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The ‘Quiet White Riots’ on the ‘Zo What Morning Show’ (Video)

Mass destruction, cars being flipped over, store fronts having their windows smashed from rocks being thrown.  Couches being burned with street lights being torn down and people brawling in the middle of the street.  This by definition would be described as Thug action, menace behavior destructive to American culture.  Well all of these things have happened after Kentucky college basketball team lost, a pumpkin festival in California, and any major city after a sports team wins a championship.  The funny thing is the media will describe this as mischievious behavior kids being kids.  While the actions that have taken place in Baltimore uprising and previously in Ferguson the same American citizens are labeled as Thugs, Criminals with destructive behavior.  One big difference the first group is white and the second black which makes all the difference dealing with Media.  Zo Williams along with guest Corey Holcomb and Dr Mark Ghoulston break this down in latest Zo What Morning Show!

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Jon Stewart Calling Bullsh!t On Media’s Baltimore Protest Coverage: ‘Kids Blowing Off Steam’ Versus ‘Urban Kids Rioting’ (Video)

This episode of The Daily Show, hosted Jon Stewart, takes some funny-but-true shots at CNN and Wolf Blitzer’s coverage of ongoing protests and riots in Baltimore. Blitzer said the events there are “unbelievable” and never-before-seen…Really? What about the RECENT events in Ferguson? And unbelievable? C’mon… college kids do much damage after big games. Of course, the Baltimore situation is not a game; and indeed there is more to the outbursts in Baltimore (if only the news would cover it).

The heavier coverage of the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner compared to the riots in Baltimore (sparked by the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray, who died days after suffering a spinal cord injury while in police custody) was more than fair. The governor calling in the National Guard, properties and cars were set on fire citywide…all less than an hour’s drive away??? Yeah, CNN [and Today Show and other news media], you’re slipping. And blowing on the flames on the fires now, to keep your ratings stoked, instead of fanning out and covering the fullness of the story (including root causes like poverty, lack of economic opportunity in the community, issues related to youth disenfranchisement) is not helping.

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Jay Smooth Breaks Down Ferguson, The Riots, & People Being Pushed To Their Absolute Boiling Point (Video)

Jay Smooth always comes correct with the insightful social commentary on a variety of topics & events. The recent riots & protests taking place around the country in relation to what’s happening in Ferguson, Missouri is no different. I couldn’t relay my thoughts as perfectly as Jay Smooth did here in his latest opinion piece. I agree with him 100%

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