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Stephen Colbert Reveals President Trump’s Obamacare Replacement Strategy: The Plan Is No Plan (Video)

‘Brevity is the soul of wit’… and he is evidently witless.

Hahahaaa! Gotta laugh to keep from crying. If we lose the Affordable Healthcare we have, guess what we get in its place. No, seriously, guess. Because I don’t know. I’m hoping maybe you (or somebody, like the current administration) might. In the meantime, who wants a free ‘mermogerm’ though?

On healthcare, not only doesn’t Trump have a plan. He doesn’t have a plan TO MAKE a plan.
– The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Yeah, but bet your pockets he plans to be on Twitter tonight (and every night)!


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‘The Daily Show’ Host Trevor Noah Makes Fun Of His Very Serious Emergency Room Experience (Video)

So, the host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, Trevor Noah, had to have an emergency appendectomy just days ago. See his comical recount of what was a f#cked up emergency room experience. Besides the ‘waiting room’ shot, this was my fav quip from the above clip: Asked for more info to fill out endless forms while in excruciating (near blackout) pain, Trevor responds,

“What more information do you need, other than the fact that I’m dying?”

Ever a political hot topic in the U.S., many always bring up the fact the MANY nations abroad provide free/better healthcare than America’s. But you may have wondered if folks from other countries say U.S. healthcare is better somehow. Well, let’s hear from someone who has now experienced both.

Play the clip. Laugh through the pain. Welcome back, Noah. Get better soon.


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