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Eddie Huang Is Back For Revenge Against The World’s Hottest Hot Wings (Video)

My a**hole is already scared…

Eddie’s known for feasting on exotic foods and exotic spices in exotic locales… buuuut he could not hang last time. Think he can push through this time? Watch and see.

Surprise! Even though Season 6 just came to a close last week with Jeff “Daddy” Goldblum, we couldn’t truly close it out without an extra bonus for the fans: the long-awaited reunion special with one of our favorite all-time guests, Eddie Huang. Last time, Eddie infamously started his spice journey at level 10, crashing and burning in epic fashion. For his second showdown with the wings of death, he brings a different strategy to the table and talks about everything from Anthony Bourdain’s mentorship, to outrageous chef fashions. Welcome back to the hot seat, Eddie!
– First We Feast


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Eddie Huang aka The Human Panda Talks About Identity And Chews The Pork Fat With Stephen Colbert (Video)

Good stuff. We knew Eddie when he was “Fresh Off The Boat” with VICE. Now, he’s with ABC… still “Fresh…” But he has not forgotten where he came from – Taiwan or online – and he is going back (to VICELAND with a new show, “Huang’s World”). Watch Eddie talking with Stephen Colbert above and after the jump about all kinds of stuff – like them delicious-looking pork buns.

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Scion Road Trip: Eddie Huang Scoops Up Cam’ron, Prince Paul, & Vince Staples (Video)

Eddie Huang took a few minutes out of his schedule to jump behind the wheel of our 2016 Scion iA, making a few rounds around Los Angeles to pick up a few special guests – like Prince Paul (and his son, DJ P. Forreal), musicians Vince Staples and Stevie Lee and rapper Cam’ron – to hang and chit-chat.

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Fresh Off the Boat With Eddie Huang: Season 2 Bloopers And Outtakes (Video)

Like N.O.R.E. told you, “Mistakes is what makes things perfect.” – Eddie Huang

Well, would you look at that. Bonus footage… well, leftovers… from the freshly wrapped Season 2 of Fresh Off the Boat With Eddie Huang. Great Vice programming; and the boss (Shane Smith) even shows up in the clips above. If you’ve watched the episodes we’ve posted, you probably got a feel that Eddie is a balance of cool and kooky. Watch above and see how right you are.

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Fresh Off the Boat With Eddie Huang: Chengdu (Video)

Part 1, Fresh Off The Boat in Chengdu, Eddie (a.k.a. the Human Panda) is at home with his ‘interracial’ fam (e.g. black and white pandas). Talking about and watching pandas. Don’t forget about the panda porn, either (what? yeah). Trekking Chengdu with Eddie and DJ SuperBestFriend (a.k.a. Rabbi), we experience traditions, food and culture… much of which is diminishing as time passes. After the jump, part 2 picks up with Eddie enjoying the fine Chinese living – chilling in the Dead Sea Resort, taking a refreshing salt burial, a dip in a big (translation: crowded) swimming pool, and later tasting on some baby pig penis (what? yeah). Then part 3 wraps with an exploration of Chengdu culture going forward: a look at Szechuan cooking from a master chef, a visit to the sculpture factory of a feature artist, a climb into a tree-house parlor for Taiwanese tea, and a round table discussion with different generations of Chinese to discuss cultural preservation as China moves forward and becomes open to the rest of the world.

Fantastic episode! Well worth the watch, as usual.

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Fresh Off The Boat: NYC (Video)

A three-parter following Eddie Huang (eh hem.. sitcom producer and chef Eddie to you) around one of the capitals of the world, New York City (NYC, USA). We start with some good eatin’ then go hang with Loopy (known for his Knicks rant on the ‘Net) in the Bronx. That’s Part 1 above. Continue after the jump with Parts 2 and 3.

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VICE: Fresh Off The Boat With Eddie Huang In London (Video)

Ah, Great Britain. Ye old country. So much to do there, and Eddie is ‘Straight Off The Boat’ trying to do it. Another 3-part video episode. Above (part 1), we start in Brick Lane – where the Middle East meets the West. This East London community is now home to Turks, Jews, Bengalis and the food they eat… Cricket anyone (to play, not to eat… blechk)? Then there’s breakfast you can’t refuse and some sexy photography (in part two); and to wrap, some community involvement and more food (in part three).

That’s the short version. Check after the jump for parts two and three to view the rest of the story(ies). Eddie Huang does it again!

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Fresh Off The Boat: Moscow (Video)

“…in Russia, n*gger is just how they say ‘Black’…”

WHAT??? Aw helllll no! But wait, Eddie Huang has not failed yet to teach on his travels. So, let’s watch this three-parter of VICE’s Fresh Off The Boat; starting above. In part one, Eddie takes a shot of real Russian vodka, eats a real “communist dog” and chats up a real Black Russian (so to speak). In part two, Eddie goes deeper into Russian culture: learns what it was like to live under Soviet rule, moving forward to understand the issues that connect all people regardless of where they live. Wrapping with the part three of the Moscow episode, Eddie lives it up on $400 caviar, racing in a Russian street car, massages from babes in bikinis. You know, just Eddie doing Eddie.

Alright. This ep is worth the watch. See parts two and three after the jump.

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VICE: Fresh Off The Boat With Eddie Huang – Detroit (Video)

VICE goes all over the world to bring the world to you. Perspective is the result. Every episode should leave you saying to yourself, “I never thought about that place like that.” This three-part episode of ‘Fresh Off The Boat With Eddie Huang on Detroit is no exception. Sharing burgers and burdens of the large U.S. city, visiting throngs of Middle Easterners in the American Midwest, and more. Part 1 above; 2 and 3 after the jump.

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Fresh Off The Boat With Eddie Huang: The Food, Festivals, & People Of Mongolia (Video)

Another Fresh Off The Boat with Eddie Huang. Hilarity and insight pepper over a culture and history lesson… you know how Eddie do. We certainly post enough of his videos on here. And we will continue to do so as long as he keeps hitting us with incredible travel content like this.

In this episode of Fresh Off the Boat, Eddie heads to Mongolia to take part in the Naadam festival, which celebrates the “three manly sports” — archery, horse racing, and Mongolian wrestling. Then he chats up some camel herders (politics) over a cup of home-brewed camel vodka. Eddie goes on to check out a meat market, an outdoor metal festival, and making some modern restaurant cuisine…and there will be sheep eyeballs (tasty). All this, and Eddie even makes an appearance on Mongol TV later.

Three parts… start above; and continue after the jump.

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Fresh Off The Boat With Eddie Huang: Back in Taiwan (Video)

“This is a 5,000 year old culture. The medicine is different. We have a different way of life. And it’s not better. It’s not worse. It’s just what it is.”

Eddie Huang

For this Fresh Off The Boat (From Vice), Eddie Huang heads back to Taiwan. The 3-parter starts with Eddie exploring metal music in Taiwan scene – face paint, screaming lessons, and furry pink pillows. In Gongguan, there’s diner and debate (on Taiwanese independence) over a home cooked meal with local metal group, CHTHONIC. All this and more. Press play and step off the boat with Eddie.

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Fresh Off The Boat With Eddie Huang: Miami (Video)

Eddie Huang’s interesting food & travel based program Fresh Off The Boat With Eddie Huang” has had a very good first season with VICE. In this final season episode of the show Eddie takes his talents BEYOND the glitzy lights of South Beach & ventures into the neighborhoods for the best restaurants & food tourists overlook when visiting Miami.  True to the mission of his show Eddie stays off the beaten path by spending time with the porn industry’s “World Famous” Bang Bros team & adult film star Jada Stevens, enjoys some time with the unofficial Mayor of Miami Uncle Luke, hits Little Haiti to enjoy some authentic Haitian cuisine, & enjoys a Miami Dolphins tailgate.  The timing couldn’t have been more perfect for Eddie & his producers at VICE to release this Miami edition of the show while the city has been enjoying the success of another Miami Heat NBA Championship run & wins being posted by the nationally ranked University of Miami Hurricanes basketball team. Overall it’s a good look all around. This episode is in three parts so check out Parts 2 & 3 after the jump….
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Fresh Off The Boat With Eddie Huang: Los Angeles (Video)

Three-part mega post of VICE’s Fresh Off The Boat With Eddie Huang for all y’all! Above is Part 1 of the Los Angeles adventure, during which Eddie takes us to Persian LA – checking out Persian rugs, pricey cars, pungent ‘brain’ food, hookah, and more. Parts 2 and 3 continue after the jump… East LA, lowriders, car clubs, family living and the good food that comes with it. Enjoy!
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