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Meet Danny Lambo: Britain’s Flashiest Playboy (Video)

Like Bruce Wayne without the dangerous hobbies to cover the cape-and-cowl nightlife. Danny Karne of Croydon (Britain) is living a life that you could scarcely believe, even if you read it in a comic (or watched it in the movie made from the comic). Since some folks cannot help but hate the player and the game, let’s enumerate the things for you to hate.

At 16, Danny dropped out of school… to link up with a Japanese music producer and pursue a singing career.
Far from home, Danny and his band hit the Far East… touring girls schools (and other spots in Asia, Australia and New Zealand).

At 21, Danny is done in the music game; a high-school dropout with no marketable skills or experience… but he knew his way around a hotel.

Keeping ties with his family (even sending all his money made from touring back home), Danny’s older sister (an interior designer) helped him buy and renovate a 30-room Paddington bed-and-breakfast into a respectable hotel.

Danny’s “respectable” hotel would soon become a celebrity must-stay destination… By 22, Danny is a millionaire hotelier.
The big bucks (pounds) came rolling in… like the extra loud Lamborghinis he loved to drive (hence the name Danny Lambo).

The ladies loved the cars, but they were too loud. Danny loved the ladies, but he loved the cars… Solution: Stay in the car, and shout out the ladies with a bullhorn (yeah, it worked)!

And it follows… laying up with Russian models and all kinds of leggy ladies, five thousand on a meal here and 10 thousand on a drink there… All the while, growing a hotel and real estate empire.

Enough? How about a Danny Lambo movie? Nah, that’d be ridiculous. But “Danny’s World” – a reality TV series – is being filmed.

(Oh… and Danny is just 37. Wowwww.)


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Fresh Off The Boat With Eddie Huang: Miami (Video)

Eddie Huang’s interesting food & travel based program Fresh Off The Boat With Eddie Huang” has had a very good first season with VICE. In this final season episode of the show Eddie takes his talents BEYOND the glitzy lights of South Beach & ventures into the neighborhoods for the best restaurants & food tourists overlook when visiting Miami.  True to the mission of his show Eddie stays off the beaten path by spending time with the porn industry’s “World Famous” Bang Bros team & adult film star Jada Stevens, enjoys some time with the unofficial Mayor of Miami Uncle Luke, hits Little Haiti to enjoy some authentic Haitian cuisine, & enjoys a Miami Dolphins tailgate.  The timing couldn’t have been more perfect for Eddie & his producers at VICE to release this Miami edition of the show while the city has been enjoying the success of another Miami Heat NBA Championship run & wins being posted by the nationally ranked University of Miami Hurricanes basketball team. Overall it’s a good look all around. This episode is in three parts so check out Parts 2 & 3 after the jump….
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JetSetter: Laz Alonzo Takes Us To Rio De Janiero, Brasil (Video)

I’ve been many places around the world & plan on seeing new ones in 2013. As I was planning the rough draft of my travel destinations for 2013, my homie “One66Soul” put me up on these BlackAtlas travel videos geared toward an African American audience & perspective sponsored by American Airlines. In this particular episode actor Laz Alonzo takes us on a tour of Rio De Janiero, Brasil which is one of my favorite spots to go in the world.  I’ve visited Brasil several times in my life & I’ve been to every spot in this video Laz is hosting & narrating.  I’ve even taken the helicopter tour above the city more than once. There’s two parts to this video that autoplays right after the next one…
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