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Tariq Nasheed’s ‘Code Of Conduct Tour’: Atlanta Q&A Session (Video)

National bestselling author and producer of critically acclaimed documentary series Hidden Colors”, Tariq Nasheed spoke in Atlanta recently at the Alliance Theater.  Tariq is currently on his “Code of Conduct Tour” where he started off in Philadelphia making a stop in Atlanta and finishing in Detroit July 18th.  I was in attendance for the lecture and it was information filled as Tariq gave the packed theater a set of codes that the African American community can put to use to empower the community.  This clip is from the Q&A he had after his speech and be on the lookout the full lecture that will be available for purchase soon Click Here to follow Tariq Nasheed for updates.

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ATL Event: Tariq Nasheed “Code of Conduct” Lecture Tour July 11th

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 9.55.44 AMRight now in America a lot of turmoil is going on. We just experienced the murder of 9 people by the terrorist Dylan Roof in Charleston SC. We still have the scars from Baltimore and Ferguson that went down this year. Not to mention black children being attacked in Texas at pool parties. Tariq Nasheed, NY Times best selling author & critically acclaimed film producer of Hidden Colors Movie Series, has talked about black people in America getting a “Code of Conduct”. This Code of Conduct he speaks of does not deal with Religion or joining an organization it deals with us collectively having a similar mindset on issues that affect our community. Well he has decided to come to the people to talk about this and he is going to Philadelphia, Detroit, and the city we are based out of Atlanta. The lecture in Atlanta takes place July 11th at the Alliance Theater located in the Woodruff Arts Center. This is a great venue and it is sure to be a fun filled night. Click the link after the jump to see a recent interview he did on international TV Network Press TV.

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Kanye West Addresses Graduates Of L.A. Trade Technical College (Video)

Just think… Whatever you think about the man, having Yeezus show up and give a real talk at your graduation would rate high among your college memories. Even cooler if a popular campus brag has been that Professor West was once part of the faculty there. Well, Guess Who’s Bizzack? Yep, took it there for a sec. Watch Kanye West address L.A. Trade Tech’s newest cap-n-gowners.

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Rakim Interview and Lecture on Hip Hop – His Substance, Style, Impact and More (Video)

Hip-Hop’s Golden Era icon Rakim (born William Griffin) delivers his lyrics with a smooth, effortless flow – melodic, yet undeniably intelligent. But in this full, full-length clip (approaching two hours runtime), Rakim Allah let the rhythm hit ’em in a different way – speaking and sharing in this Red Bull Music Academy Series Lecture. Spinning “Don’t Sweat the Technique”… good start to the class. Lesson 1: Emcees, get your own style (no biting allowed)! Watch and be edu-tained (as ‘the teacher’ KRS-ONE might say).

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Nightclubs As Research Labs (Video)

I found this video to be pretty interesting from a scientific aspect as nightclubs are being being used as research labs. Topics covered in the video refer to how music can affect bar sales and people’s ability to multitask, how it determines listening patterns, and how the stock market can affect mood, which in turn predicts the characteristics of popular music. The above lecture quite frankly breaks down social nightclub behaviour with a particular emphasis on music and how it affects people at an implicit level. Spotted at 2DBZ