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Stephen Colbert Reveals President Trump’s Obamacare Replacement Strategy: The Plan Is No Plan (Video)

‘Brevity is the soul of wit’… and he is evidently witless.

Hahahaaa! Gotta laugh to keep from crying. If we lose the Affordable Healthcare we have, guess what we get in its place. No, seriously, guess. Because I don’t know. I’m hoping maybe you (or somebody, like the current administration) might. In the meantime, who wants a free ‘mermogerm’ though?

On healthcare, not only doesn’t Trump have a plan. He doesn’t have a plan TO MAKE a plan.
– The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Yeah, but bet your pockets he plans to be on Twitter tonight (and every night)!


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Politics: President Donald Trump Promised To Protect The Sick And Poor, To Give Them A ‘Better Deal’… And He Is Not… At All (Video)

Wow. Still hard to believe that we elected a U.S. President in much the same way we elected a class president in grade school – the guy that promised spaghetti and pizza for lunch and two recesses every day won… because we bought the lies. But when we did not get more pizza and play time, we lived. This VOX clip illustrates how, with Donald Trump as the ‘head of the class’ as President, many of us might suffer and DIE.

So… What folks hate about Obamacare (The Affordable Care Act) is exactly what Trumpcare (The ‘Higher Cost Care’ Act) will allow MORE of??? That’s not what ANYONE voted for, is it? IS IT?!

Just watch. It’ll make you wanna say, “I can’t…” until you realize ‘you have to’ (because the ‘Yes We Can’ guy is gone).

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