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Niatia ‘Lil Mama’ Kirkland Stars In “When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story” (Extended Trailer)

Damn. She said she was doing this in her radio interview (posted earlier here).

Well, here’s the trailer for the “The Falicia Blakely Story” movie that Niatia Kirkland was in. It just debuted on TV One. Co-starring Lance Gross. Girl turns exotic dancer, gets turned out and her life gets turned upside DOWN!

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Niatia Speaks On Her Growth, Beyond ‘Lil Mama’ And Past The ‘Jay-Z MTV Video Music Awards’ Moment (Video)

Betcha that if there was no title on this post you’d be looking at the video above like… “Hmmm, who’s the Honey?” Answer: Ohhh, that’s Lil Mama? Well, it was Lil Mama. She’s claiming her ‘grown woman’ now. Call her Niatia.

Lil Mama came to visit Ebro in the Morning to have a personal conversation that touched on the backlash from the infamous VMA incident, being an internet meme, defending Chris Brown, changing her name & her new journey as an actress.

Whoa! Niatia is gonna be a stripper in an upcoming movie? Wowzerrrrs!


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VH1: CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story (Biopic) [Video]

The movie heard about ’round the Internetz… aka CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story was on VH1 a couple nights ago. VH1’s biopic starred Keke Palmer, Drew Sidora, and Lil’ Mama depicted the R&B trio’s (e.g. Chili, T-Boz, and Left Eye) real life which traces their highs and lows in the music industry (and in their lives as a result). Some incredible insights and ‘wow’ in the movie to be certain – especially singer-turned-exec Pebbles portrayed as the ultimate ‘Industry Rule Number 4,080’ type, being real shady with regard to TLC’s early career. As far as validity: CrazySexyCool had the help and blessing of two surviving members of TLC (R.I.P. Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes) who appear at the end of the film, performing their new single “Meant To Be”). Most social network posts the night the movie’s premiere were pretty good. Watch it (again, perhaps) above.

To peep some interviews that shed light on aspects of the TLC Story (which shed some light), see the clips after the jump.

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