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Missy Elliott – “She’s A Bitch” (Live) [Video]

Wonder how many tuned into the return of VH1’s Hip-Hop Honors show. Compared to the buzz leading up to show’s past, this last one came back on low volume. But if you saw this performance, you witnessed a textbook example of how to turn up! Missy Elliot was definitely a 90s Gamechanger, and she is one who can still deliver the goods. Believe the hype!

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The Making Of “Strength Of A Woman” (VH1 Trailer)

Watching the trailer for “The Making Of: Strength Of A Woman” (debuting on VH1, May 2nd at 11pm EST) you get a sense that Mary J. Blige is laying it all on the line in a few ways. First, she mentions a couple of times that this “Strength Of A Woman” project she is dropping is about healing herself; sharing her struggles, not prescribing or preaching for anyone else. That more than infers a second; Mary putting her business all the way out there (which she has done before, but that “that’s my Becky With The Good Hair” line implies some SCANDALOUS storytelling is in store). Third, The Queen Of Hip-Hop Soul declares that this LP is the ‘real Mary‘… almost like a love-it-or-leave-it decision point will be laid out for the fans who cop. Risky, but hey, it’s Mary J; so folks will likely love it.

Now, we’d be pound foolish not to mention the coup of leveraging Mary’s brand in pushing an ‘album documentary’ timed around the release of “Strength Of A Woman” on VH1 where her target audiences (longtime fans of hers AND longtime fans of reality show level DRAMA) will be watching. Plus, peep all the contributors’ cameos, from Diddy to DJ Khaled.

There’s a reason the Queen is the most powerful attacking piece on the board. The Queen Of Hip-Hop Soul is on the move, starting with tomorrow’s release of “Strength Of A Woman” followed by this tell-everything documentary on May 2nd.


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Behind “The Breaks” (Ep. 7) [Video]

Somehow you gotta expect to hear ‘these are the breaks’ don’t you? Sway show instant pedigree to get the story behind the story in his opening talk-off. When it comes to industry insiders, he is no slouch. But he goes further, not just I-know-a-guy but putting us onto one of THE guys… Kevin Liles. If anyone can tell the story of a ‘Foray’ street music exec of the ’90s, best believe Def Jam Alum Liles can.

Sway talks with Kevin Liles of 300 Entertainment about how to build a record label, competing against other labels for an artist, and advice for sustaining a successful career in the music industry.

Ready to pick up some gems?

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Mack Wilds & Pete Rock Speak On Artist-Producer Chemistry, Working On The “New York: A Love Story” And More (Video)

A R&B version of “Illmatic” though? That’s how Mack Wilds describes New York: A Love Story …DOPE! Interesting convo above. So interesting, you will ache realizing how fast the time flies while watching.

Sway meets up Mack Wilds (DeeVee) and Pete Rock at Platinum Studios to discuss structuring a song, the experience of recording in a studio, and the importance of chemistry between recording artist and producer.

This is a great look for ‘The Breaks’ series on VH1. RIP to Heavy D and Trouble T-Roy, too. This is Hip-Hop!

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The Breaks (Series Trailer)

Niiiice! Somebody got their head on straight over at VH1 and greenlit “The Breaks” as a series to pick up right where the movie they made left off.

Get that steady check (again) Mack Wilds! Tip in there, too. Cool.



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A-F-R-O Is “Hip-Hop’s Raider of the Lost Art” (Mini-Documentary)

You hear that??? Dude said he wants to “Save someone’s LIFE through the music!

Now, we hold up Joey Bada$$, Cole, Kendrick, A$AP Rocky, Chris Rivers, and several others as the embodiment of the modern “real emcee” archetype for the 21st century. But wait. Let me add another to your list: A-F-R-O (born James Gutierrez). Watch his compelling story and point of view in the above documentary vignette on the young emcee; entitled “Hip-Hop’s Raider of the Lost Art.”

Bonus: A-F-R-O has acting chops, too. Tonight, you can see him flex those muscles in “The Breaks” – a VH1 original production. Peep the trailer after the jump.


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She’s Got Game: Meeting The Game (Episode 1) [Video]

Don’t think of She’s Got Game as ‘reality television’ (well, you can if you want). Think of it as The Game sharing his Eye Candy with you. For while he looks for love, we get to look over his foine azz choices. And remember, so do his friends…

…and this is a competition… meaning these ladies are all but guaranteed to hate on each other at some point. So, now you have VH1 trademark drama on deck. Use that as ‘cover’ for your ogling. Got the show’s premiere episode cued above for you to practice that.

(You can say something like, “Baby, why are they acting all wild and crazy and embarrassing themselves like that? Breastses and azz just wiggling and jiggling all over the place. And do you see what they are wearing? Wow. Let’s remember to watch for that when we rewind when we watch this again On Demand. Mm mm mm. Just trifling. Right, Honey? Honey… awww why you mad? What did I do now??! Just trying to spend quality time watching TV with you, and now you get salty.”)

Whew! Check for some snapshots after the jump. And altogether say, “Thank you, Game” (who is still rocking shows AND exec producing the show… meaning the player is still about business)!

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The Game Takes A Page From Flavor Flav In New Reality TV Show (Video)

The Game says the only thing still missing in his life is a lady to love (got close: flashback to “Marrying The Game”). Well, he’s gonna find one dammit. And he’s gonna get his friends to help. And they’re gonna put the potentials through some serious paces to test their worthiness. And they’re recording all this for television. And you can watch, starting August 10, 2015 (9PM EST on VH1).

And NO… the show is NOT called The Game Of Love. It’s called “She’s Got Game.” Check out the trailer above.

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VH1: CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story (Biopic) [Video]

The movie heard about ’round the Internetz… aka CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story was on VH1 a couple nights ago. VH1’s biopic starred Keke Palmer, Drew Sidora, and Lil’ Mama depicted the R&B trio’s (e.g. Chili, T-Boz, and Left Eye) real life which traces their highs and lows in the music industry (and in their lives as a result). Some incredible insights and ‘wow’ in the movie to be certain – especially singer-turned-exec Pebbles portrayed as the ultimate ‘Industry Rule Number 4,080’ type, being real shady with regard to TLC’s early career. As far as validity: CrazySexyCool had the help and blessing of two surviving members of TLC (R.I.P. Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes) who appear at the end of the film, performing their new single “Meant To Be”). Most social network posts the night the movie’s premiere were pretty good. Watch it (again, perhaps) above.

To peep some interviews that shed light on aspects of the TLC Story (which shed some light), see the clips after the jump.

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Comedy: Addicted To Twerking (Video)

Might have to check out Stevie TV sometime… maybe… maybe not. But this ‘Twerking Intervention’ is hilarious. Check it out and have a laugh for yourself.

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D.L. Hugley Speaks On Why He Would Chose Nas To Be His Vice President (Video)

Comedian & political commentator D.L. Hugley stopped by VH1’s studios promoting his new book “I Want You To Shut The F*ck Up”. After speaking about his book & discussing a variety of topics D.L. was asked that if he were President who would he choose to be his Vice-President. D.L. responded by giving his ‘Rap Up’ with this quote….“Because they’d never assassinate me if he was gonna be the next president.” True Indeed D.L. because Nas is the truth.
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VH1 Storytellers: Jill Scott – Full Performance (Video)

We got the teaser on the web a few days ago, but now here’s the full performance video from Jill Scott’s appearance on VH1’s Storytellers as only Jilly from Philly could do it.

VH1 Storytellers: Jill Scott (Video)

Sneak Peak of Jilly from Philly on VH1’s Storytellers…..

VH1 Presents “Uprising: Hip Hop & The L.A. Riots” (Documentary)

We watched this documentary on VH1 last night & I personally found it to be a very well put together & honest account of what took place during the L.A. Riots 20 years ago & how hip hop & it’s artists were not only early forecasters of things to come, but at times participants in one way or another.

VH1 Behind The Music: Nas (Video)

Nas is the latest subject of VH1’s Behind The Music & they cover a variety of topics from Nas’s rough environment, his rise as a premier emcee in the game, his altercation with Tupac in New York City, his battle with Jay-Z, his marriage & subsequent divorce with Kelis, & more. Below check out about 5 more bonus videos that didn’t air on VH1 tonight….
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VH1 Behind The Music Sneak Peek On ‘Nas’ (Video)

VH1 Behind The Music: Akon (Video)

VH1 Behind The Music: Game (Video)

I found the preview VH1 released on their Behind The Music segment with Game to be very interesting as they covered him growing up in a dysfunctional family, trying to be a good husband to his wife, a good father to his kids that he never had & more but the VH1 producers were smart in not giving fans too much too soon. Now you can watch the full VH1 Behind The Music segment on Game right here. I found it to be a very interesting story from his life, being influenced by Ice Cube & Nas, his beef with 50 Cent, having fatal thoughts of suicide & a whole lot more….

VH1’s Behind The Music: GAME (Preview)

Soul Train VH1 Documentary (Video)

“Few television series were as innovative and influential as Soul Train. Set first in Chicago, and later in Los Angeles, the Soul Train dance party reached national significance and became the longest running syndicated show in television history. Soul Train: The Hippest Trip In America was a 90 minute documentary celebrating the show’s many contributions to pop culture, music, dance and fashion. From 1970-2006 the series offered a window into the history of Black music, and its charismatic host, Don Cornelius was The Man responsible for a new era in Black expression. A trained journalist, Don created a media empire that provided an outlet for record labels and advertisers to reach a new generation of music fans.

As the epitome of cool, many of his expressions entered the popular American lexicon: “A groove that will make you move real smooth,” “Wishing you Peace, Love and Soul!” The documentary will feature performances and great moments from the show, as well as behind-the-scene stories and memories from the cast and crew. In addition, popular musicians, comics and actors of yesterday and today will comment on growing up with the show and will share their stories of how Soul Train affected their own lives.” – VH1