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Dave East Freestying And Vibing With Montreality (Video)

Dave East pledges to bring you the barz, the hard barz, and nothing but the BARZ on this one. No beat, just the tough meat… meaning… suckas need not to even try to bite!


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Joey Bada$$ Gives Props To Kendrick Lamar For His Role In Resuscitating Hip-Hop (Video)

Before we had [Kendrick Lamar], we was in a real critical condition.

Real talk and real respect from one of Hip-Hop’s best… all words from Joey Bada$$… about K. Dot and himself. Young star speaks the truth though. Kendrick has done a lot to keep the craft ‘alive’ and to keep a spot in the mainstream for some real Hip-Hop… AND Joey is one of the best emcees in the game today. #Facts

(Catch a clip above. The whole sit-down is embedded after the jump.)


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Akon’s Give Props To Kendrick, Kanye And Alvin & The Chipmunks (Video)

Alvin & the Chipmunks… I used to love that n!gga when he sang.

WHAT?? Outstanding Montreality interview with Akon. Yup Alvin was a BLACK chipmunk (ye’en even know did ya? HAHAHAAAAA)! Good student without even trying for real, hustled up that bread since a youth (slanging them goo-goo clusters and creme cakes and flipping chips, son)… had “Locked Up” popping back in the day even before getting Styles P to lace in the verse… Giving due respect to Kendirck Lamar, Drake, Kanye West… So much good stuff in the clip above.

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Tinashe Talks About Her Favorite Things, Shares Some Wisdom With The Youth And More (Video)

Sweet Yeezus, have mercy! This girl is THIS sexy, has a fetish for fries AND loves Tupac (‘She was just in diapers when he was rocking). And I’m s’posed to be a dirty ol’ man for crushing so hard on Tinashe?

Well, dammit, I’ll just have to be that.


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Ryan Coogler Interviews J. Cole For #MLKNow (Video)

Above: Ryan Coogler (Director of “Creed” and “Fruitvale Station”) with a deeper than in-depth interview with J. Cole. You can tell it was more a frank discussion than an interview though; Coogler admitting to this being his first time as an interviewer and Cole admitting to a gang of things: the tragic death of Oscar Grant as told in “Fruitvale Station” makes him cry every time… fear-frustration-sadness and artistic motivations that came from subsequent incidents of police brutality… feelings on Black-on-Black crime… life as a married man (stunned the crowd, and toned down the ladies’ screams…for the time being).

Watch the whole 20 minutes. Very appropriate conversation in the wake of the Martin Luther King, Jr. commemoration. Engaging, enlightening and empowering! The web was on fire due to news of Cole’s nuptials being dropped like a bomb in this clip, but the most powerful moment was when the brothers were exchanging thank-yous to end the interview.

Stop thanking me… We a part of the same body. Bruh, my hand don’t wake up and thank the other hand.
Ryan Coogler

Wow… feel that chill? That surge of pride? That’s #MLKNow and hopefully motivation to take strides.

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Miguel Talks About His Dopest Music, Meditation And More (Video)

What’s normal anyway?

Shiiiid, dope interviews from Miguel… the music, too. That’s the norm. Just look on here for proof. Pay attention right from the start, and lean in for his breakdown of his song “N.W.A.” (featuring Kurupt, which we posted earlier on here).


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Montreality Asks Mobb Deep Who Is The ‘Greatest Hip-Hop Duo Of All Time?’ (Video)

Hey, of course the Mobb covers the usual Montreality topicality (first big paycheck, fav cartoon, etc.)… but memories of the late great Nate Dogg and their standing among great duos in Hip-Hop history. Worth the click. Play this clip now!

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Rakim Gives Props To J. Cole And Kendrick Lamar, Muses About A Possible Album In The Works (Video)

WHOA! Rappers shout out each other on tracks all the time. But imagine propping Rakim Allah on a song… AND he endorses you as an artist AND promotes your album. POWERFUL!!! In a rare interview (here with Montreality), the G.O.D.M.C. gives a hard nod to J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar. Admiration artists and the art and more. And a possible album in the works? Enjoy.

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Big K.R.I.T. Talks About His Music Evolution, Favorite Leader Of The Revolution, “Cadillactica” And More (Video)

Big K.R.I.T. Third Coast representative. Doing the Montreality point-of-view interview thing… building the buzz and giving insights of his life, coming up and through music (to him, better than folding f#cking clothes at Citi Trends). Oh, and “Cadillactica.” And he played Tecmo Bowl with THE RAIDERS (Raider Nation forever)?? Knew we liked this guy for more than just being a dope emcee.

For real though, so much dope info shared by K.R.I.T. in this. Check it out.


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Kool G. Rap Tells Montreality About His Realest Rhyme, Definition Of A Real ‘G’ And More (Video)

Real talk from the foundational Juice Crew emcee… spanning the personal to the profound. Kool G. Rap speaking on Montreality’s camera about his favorite cartoon and video games, his favorites in the Hip-Hop game, his dopest lyrics (from “Road to the Riches”), his take on MLK and Gandhi (some true G’s) and so much more. Watch this all the way through.

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DJ Yella (of N.W.A.) Speaks on the Group’s Breakup, the Making Of The Upcoming Movie, & his Current Relationship with Former Members (Video)

One of two DJs (with Dr. Dre) for the seminal gangsta group NWA, DJ Yella, interviews with Montreality and answers the typical questions in the typical way… But there is some very interesting content that comes as a result: Like Yella directing nearly 300 porn films and how that banger “Fcuk Tha Police” almost didn’t make the album. He also speaks on the NWA break-up and the coming NWA movie. And he’s actually listened to joints from the neveryet-to-be-released “Detox” from Dr. Dre.

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Big Boi Speaks On Everything From Toys, Cereal, Fatherhood and More (Video)

Big Boi aka Hot Tub Toney aka … I’m not going to name all the nicknames … aka recent interviewee for Montreality. In the interview clip above, Big Boi speaks about facets of his childhood, career, child and much more!

(Note: This one was recorded in Kennesaw (Georgia, USA); not Canada. Interesting.)

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Wu-Tang Clan Perform For 70,000 In Quebec, Canada (Video)

If it’s happening in Canada, you can expect coverage from Montreality. Great clip. The entire Wu-Tang Clan doing it live in Quebec for a crowd of 70,000+.

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Raekwon Speaks On His Current Involvement With Jay-Z’s ‘MCHG’, Ol Dirty Bastard, and More (Video)

Montreality interviews are always insightful, well worth watching. This one with Raekwon does not disappoint either. Some of the usual topics (his fav books, next project) were addressed by the Chef, including some ODB memories (as was asked of RZA during his Montreality sit-down). But the big “scoop” in this episode was some foreshadowing of Raekwon’s involvement with Jay-Z’s latest straight-to-Samsung release: “Magna Carter Holy Grail.” (available on iTunes July 8, 2013).

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RZA On Montreality (Video)

A quick thumb through prior Montreality posts here will let you know that the format for this interview with RZA (of Wu-Tang Clan) is consistent. But in grand Montreality fashion, will glean intriguing insights from watching this clip. Gets better and better as it goes along. Leading into albums on deck, we are hearing about RZA’s favorite cartoon character… ‘past life’… reflections on ODB (wild times, good times)… view of Hip-Hop for the world… and jewels for the youth. Incredible viewing!

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Treach (Naughty By Nature) on Montreality [Video]

Sure. You KNOW the questions Trigga-Treach is EXPECTED to answer. But he gives us some UNexpected insights. Come to think about it… that’s what Montreality has always been about. Watch as Treach covers the standard questions AND throws in a freestyle AND talks about working with the late greats – Michael Jackson, Eazy-E, Aaliyah, and Big Pun!

Bonus: Watch the part where Eminem pays homage in the clip with Ice-T – quoting Treach’s verse from “Yoke the Joker” (dope)!

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Ali Shaheed Speaks On His Life, A Tribe Called Quest Rumors, J Dilla, & The Importance Of Questioning Everything (Video)

Ali Shaheed Muhammad of the legendary A Tribe Called Quest heads north of the border with the brothers from Montreality for an in-depth interview on a variety of topics from his life growing up, the passing of his former manager & friend Chris Lighty, the genius of J Dilla, his upcoming solo album, his opinions on cartoons like Bugs Bunny & the importance of why you must question everything in life. This was another great & insightful interview the Montreality crew conducted with the homie Ali Shaheed….
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Ghostface Killah on Montreality (Video)

An enlightening interview about Wu-Tang’s Ghostface. If you have peeped Montreality on here before, you know the show asks the same questions of each of its guests… but each person’s answers reveal different things; and facts about them and insights from them we would not have otherwise have known. Tom and Jerry? Perfect example. Of all the answers… Tom and Jerry?

Learn more about the real Ghostface Killah. Check it out. This vid goes longer than typical Montreality sessions by the way.

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Method Man on Montreality (Video)

When in Canada, do what Hip-Hop in Canada do… stop through and do Montreality. Method Man knew this. So, Method Man did this. In his interview with Montreality, Meth spoke on the standard array of topics… in his own way:

  • The type of student he was at school
  • Jobs he had as a teenager growing up
  • What he spent his 1st big paycheck on
  • What he thinks he were in a previous lifetime
  • Literature & his favorite books
  • What he would call his book, if he were to write one
  • His last meal of choice
  • His favorite cartoon character
  • His forthcoming 5th album “Crystal Meth”
  • The likelihood of one last Wu-Tang Clan album
  • What he has learned from working with Biggie & Tupac
  • Artists he would like to collaborate with
  • Justin Bieber smoking weed & His appreciation of 2 Chainz
  • The status of the “How High” sequel

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Miguel Speaks On Life, Music, & More With Montreality (Video)

R&B phenom Miguel lands in Canada. Montreal…so he’s got to sit down with Montreality, right? Yep. From the session we know Miguel was a talkative student as a kid, he believes the secret to success is passion combined with hard work, that he likes ‘dirty girls’ and that his favorite cartoon is… Well, can’t give it all up. Watch the video.
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