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Future – “Draco” (DJ Deliver Remix)

DJ Deliver juiced up a cut I wouldn’t normally know much about. This type of stuff is what a DJ can do for real for real; give a joint another life… a listen in some ears that’d not otherwise hear. Case in point, check out this FutureDraco mix-mish-mash Deliver dropped into the inbox.

My new remix of Future’s “Draco.”
DJ Deliver


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Future – “Mask Off” feat. Kendrick Lamar (Remix)

Not gonna ask if you’ve been checking for that Future joint “Mask Off” since it came out. In the end, among us folks on here, the argument ends up being fruitless. However, a K. Dot appearance on a remix to “Mask Off”… we can talk about that… after y’all listen.

And yeah, Kendrick snapped!

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Technology: Drones Can Provide Disaster Relief (Video)

Weren’t we just talking about how drones can save lives on here? Well, watch how we can go beast mode with that idea in the best way. Great use of drone technology in the search & rescue realm; no longer just ‘search’…now they can bring some form of help.


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NASA: Futuristic Aircraft Design (Video)

Airlines are going so far nowadays as to ask passengers to go ‘potty’ before takeoff to make the plane lighter overall. Every little bit counts. Ha!

Seriously. Lighter… as well as more powerful & efficient, more resilient, less pollutant-producing… all goals for airlines. Such are also hallmarks of futuristic air transportation tech. So you gotta know NASA is all over it. Matter of fact, it is likely that research-heavy NASA is leading in many ways. Watch this documentary on how.

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What Does The Future Look Like For Black People? (Mini-Documentary)

So dope! Afrofuturism. A way for Black people to see themselves in a bright future, almost in stark opposition to what most art forms hold for them. Seems like just what the people crave, has always been here… in our music. While movies and television beyond, say, Star Trek and the like, leave us out of the bright future, there is incredible music that puts us front, center, Black and strong!

Black people are rarely featured in sci-fi and fantasy films — that is, unless that Black person is Will Smith. How do Black people get to exist in the future? Afrofuturism, a scholarly and artistic movement that imagines the future through Black people’s experiences is one answer. The term was coined in 1994 by culture critic Mark Dery in his “Black to the Future” essay.

Parliament, Dr. Dre, Andre 3K, Janelle Monae… yeah, our music Afrofuturists are a good look… and help us look forward to a good place in the future!

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Future – “I Won” featuring Kanye West

I got an opportunity to attend the private listening party for Future’s upcoming sophomore album “Honest” that was held at Halo Lounge and hosted by Epic Records last Wednesday.

Appearances by DJ Don Cannon, DJ Drama, T.I.’s wife & former member of R&B group Xscape ‘Tiny’, R&B singer Nivea, Ebony Steele, Shay Johnson and all affiliates of Future’s camp attended.

The only person that was missing that everyone was expecting to see was Ciara.

Future performed all of the songs on the “Honest” album including the upcoming single, “I Won” featuring Kanye West.

Although Future and Kanye are engaged to some of the most beautiful women in the entertainment industry and are highly publicized in the spotlight, it’s no surprise that these two artist would team up on the track.

The track captures a personal moment that both share in common with their fiances. Future and Ciara are expecting their first child together and this month West and Kim Kardashian grace the cover of Vogue with an inside feature of baby North. Also Kardashian and Ciara have posted pictures on social media and have known to call each other “BFFs”. It was only a matter of time that the fathers of their children would collaborate together.

Throughout time, the title, “trophy wife” also known to many as a “gold digger” has been frowned upon due to the negative and derogatory meaning society has labeled it to be.

According to the Associated Press Future expresses the song in a positive direction.

“When you have songs like that, they empower women,” he said. “I just feel like I want to big up women just in general, from my lady to his lady, to all women, to make sure they get their light on them and just knowing they’re important.”

West also served controversy on a sliver platter by concurrently dissing Kris Humphries and Reggie Bush.

“I made it over NBA and NFL players, so every time I score it feels like the Super Bowl.”

West not only raps about his soon to be wife but he also drops a verse mentioning Kardashian’s sisters.

“You could look at Kylie, Kendall, Kourtney and Khloe. All your mama ever made was trophies, right?” said West.

The music video for “I won” will be directed by Hype Williams. In the meantime, checkout the track.



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Ne-Yo – “Luxurious” feat. Future (Prod. By Jesse ‘Corporal’ Wilson)

Ms.Coffey 27This joint stops just short of R&B. It’s good. Just listen to it with that ear, okay? “Luxurious” (produced by Jesse ‘Corporal’ Wilson) pairs an industry vet and a relative rookie by comparison – Ne-Yo and Future – both guaranteed hit makers. Smooth with the roughness. Definitely sexy content, but more lovey without too much dovey. Check it out.


Akir – “Future” feat. Immortal Technique


Akir aka “Always Keep It Real” does just that. He makes beats and his raspy flow and gangsta-infused content is borne of the street. His upcoming LP “The Plan” (due out September 24, 2013) will have the realness of both, as Akir pledges, “The Plan” is just that, my map for a musical journey on the way to becoming better.’ Check out this single “Future” – featuring Immortal Technique.


R&B/Soul: Raheem DeVaughn – “Turn On The Lights” Remix

honeyyyyyD.C. soul sanga Raheem DeVaughn continues his jacking-for-beats campaign & no one is safe. Not even the so-called ‘struggle falsetto’ of R&B artist Future’s hit record ‘Turn On The Lights’. As always Raheem DeVaughn doesn’t disappoint putting his own touch on the hits & often times making them even better.


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Raekwon Speaks Classic Albums, The Past, & His Future In Rhyme (Video)

“Last month Red Bull put together a week long event celebrating some of hip hops greatest albums. We trekked out to the Staten Island to sit-down with the legendary MC Raekwon and find out what it took for him to reach his status and how he plans to continue doing what he loves!”

Future Says Drake’s Absence In “Tony Montana” Video Is A “Slap In The Face”

Honestly I could careless about either Drake or Future, I’m not so familiar with either one of them for many reasons, but it did start a conversation in hip hop circles about established artist supporting newer acts and vice versa. Lots of different people have chimed in on this topic in the last few days.


Future – “Tony Montana” (Video)

I never really dug this song until my 8 year old niece Amani used to make seriously funny faces while singing it whenever I was around. It doesn’t really fit what I do on my radio show, but my niece made me appreciate the song. I used to playfully give her a hard time & recite the chorus like “Pokemon Tana…Pokemon Tana” & she’d get pissed off & correct me that it was “Tony Montana”. Her favorite line in the chorus is…. “I’m ’bout to cop the Porsche”. I’d just look at her & laugh like “Yeah F’kn right”. When I saw the video dropped today I was impressed with the visual quality that director Jesse Terrero brought to it. I was also surprised to see the video for this was shot in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic which is a city I’ve been to quite often in the last 10 years. My niece likes it, I dig the cinematic value of the song, & I got love for some of my homies living in DR. Had to post this one…