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Affion Crockett Bodies The ‘5 Fingers Of Death’ Freestyle Challenge (Video)

Okay, Affion Crockett is hella funny. We all knew that, right? But who knew dude had BARZ legit like this? I did not… until now!


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Bushwick Bill & Spice One Perform On The Sway In The Morning Stage At SXSW 2019 (Video)

Sway’s Universe stretches out from the Bay Area in every direction… and crosses all time! With these performances, Sway takes it back to the Bay, back to back-in-the-day, and down south a way to Texas… Spice One and Bushwick Bill (of Geto Boys)!

SXSW 2019 had to be beyond litty, for this alone!


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Mass Appeal’s Starting 5 Cypher (Video)

Word? Sway tryna push up a crew on crew emcee battle in this? Any of these other labels wanna see these hyenas?? Hope so. I’d LOVE to see something like that for the citizens!

If you haven’t already RSVP’d (here) for that Starting 5 tour show tonight (in Atlanta)… this ought to do it!!

(Oh, Stro SNAPPED on this! Like always. All the dudes did the do.)


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Gabrielle Union Speaks On Sexual Freedom, Her Book, And Husband Dwyane Wade Reuniting With Lebron James (Video)

Daaaamn, Gab! Started flipping your “fun switch” at 5? Trolling for Black men in the Yay Area in later years? Telling the young ladies to demand that good ‘gina gobbling AND azz-eating from these men out here (because reciprocity)? You wild out here like that?!

Okay, women’s liberation for real. FREEDOM… sexual and otherwise! Well, go ‘head Being Mary Jane on ’em then *wink*

(That ain’t all. Just some “juicy” bits to lure you in. Actually a very thoughtful interview. Balanced. Talking to a grown woman.)

You. WANT. To. Watch this whole interview! It goes down (everyone does, watch)!

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Method Man x Black Thought Cypher Live On Air (Video)

Respect! For these flows, AND for Meth going into the phone to ensure he was NOT caught slipping when he was on the mic live KNOWING that Black Thought was about to hop on and BEAST it with him!

These Legendary Roots Crew-Tang flows though! They KILT IT! Throw a plaid skirt on this sh!t!!

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Jada Pinkett Smith Speaks On “Girl’s Trip,” Relationships, Tupac, And Diversity In Hollywood (Video)

Jada Pinkett Smith’s book could be lit… VERY! Details on her movie “Girl’s Trip,” her relationship with Tupac Shakur, her drug dealing days… yep! She talks about it some in this interview, but is careful not to tell all.

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Comedian Michael Blackson Talks About Roasting People Online, Wanting Women To ‘Cut The Grass’ And More (Video)

Do we even have to tell you that Michael Blackson is a straight up FOOL? Hope not. But maybe you need reminding, so take a couple of deep breaths and get into his latest appearance on Sway In The Morning. HILARIOUS!

The one and only, Michael Blackson is back at it! The comedian recently stopped by Sway In The Morning where he stopped to chop it up about what he has been up to these days. The hilarious interview finds Michael opening up about his relationship with Dave Chappelle, his growth in the game, and his collection of chains.
– Sway’s Universe

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Zoe Saldana Gives Advice And Inspiration To People Chasing Dreams, Speaks On “Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2” And More (Video)

I would like to play, like an Earthling… to all y’all directors out there…

Acting goals. Haha! Zoe Saldana shares her passion for people helping people who are fighting to make it, about her experiences with regard to Afro-Latinos and culture, the prevalence of sexism in the film industry, on her film “Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2.” Some good ‘preaching’ in here (advice, inspiration).


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Ishawna Speaks On Her Career, “Equal Rights” And More (Video)

Fair warning: You are going to fall for Ishawna’s voice almost as fast as her fineness. Interesting talk about her being where from where so many other Dancehall greats are from, her coming up and her uniqueness in the genre. Of course, Sway and Ishawna had to get into all the dirty and the ‘dutty’ in her hit “Equal Rights” (hot). All kinds of great convo. Watch!

(Oh, Ishawna! The one Jah Prince interviewed back in the day. She mighty fine and stayed on the grind. That’s maaahd!


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Ashley Graham Tells Us “What Confidence, Beauty, and Power Really Look Like” (Video)

Right from the start, I gotta ask: She’s shot nude??? A LOT??? Where the footage at, Ashley? Please! After the interview? Okay…

Ashley Graham came by Sway in the Morning to talk about her new book, “A New Model: What Confidence, Beauty, and Power Really Look Like” and opens up about growing up curvy, drugs and accepting her body.
Sway’s Universe

Yes, Ashley’s life has been a wild ride, rife with challenges and complexity. Several revelations and messages in here. Definitely worth clicking play, so y’all do that… while I go looking for them nudes.


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Kevin Hart Speaks On His Life, His Book, His Inspirations And More (Video)

Fellas, if you are ‘blessed’ below you are blessed for sho’ no matter how bad your life might go. Just paraphrasing some of the hilarious, but real, talk that this clip starts with. And then we quickly move to Kevin’s dad getting hit with an axe (wait, WHAT??!)… and it keeps getting realer, still real funny, while slipping in some real motivation & inspiration.

Kevin Hart is Brutally Honest in His New Book ‘I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons’ + Learning from Legends in the Industry & Speaks on New Partnership With Lionsgate.
Sway’s Universe

Lots to unpack in the above interview. Good stuff.


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Kool G Rap Speaks On What Motivates Him, The State Of Hip-Hop And More (Video)

Sway laid it on thick in the intro, but deservedly so. Kool G Rap is a Hip-Hop legend and OG. Above, watch Sway, Heather B, and Tracy G chat up G Rap about what brought him back to the rap game, how he sees the game today, how beef gets addressed then vs. now, ghost writers and more.

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Cyhi The Prynce – “Going For The Crown” (Freestyle) [Video]

Welcome to the Valley Of The HYENAS!! Beware: Beast emcee on the mic!

Cyhi The Prynce takes on the 5 Fingers of Death and spazzes on every beat. It could possibly be the freestyle of the year so far. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

CyHi is destroying the rap game… in the best way! Check out the video above.

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Termanology Speaks Wisdom To Artists Trying To Make It, “More Politics” And More (Video)

Bostonian, Bostonite… actually Term is from Lawrence (just below The Bean). Dude does a GREAT interview – going back to trying to get on with GURU (RIP to the GangStarr great) and bringing it up to now (with the latest LP “More Politics”). But most important, watch and learn Termanology’s secret to ‘making it’ in the game. In short: BE READY TO GIVE UP YOUR LIFE FOR IT!

31 projects in – Termanology gives advice on breaking through the noise, advice on packaging and presentation + talks about working with legends.


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Jesse Ventura Speaks On Black People Being The True Forerunners Of American Music, Colin Kaepernick’s Courageous Stand And More (Video)

Whoa. If former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura and renegade for life was the type to be ‘scurred’ it would be for speaking up like this. Fascinating interview! Kicks off his time with Heather B on Sway In The Morning by showing a direct link between music that came from Led Zeppelin and the earlier Chitlin Circuit stuff from underappreciated Black music legend Robert Johnson.

All American music originates from [the Black people] that were brought here.
Jesse Ventura

Watch as Ventura goes in with the knowledge, his life experiences, political experiences & views (esp. on the upcoming presidential election and voting FOR someone, not AGAINST someone)… how he came to learn “what it feels like to be a Black man in America”… the Colin Kaepernick situation… his legalize-it book “Marijuana Manifesto” and so much more!

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