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Eddie Griffin & Tasha Smith Could Afford The Big Mac, But They Had To Beg For The Fries (Video)

You only think you’re poor and hungry. Okay, maybe you have been (you hardcore grinder you). But Eddie & Tasha… fiending for fries and sucking on ketchup packs like they were gourmet delicious. That’s a level of broke and starving I have never even heard of on this side of the planet. But they have lived rich lives and forged incredible friendships, starting with their own.

Check out this TV One teaser for their episode of ‘Uncensored.’ They had to censor Eddie a little though (haha).


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Unsung: Brand Nubian (Full Episode)

Man. Don’t let it go to your head… noooo.

Now, this is heady episode of ‘Unsung’ so expect a couple of damn-I-had-no-idea moments (pretty much standard for ‘Unsung’). Might bring back Golden Era sweet memories, but it wasn’t all sweet. Check out the Brand Nubian story above.

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Unsung: The O’Jays (Full Episode)

You know it didn’t start or stop with Eddie Levert or his sons, right? Of course, you did. But get the whole entire ‘Unsung’ scoop on the soul clapping we should be doing for pioneer R&B act The O’Jays.

(And hurry up… before haters on the Tube can get it pulled down.)

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Unsung: Special Ed (Full Episode)

Wow. Triple dopeness (hmm, wonder if there’s an ‘Unsung’ on 3XDope… aaaaanywaaay)! This ‘Unsung’ on Special Ed is the business. Well worth the watching if you missed it, and worth the watching AGAIN if you saw it before.

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Unsung: Digable Planets (Video)

Did you catch the ‘Unsung’ ep on Digable Planets? Pretty good… as are they all. Well, get your eyeballs on this while it’s up (or check your cable listings for replay times).


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Take A Close ‘Up Close & Personal’ Look At Tiffany Haddish In “Uncensored” (Video)

Tiffany Haddish’s persona is part ‘make you laugh’ and part ‘make you whistle’ (sexy, very, yes) AND part ‘make you go I-did-NOT-expect-that.’ This special is gonna impart more of the latter to listeners and viewers. Solid prediction. Check out the extended clip for Tiff’s ep of “Uncensored.”

UNCENSORED is an edgy new docu-series exploring the intimate lives of some of today’s most notable personalities, debuts on TV One beginning Sunday, February 18 at 10 p.m. ET/9C. The 10-episode biography series gives unprecedented access to stars including Tamar Braxton, Charlemagne Da God, Tiffany Haddish
– TV One


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Unsung: Kurupt (Full Episode)

Salute to “Unsung” forgiving coverage to Kurupt Tha Kingpin. He’s had some shine for certain, but definitely worth more. Plus the insights this series always brings on an artist’s life and career are cool. Philly born. Recognize that, too.

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Politics: Did Hillary Clinton Secretly Take Over The Democratic Party For Campaign 2016? (Video)

Hollllly sheeeeit! #FeelTheBern for real. Looks like there is solid testimony (in former Democratic National Chair Donna Brazile’s upcoming book) that the Democrats that backed Bernie, that threw in with Hillary to oppose the Trump campaign, have been had, got took, been bamboozled and BURNED… damn!

And the cajones of anyone who would seek to suppress the truth… chastising Donna Brazile and others who would call out the Clinton’s co-opting of the DNC as “legal but amoral” for tearing down the party… come on! Slavery was legal at one time, too. People can forgive almost anything, once we know the full truth, like former Senator Nina Turner says above.

Watch the clip.

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Niatia ‘Lil Mama’ Kirkland Stars In “When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story” (Extended Trailer)

Damn. She said she was doing this in her radio interview (posted earlier here).

Well, here’s the trailer for the “The Falicia Blakely Story” movie that Niatia Kirkland was in. It just debuted on TV One. Co-starring Lance Gross. Girl turns exotic dancer, gets turned out and her life gets turned upside DOWN!

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Unsung: Jon B (Full Episode)

Long Island’s (NY, USA) own Jon B was the subject of ‘Unsung’ in the above episode. Once again, great stuff… this time, on the forerunner for later ‘White chocolate’ crooners (like Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke) in the Soul/R&B genre. Produced and pushed to excellence by Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds, Jonathan “Jon B” Buck had a good (albeit short-lived) run last century. Learn about his coming up and blowing up back in the day. Watch.

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We’re Seeing More And Bigger Black Movies, But Are African Americans Making Any Real Gains In Hollywood? (Video)

Hmmm… did anyone see the Steve Harvey-esque goof on the announcement for “Moonlight” winning The Oscar? This ‘New Hollywood Diversity Report’ segment on Roland Martin’s show might put that mistake in a different light. It’s kind of like there’s less hate for Black people in Hollywood… Now they just aren’t really paying us much mind. No shots, no hate, just saying.

The fourth annual Hollywood Diversity Report is out, and while there has been some improvement, Black people are still trailing behind their white counterparts in many ways.
Roland Martin

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Roland Martin Chastises Bill O’Reilly For Not Respecting Colin Kaepernick’s Protest (Video)

Uh oh. Colin, you can drop back for a second and let brother Roland put the blitz on Billy [Bob] O’Reilly. Sacked him!! When Roland goes, “So, Bill, DAMN your book,” you KNOW the ‘turn up’ turned the corner!

Bill, what books are you reading?”

Roland Martin gave Bill O’Reilly a history lesson on patriotism and African Americans.

O’Reilly wants Colin Kaepernick to read his book about patriotism, but Martin, host of NewsOne Now says O’Reilly has it all wrong and offered a series of tiles that O’Reilly should read instead.

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Rant, Rebuttal, Reconciliation: Wendy Williams Apologizes And Invites Roland Martin To Speak On HBCUs & The NAACP (Video)

Two media power-movers get together and ensure the ooh’s and ah’s are not the last thing we get out of the swirl of fiery commentary that came from Wendy Williams’ rant – then Roland’s rebuttal – on HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges & Universities) and National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. See all that build up after the jump. What’s most important though… is that they got together on Wendy’s couch, reached an accord, and ensured knowledge was shared! Good use of a powerful platform.

“News One Now” host Roland S. Martin sits down with Wendy to talk about her remarks about Historically Black Colleges and the NAACP. Then, Roland weighs in on race in America, police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement. Plus, Roland weighs in on how to talk to our kids about these issues.

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Unsung: Kid ‘N Play (Video)

Hmmm… don’t know if Kid ‘N Play could truly be considered ‘Unsung’… seeing as how they had hit records (plural), a string of movies, that hook-the-legs-spin-around-shoe-tap dance thing… but they are on an episode. Aaaand the insights from those episodes are really good; this one included. Watch TVOne’s documentary exploration of one of Hip-Hop’s favorite duos.

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Unsung: DeBarge (Video)

Before Michael Jackson split from his band of brothers, and for a while after, the music world (and the world at large) was constantly asking ‘Who would be the next Jackson 5?’ The answer at one time would have definitely been DeBarge. But right when they were right there as a family, something… a lot of things, actually… went terribly wrong. The large family from Grand Rapids (Michigan, USA) had it all in the 1980s – the looks, the sound, the fans, growing fame worldwide. But then things took a sadly familiar downturn that comes with having it all (way past enough). Industry and social pressures, addictions and more… caused them to lose the most important thing – each other. After that – the split – came bigger and harder losses.

A powerful Unsung on DeBarge (full episode above).

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Unsung: Nile Rodgers & CHIC (Video)

Let us tell all you jive turkeys out there something: Nile Rodgers was the man in the 1970s… and he is still doing it like he did back then! Daft Punk recruited the man for that purpose. Amazing what can learn on TVOne’s Unsung. Watch.

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Unsung: Too $hort (Video)

Why wouldn’t you put the man who’s been pimpin’ on tracks since the 1980s on TVOne’s Unsung? Well, the question is moot now. New question: What took them so long? Too Short is Unsung!

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Unsung Hollywood: Robin Harris (Video)

Don’t get @ojones1 started on the greatness of Robin Harris! You will get that story about him and his dad pushing the 1978 ’98 Regency Oldsmobile through Montgomery and Tuskegee (Alabama) all Saturday… with that Robin in concert cassette tape in the deck. Guaranteed. Comedic legend on the rise. Gone way too soon. Gone but not forgotten. Especially if TVOne’s Unsung Hollywood has anything to do with it!

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Unsung Hollywood: Pam Grier (Video)

TV One’s Unsung has given birth to a spinoff: Unsung Hollywood. And it’s off to a strong start! Many folks would fight to put Pam Grier on a Black Hollywood Mount Rushmore if we had one. But her full props have been yet to come… until now.

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Unsung: The Ohio Players (Video)

Mainstay of 1970s pop, soul, and funk, The Ohio Players had the look, the radio, and their fan base on lock doing hits like “Fire” and “Love Rollercoaster.” And don’t forget the album covers (hot)! Check out this Unsung episode on the legendary group.

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