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Comedy: Michael Che On Enjoying Sex And More At 30 (Video)

Michael Che shares TRUTH: “Every young dude in here has a trick to not finish fast!” Ready for that book to come out dude…

Michael Che considers writing a sex advice book for men and wonders how we would learn about kinky sex if we didn’t have porn.
– Comedy Central Stand-Up

‘Compliments to the chef!’ Bwaaaahahahaaaa!!!

Watch this hilarious clip. It might make your weekend. And if you get ‘lucky’… it might save your weekend, youngster *wink*


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Comedy: Y’all Better Stop Playing With ‘Soulja Boy’ On SNL! You Know Trump And Obama Stole Their Styles From Him (Video)

Trrruuummmp!? The one that got bodied by the popular vote??

Bwaaahahaaa! ‘Soulja Boy’ is Tellin’ ‘Em on SNL, ain’t he? Got Che-Che chuckling throughout the Weekend Update.

(Did not post the actual radio interview that Saturday Night Live is poking fun at in this sketch on here. You can Google that on your own if you like.)


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Paid In Full: Michael Che Writes A Long Overdue $1,000 Check To Tommy Hilfiger (Video)

Turns out America likes comedy about Donald Trump.
Michael Che

Bwaahahaa! Michael is gonna catch a bit of heat from Boston for this clip, but they’ll get over it. And he got down with Hilfiger like that back in the day due to his tee shirt game? Nice.

SNL’s Michael Che takes a moment to finally thank Tommy Hilfiger for money the designer gave him to work for his company back when he used to design and sell T-shirts on the streets of New York.
– The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Hope that Michael’s Weekend Update show does well on Thursdays. Check it out next week on NBC.

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‘Lester Holt’ Interviews ‘President Donald Trump’ On Saturday Night Live (Video)

Aaaawww DAMN! Hahahaaahahaaa!

President Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) discusses firing FBI director James Comey in an interview with Lester Holt (Michael Che).

This clip is so chock full of shots, I don’t know where to begin and I almost didn’t want it to end. You know what, no more ‘priming the pump’… Let’s get to this Saturday Night Live ‘Lester Holt vs. President Trump’ sketch!

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