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Kevin Hart Speaks On His Life, His Book, His Inspirations And More (Video)

Fellas, if you are ‘blessed’ below you are blessed for sho’ no matter how bad your life might go. Just paraphrasing some of the hilarious, but real, talk that this clip starts with. And then we quickly move to Kevin’s dad getting hit with an axe (wait, WHAT??!)… and it keeps getting realer, still real funny, while slipping in some real motivation & inspiration.

Kevin Hart is Brutally Honest in His New Book ‘I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons’ + Learning from Legends in the Industry & Speaks on New Partnership With Lionsgate.
Sway’s Universe

Lots to unpack in the above interview. Good stuff.


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Adult Star ‘Asa Akira’ Speaks On How She Prepares For A Film, Oral Sex, Views on Incest, & Her Book (Video)

Come through, show some tit, talk about how you do (or how to prep for getting poked in the doo-doo)… You know it’s another day for Sway, Tracy G, and their sexy guest Asa Akira. You know how ‘real talk’ can sound so unreal BUT you gotta keep listening? Well, you will when you click play. It all starts with Tracy G’s intro (some real… umm… admiration by Tracy G). Asa explaining to Sway about all it takes to ready her a**hole for extreme penetration… It’s crazy.

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