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Kurupt Supports Former Clippers Owner Donald Sterling + Thoughts On Marriage & Relationships (Video)

Kurupt opened up about his relationship with V. Stiviano during an exclusive sit-down with VladTV, and explains why he gave her a home visit soon after the news broke of her leaked messages with Donald Sterling. The rapper says that he was just looking out for a good friend, and Kurupt adds that he would do the same for any of his friends.

During the interview Kurupt also shared his thoughts on Donald Sterling, and believes they “took a good man down.” The West Coast emcee says that it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that Donald is “racist,” considering his age.” – VladTV


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Opinion: Accused Of Being Racist? The NAACP Can Help. Bring Your Checkbook Though (Like Donald Sterling Did)


Y’all, Businessweek is some good reading. I get tons of info from just skimming, and when I want more I read more closely. Case in point: The writeup the mag did on the recent ‘quick public relations makeovers’ the NAACP appears to be helping out otherwise hated entities with.

Help The NAACP Help You…Like Donald Sterling Did! Now that’d be a winner of a tagline, right?

And maybe not that far from the truth. The NAACP was happy to recognize Sterling as a ‘sterling’ supporter (yup), until he got in too much trouble. Now, I am not saying the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) cancelled its second award ceremony for embattled (read: racially challenged) NBA Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling because they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar… But Donald, and the mega-rich that donate to the cause as he does… have some nearly irresistible cookies. Cause-driven organizations like the NAACP have always had to balance responsibilities regarding ethics and image while keeping the funding coffers full. The NAACP, therefore, can ill-afford to turn down too many quarter-million-dollar (or way more) donations… even from the likes of Sterling… even when folks had been calling him out as ‘less than appreciative’ of Black folk long before ex-girlfriend V. Stiviano bugged him while actually bugging (e.g. recording his racially insensitive remarks) him.

Hey, his views are his own business, right? Can’t let that influence fundraising, right? Ignore it, NAACP. Your reputation will probably be okay. Money is money. Sterling’s. Wal-Mart’s. Bank Of America’s. FedEx’s… Yeah, pretty much anyone at-risk or already entangled in discrimination-related litigation… can drop some (big) see-what-I-do-for-the-Blacks dollars off to the NAACP. Such investments donations go pretty far in helping clean up even the dirtiest situations and reputations (oops… I mean… go far in helping … um … you know … folks the NAACP helps and stuff).

Interesting. Check out the Businessweek article like I did; and just imagine if former Governor Mitt Romney’s people would have had him drop some money here and there with the NAACP before his whole 47% comments got out and put some of the final nails in his presidential campaign’s coffin.

@ojones1 (former Communications Officer, NAACP, University of Alabama Chapter)


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CNN: Anderson Cooper Interviews Donald Sterling (Full Video)

Anderson Cooper interviews [embattled exposed racist ranter and former L.A. Clippers owner] Donald Sterling for AC360 on CNN. This is the full interview (commercials included), with Sterling pretty much given free reign for a full hour. That is to say, in this no-subject-off-limits talk, Sterling has every opportunity to exonerate himself in the court of public opinion. Do you think he cleared himself or dug a deeper grave? Watch and decide for yourself.

(Stick around for the whole segment. Real reality TV with some unthinkable twists!)

Shouts to @Jose3030

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Bill Maher: “Donald Sterling Isn’t Worth Defending, But The 4th Amendment Is.” (Video)

Bill Maher is right, to an extent, about protection of the 4th Amendment in his recent commentary regarding former NBA owner Donald Sterling’s case, but the point is everyone is still accountable for what they say. It doesn’t matter what was said in private because in America you can be convicted of crimes & incarcerated for things that were said in private. Even television news investigations secretly record & release evidence of people saying things that were meant to be in private. I agree with most of what Bill Maher is saying in his commentary but you can’t even get a job for saying outrageous things that some people would disagree with. So it’s best to keep things 100 all the time about how you feel. It’s America & you do have a right to say what you feel even in private, but in Donald Sterling’s case the NBA is a business & once those private feelings were out in the open no black players would be willing to play for a NOW known racist.

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Jeremiah Camara Says ‘Blacks Screwed Up’ In Handling The Controversy Surrounding Former NBA Owner Donald Sterling (Video)

“As usual, Blacks were left with nothing but a moral victory…Donald Sterling was never the problem in the first place.”

After banning Donald Sterling from the NBA for life, there was much celebrating, specifically amongst African Americans, but in reality what was actually accomplished? As usual, Blacks were left with nothing but a moral “victory.” Black leadership, in an outside of the NBA blew perhaps the greatest opportunity to advance the conditions of African Americans since the so-called Civil Rights Movement.

Jeremiah Camara


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Opinion: Yeah… About That Donald Sterling Tape (Video)

So, now y’all mad? Donald Sterling (owner of the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers) has been racist! The question continues to be what are we going to do about it? The deeper question, asked by Jay Smooth in his rant above, is, when are we going to get mad enough to do something about the racist practices that generate injustice without generating TMZ clips? Hmm…great point. Thanks for the tweet, Jay.

‘The Tupac of Unreleased Racism Tapes’ presents “Here’s What They Think About You?” Now, THAT’S funny! Sterling… well, he’s just ridiculous. Watch the clip.

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