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Akir – “Future” feat. Immortal Technique


Akir aka “Always Keep It Real” does just that. He makes beats and his raspy flow and gangsta-infused content is borne of the street. His upcoming LP “The Plan” (due out September 24, 2013) will have the realness of both, as Akir pledges, “The Plan” is just that, my map for a musical journey on the way to becoming better.’ Check out this single “Future” – featuring Immortal Technique.


Immortal Technique Speaks On Ghostwriting, Nas, & Drug Culture (Video)

Shout out to HardKnock TV and especially to Immortal Technique for speaking realness! This is just part one, and it was chock full of dopeness! During the talk, Immortal Technique declared that Hip-Hop is like no other art. We demand realness…perhaps a bit too much. Case in point: An actor’s swag is given to him by someone else. A director directs Denzel Washington in delivering lines he did not even write. Yet no one says Denzel is not real. No one asks Al Pacino if he is “holding keys” after seeing him portray a drug dealer in a movie. Folks understand he is playing a role. Unfortunately Hip-Hop culture, being the ‘realest’ art, is less thoughtful. Good or bad, we believe rappers pen every verse they spit and live every word of ‘that life’ they rhyme about. What’s worse: We don’t even want that dirty-grind-drug-selling life described in those kinds of rhymes. We want the plush life that is supposed to come after that…and *news flash* no one gets that life!
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Montreality: 40 Minutes with ‘Immortal Technique’ (Video)

Canada’s Montreality crew caught up with Immortal Technique recently in this fairly lengthy, but informative interview as the Harlem emcee speaks in-depth on a variety of topics from his school days, the status of the orphanage he was involved with in Afghanistan, the Occupy Movement, run-ins with the police, & more. A Whole lot more….

Immortal Technique Sits Down With Momma Yancey (Video)

Immortal Technique sits down with Momma Yancey and discuss everything from the recently released “Toast To The Dead,” which was produced by her son, to people of color understanding their history. Momma Yancey also touches on what her son would want to be remembered for.

Immortal Technique Speaks with MTV on his new album ‘The Martyr’ (Video)

It feels good to see an artist like Immortal Technique get some love on MTV if even for a brief interview segment to promote his new album ‘The Martyr’. In this interview Immortal Technique speaks on how music influences people to support a lifestyle that have no relation to their life & pushes ideals that aren’t necessarily in their favor. He also explains his methods as an emcee that he uses designed to get people to THINK for themselves. Perfect timing for it all as he’s currently on a 26 city tour around the country with a stop in Atlanta on November 6th at the Masquerade


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Immortal Technique – “The Martyr” (Album)

Immortal Technique delivers his new album “The Martyr” featuring Dead Prez, DJ Green Lantern, J Dilla, Dr. Cornel West, & more. This is message music right here. Check the complete tracklisting after the jump…
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Immortal Technique – Toast to the Dead (Prod. By J. Dilla)

Immortal Technique had been quiet for a few in terms of releasing new material. Although he hasn’t been dropping politically based freestyles or anything like that recently he has turned up on video speaking out during the #Occupy Protest Movements that are taking place everywhere. This new joint “Toast To The Dead” is the setup to his upcoming album “Martyr” which will feature other skilled emcees like Styles P, Brother Ali, & Joell Ortiz.
Immortal Technique – Toast to the Dead (Prod. By J. Dilla)

Immortal Technique: No More Free Passes For Our Government (Video) – Among the many artists supporting the Occupy Wall Street encampment is the Hip-Hop artist Immortal Technique. He shares his impressions of the protesters demands with Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman and performs his song, “Toast to the Dead.” “People say that you know what, I want concrete solutions, I want people held accountable for what they did wrong,” Immortal Technique says. “I want governments to realize that they’re not just going to get a free pass for their horrific record of human rights, even if you’re supported by America, because we have deals to exploit your national resources. I think that’s what people are genuinely concerned with.”

Immortal Technique Speaks on Rock The Bells & his New Album (Video)