or is it… another post… back to this one). Today, I would like to share the latest way they are being shared. It’s a different type of Eye Candy; a growing movement featuring some folks you ought to know from here – Dynasty aka Ya Girl Dy, Shirjuanda “Bounce” Woodson, BoneBreaker Jones, Kimeko Farrar – and others you will hopefully get to know via @IconicShoots.

A curator of striking photographic art. We present to you images that strike us so hard we could barely let out an “ow” or “wow” #StrikingImagery
Iconic Shoots



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Eye Candy: Ashley Graham Is The Butt Naked Truth! And Butt Naked, She Is The Truth! Here’s Proof (NSFW)

Confirmed… Ashley Graham recently showed the World [Wide Web] what “Confidence, Beauty, And Power”… AND NUDITY look like! And in the case of Ashley’s sexy, re-THICK-ulous azz… It looks DAMN good! WwwwwOW! These nudes (above, with plenty after the jump) are DEFINITELY Not Safe For Work. Hell, depending on your proclivity to engage in ‘self-pleasuring’ it might not be safe for your health! Hahaaa! Just kidding… masturbation is healthy, beneficial, even endorsed by at least one former U.S. Surgeon General while she was in her position (respect to Dr. Jocelyn Elders).

(When I go looking for the nudes, I find the nudes. Sometimes, I even share them. You’re welcome!)


– @ojones1

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Incredibly Detailed Miniature Cities Modeled In The Middle Of Times Square (Video)

These miniature cities are their own marvel to be certain. A whopping $40 million to build; crafted by hundreds of artisans. They’re so detailed you can visit this one exhibit and feel like you have been to the sites; so many sights and wonders!

Gulliver’s Gate, a miniature metropolis now lives in the middle of Times Square, New York City. It features incredibly detailed miniature structures and figures representing many regions around the globe.
– Business Insider

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Art & Music: The “787 Graffiti Ball” Visually Captured By Atlanta’s ‘Hometown Heroes’ (Video)

One thing about Atlanta is the range of events that happen here.  Whether it is a Hip Hop Show, EDM or the Ballet & Symphony. Or it could be a Falcons, Hawks, Braves game or NASCAR event.  Besides those well known events you have cool niche events like BonFire ATL, Elevated ATL and 787 Graffiti Ball.  The 787 Graffiti Ball recently went down here in Atlanta at 787 Windsor St.  An event where the first 250 people who RSVP’d got a free spray can for the event.

What is Graffiti Ball ? Well it is a night dedicated to the art of Scribbling, Scratching, and Defacing.  Not only is it a chance for the everyday person to do some graffiti without having to look over their shoulders for cops.  Some of the biggest and emerging aerosol artists are brought together ranging from NYC, Miami, and of course here in Atlanta.  One of the well known ATL artists represented was DR. DAX whose amazing work can be seen all around Atlanta.  This video recap was shot by HomeTown Heroes make sure you check out their site

-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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SCAD Founder Paula Wallace And André 3000 Benjamin In Miami With “I feel ya” (Video)

@ArtByOdell’s write-up on “I feel ya” and the Art Basel expo is good reading. You should do that soon (if you have not already). “I feel ya” is on tour, and we have the Miami stop here. Check out the sit-down chat between SCAD president and founder Paula Wallace and André 3K above. Video of a related panel discussion after the jump.

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“I feel ya” And Other Expressions Of Andre 3000 On Exhibit (Video)

When you describe Andre Benjamin as an artist it could mean multiple things. First he is a musician, also a visual artist, an actor and just a cool Southern gentleman. Not to mention Andre is known by many names – Dre, Andre 3000, 3 Stacks to name a few. So when you think about Art Basel it’s not surprising to see Andre getting involved with the yearly Exhibit/Event.

Andre Benjamin has teamed up with  filmmaker Greg Brunkalla (B.F.A., film and television, 2001) and painter Jimmy O’Neal (B.F.A., illustration, 1989) both graduates of SCAD (Savannah College Of Art & Design).  The exhibit is called “I feel ya” where all 47 of 3 Stacks black jumpsuits that he wore during Outkast recent tour.  His fashion statement became part of the live show where phrases like “Make Love Like War” and “Across Cultures Darker People Suffer Most Why?”

The display is accompanied by a short film titled “Trumpets” by Brunkalla and large paintings by O’ Neal.  If you are at Art Basel 2014 you can catch an early glimpse and it will continue to show at Savannah College of Arts & Design (SCAD) University summer 2015. Check out this video that features Paula Wallace president of SCAD talking with Andre 3000 regarding what inspired this fashion statement.

“I feel ya” provokes a socially dynamic conversation about language and context.

ArtbyOdell (Twitter / SoundCloud)

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Return of the Mecca: Yasiin Bey Speaking On Art, Islam and Hip-Hop (Video)

Film short for the art exhibit “Return of the Mecca: The Art of Islam and Hip-Hop.” Features excerpts from an interview with Yasiin Bey. Music by Oddisee. Artwork from the exhibit includes Jamel Shabazz, Ernie Paniccioli, B+, Cognito, Katina Parker, Coleman, Nema Etebar and more.


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Event: Invest In Gold (Art Show)


Goldi Gold hit us with the news of his upcoming art show, and we had to share. “Invest In Gold” looks set up to be more like an art experience than just a show. Goldi with details…

[M]y first solo art show. Featuring 22 all new unseen pieces (All art work for Sale) Limited edition prints, buttons, mix cd & wine.

Prints and limited edition swag and music. DJ Jamad on music duty. Admission: FREE. Get down to City of Ink (323 Walker Street, Castleberry Hill District, Atlanta)

Heaven Can Wait: The Story Behind The Wall (Mini-Documentary)

“…the situation in Chicago…the war going on in the streets with these kids…these children are too young…haven’t lived for their maximum potential yet…[to] society and the world…their energy, their leadership…Heaven can wait for these kids…They haven’t had the opportunity to live…”

Kevin “Mr. Soul” Harp

Great story-behind-the-story (visually delivered by w. Feagins Jr.; music by the homie Focus…) exploring the meaning and motivation behind the “Heaven Can Wait” mural. Artwork by Atlanta-based artists Craig “Flux” Singleton, Kevin “Mr. Soul” Harp and Goldi Gold. Moving piece.

People, watch this piece. A worthwhile holiday wish: Peace and a cease to the violence and loss of life and vital youth energy going on in Chi Raq (an unfortunate nickname for modern Chicago, for more see our earlier post here). And in this holiday season (and seasons beyond), please hug your loved ones (esp. the kids) extra tight.

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R&B: Kelly Rowland – Dirty Laundry

artworks-000047918586-2dr5tk-t500x500Damn that album cover art is… a work of art! “Talk A Good Game” (LP) is due out June 4, 2013. But Kelly Rowland is dropping another eye-opening new single right now. This is Kelly stepping further out of the Destiny’s Child shadow. Airing out some “Dirty Laundry.” The song was written by R&B singer & songwriter The-Dream but the message in the music conveys Kelly Rowland’s true feelings about Beyonce & also how she dealt with an abusive relationship. Could have done without all the curses in the song but the music & honesty is appreciated. Wow. You thought you knew, but… just listen.


Sean Price Fan Gets Haircut With His Photos & Designs (Video)

Paris (France) barber One Kut creates art above: shaving a Sean Price “Pyrex” hair design on a fan’s head. Sean Price was performing in Paris later; this guy is a true fan without a doubt. The song “Pyrex” is off the “Mic Tyson” album out now.

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The Underbelly Project Takes Artists Beneath New York City (Video)

In 2009, the Underbelly Project started with some artists who found a long-forgotten and unfinished NYC subway station stop. Working throughout the year that followed, to make their find an underground gallery and creative space, the artists produced an exhibit of contemporary art that would not likely be seen by many… were it not for the video above.
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