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Black Eyed Peas – “Street Livin’” (Live Performance) [Video]

Tell ya what… anyone thinking that Black Eyed Peas can’t do what they do without their Fergie Boo… just got boo-boo’d on! Watch the brothers work it out, performing “Street Livin'” live on The Late Show.


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Comedy: Keegan-Michael Key Says Trump’s “Mind Is Free” (Video)

Hmm… that’s one way to look at it.

Key breaks down the reasons why Trump is a skilled improviser, and theorizes that the candidate is often sitting on the toilet when calling in to news programs.
– The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

This is before Trump was elected President. Wow, situation still looking crazy as it did back then.


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Issa Rae Shares Some Of Her Real-Life ‘Awkward Black Girl’ Stories And Talks About Her Her HBO Show ‘Insecure’ (Video)

Nice interview short Issa Rae did with Stephen Colbert as she was making the rounds promoting the second season of her acclaimed HBO original series “Insecure.” Have you peeped that yet, by the way? I am withholding judgment overall; some things going on this season I can f**ks with, other stuff not so much… But I am not sure if one of those not-so-much things will trigger a permanent Sunday night channel change for me. We’ll see.

Just had to get that off. Not even the main thing in the clip above.

HBO’s ‘Insecure’ creator and star Issa Rae isn’t equipped with an all-knowing omnipotence to answer any question that begins with ‘Do black people…?’
– The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Bwaaahahaaa! ‘Blaccent’ is gonna be my new word for a while. Girrrrrl!


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Comedy: Aziz Ansari Diversifies ‘The Late Show’ (Video)

Mixing that Brown with that White… Not a good idea when drinking… but a GREAT idea when it comes to comedy and late night TV. Let the hilarity ensue as Aziz Ansari integrates Colbert’s show. Haaaahahaaa!

When Aziz is sitting next to Stephen, 100% of the people on “The Late Show” are from South Carolina, and 50% are not White. That’s progress!


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Neil deGrasse Tyson Talks About The ‘Pale Blue Dot’ And Our Place In The Universe (Video)

I remember a show on TV growing up called “Big Blue Marble” that hinted at the smallness of planet Earth compared to the vastness of space; but it still referred to it as the ‘biggest marble’ in the game. But…BUT… watch modern science guy Neil deGrasse Tyson show us just how small our home is as a place in the universe… but still let us know that we are STILL special.


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Farewell To Bill O’Reilly: From Stephen Colbert And ‘Stephen Colbert’ (Video)

Wow, there is NO chill when it comes to celebrating reporting on the departure of Bill O’Reilly from Fox News, is there? Just one more clip on that. It’s a good one though. Haaa!

A brash, loud-mouthed, far-right know-it-all has some parting words for a brash, loud-mouthed, far-right know-it-all.

Stephen Colbert is HILARIOUS, and so is ‘Stephen Colbert.’

(That Patriots’ White House shot he fit in there, too. Bwaaahahaaa!)


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Stephen Colbert With A ‘420 Monologue’ To (Not) Remember [Video]

Wonder if Stephen ever ‘inhaled’ though. But he and intern Stoney Von Dankington have this same convo every year on this date. Yes. THAT is the real meaning behind 4/20 – a commemoration of their hilarious conversation.

(That… and puff-puff-PASS maaaaan. Hahaaaa!)


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Joey Bada$$ – “Land Of The Free” (Live Performance) [Video]

One of the things that could have been a casualty of Stephen Colbert’s move from Comedy Central to big network TV would have been the kinds of artists he booked. Fortunately, we are still getting to see the likes of Joey Bada$$ do their thing on The Late Show on CBS. Dope!

Rapper Joey Bada$$ makes his Late Show debut with a track from his upcoming album ‘All-Amerikkkan Bada$$.’


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Louie CK’s Got Shots For Trump, Obama, Non-Voters… And Jokes & Chat For Stephen Colbert (Vote)

One dude… Just ONE dude in the Colbert audience admitted to being a Trump supporter. WHERE are all these voters for President Trump (rhetorical, please don’t feel compelled to respond). Hilarious, but somehow still thoughtful & thought-provoking, host Stephen Colbert has Louie CK on the show – talking Trump and more.

Louis CK regrets comparing Donald Trump to Hitler. But he’s not going to take it back.

Interestingly enough, CK (who is clearly NOT a President Trump supporter) expressed sympathy for the sole supporter of The Donald; sorry that dude and those of his ilk fell prey to a ‘Dirty Rotten Lying Sack Of Sh!t’ (Louie’s words).


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Look! ‘The President’ Is Reading His Next Batch Of Executive Orders (Video)

Hahaa! Jon Stewart is a FOOL and a half!

Well, no doubt, you’ve heard that President Trump has gotten more accomplished than any other President in history… from Trump… And he did it via executive orders. How appropriate that Colbert had ‘The Donald’ (well, an unreasonable facsimile) to let The Late Show audience in on a batch of ‘special’ executive orders.

Friend of the show Jon Stewart stops by to give Stephen a sneak peek at some executive orders he borrowed off the President’s desk.

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DJ Khaled Speaks On Staying Focused, How ‘They Block’ And More On ‘The Late Show’ With Stephen Colbert (Video)

Definitely gotta bless up. Grammy-nom, NY Times Best Seller, father, producer, restaurateur, motivator, Snapchat phenom… and now formulator of a special ‘cocoa butter’… They Block! You must watch this to understand man. There is just no way to hate on DJ Khaled. Why even try? Check out his sit-down with Stephen Colbert above. Nice!

The music mogul, fresh off his latest GRAMMY nomination, takes Stephen through the success tips in his bestselling book ‘The Keys.’

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Comedy: Stephen Colbert Says, “Don’t Move To Canada Just Yet!” (Video)

File this under laugh-to-keep-from-crying. But it is actually funny. Classic Colbert. It’s actually a monologue of hope… as America is on the verge of being made ‘great again.’ Like it or not, Donald J. Trump is the President Elect. But hey, this is what many American voters wanted. And the rest of us… we will endure. Together. We must! So don’t go running for border, eh. Stay.

Sure, they’ve got free healthcare up there. But being an American citizen is like family: you’re in it whether you like it or not.

Watch and take heart, Colbert Nation. We will be okay.


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DeRay Mckesson Tell Stephen Colbert Why We Protest (Video)

If you ever get frustrated by folks saying, “Protests are a waste of time,” or, “What good is marching gonna do?” this DeRay Mckesson interview is for you. Actually, it’s for the ones who frustrate you; who likely have no better ideas. Wait… actually, it is for EVERYONE who needs to know (or be reminded) why we gotta do this.

Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson returns to The Late Show to share details from his meeting with President Obama, and explain why it’s crucial to take his message to the streets.


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Comedy/Politics: Stephen Colbert Officially Opens The ‘Hungry For Power Games’ At The RNC (Video)

[Stephen Colbert] Julius and his pet weasel Caligula report from the 2016 Republican National Hungry For Power Games at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, where Tribute Trump is set to accept the party’s nomination.

Haaaa! The polished segment turned out even better than anticipated. Watch The Late Show segment that Stephen Colbert crashed the RNC to shoot (raw footage we posted from that here). So many comic jabs landed in this bit. You gotta watch!

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Watch Stephen Colbert Crash The RNC Stage (Video)

Getting a bit of footage for a skit for The Late Show, Stephen Colbert sneaked up onto the podium and ‘gaveled’ the Republican National Convention (RNC) to order this past Sunday ‘Hunger Games’ style. However, the words he uttered as he struggled with the security staffer firmly escorting him away from the mic should prove to be most poignant and memorable:

“Look, look… I know I’m not supposed to be up here. But let’s be honest, neither is Donald Trump.”

Solid. Satirical. Political. GOLD!!


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Bill Maher Says That Police Culture Has To Change (Video)

Above: Bill Maher tells Stephen Colbert that we need policing as a society. He values the police and denounces shooting of police, like most, BUT he understands why police got shot at this point.

You can only look at so many videos of shooting unarmed Black people. I’m surprised it didn’t happen before.

Wow. Then Colbert follows up with a quote from the late President John F. Kennedy: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.” Then Maher goes in further: Police culture – attracting the wrong types of people, protecting wrongdoers within their ranks, not administering true justice when wrongdoers are caught, even the training – HAS to change!

Yeah. By this point in the evening, the funny part of the show was over, as Maher declared.

(Well, actually, they got in some more joke pokes… some at each other… but, trust, the serious power of what was said was not diminished.)

Incredible conversation The Late Show. Colbert keeps bringing thoughtful TV to CBS; while allowing what needs to be said to be said. Watch.


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To Be Clear: Bernie Sanders And Donald Trump Are NOT The Same…At All! (Video)

Ha! A two-fer! Bernie Sanders in the White House AND Bill O’Reilly moving to Ireland. Let’s do it people. O’Reilly was talking to Stephen Colbert the other night, saying that Sanders and Donald Trump were the same candidate with ‘different haircuts.’ WHAT? Okay, commentary like that alone might get more folks voting for Sanders (bye Bill). Watch Sanders’ sit-down with Colbert…making more sense than Trump has for most of his life.

Fresh off of his win in the New Hampshire primary, Bernie Sanders stops by The Late Show to talk about why his campaign is different.

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Killer Mike With Advice To White Americans And More On ‘The Late Show’ With Stephen Colbert (Video)

Let’s borrow Larry Wilmore’s catch phrase and apply it to the guest former Comedy Central cohort Stephen Colbert had on just recently: The man Killer Mike kept it 100 (and then some) on the The Late Show, didn’t he? Hitting a variety of hot topics with Colbert: Ferguson, Baltimore, race relations in general, stumping for his Presidential candidate of choice Bernie Sanders and so much more.

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CeeLo Green Sings “Working Class Heroes, Work” On ‘The Late Show’ (Video)

Stephen Colbert welcomes CeeLo Green, as he performs his “Working Class Heroes, Work” single with ‘The Late Show’ musicians – Louisiana music maker Jon Batiste and Stay Human.

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Stephen Colbert Talks Politics With Bernie Sanders And Walks ‘Silly’ With Lupita Nyong’O (Video)

Y’all done messed up now. Giving Stephen Colbert a ‘bump’ to a bigger media platform – from Comedy Central to CBS – allows him to do what he does, increased by an order of magnitude. Political satire on 10? Nah, on 100! And he’s just getting started. Above: Check him out lampooning the 2016 field of U.S Presidential candidates. “Feel the Bern” (candidate Bernie Sanders) for real. And dare you not to chuckle at the Republican candidates…

…Oh, you already were? Well, this’ll chuck some chuckles into the laugh fest.

Hit the jump for more hilarity; and Colbert spending some silly time with actress Lupita Nyong’O. And by the time all your watching and laughing are done, you will also have a little something to think about. Balancing comedy and commentary: it’s what Colbert does better than most anybody else in the biz.

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