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Black Thought Really Wants You To ‘Visit Philadelphia’ (Video)

The City Of Brotherly Love’s own, Tarik “Black Thought” Trotter definitely has Roots (had to do it) in the hometown, so there is a bias. But that does not mean the case he makes in this ‘Visit Philadelphia’ series, coaxing all to come, is not valid. You already know about the cheesesteaks and global eats from an earlier post (here), but watch up (above, continuing after the jump) and see more proof!

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Got Three Minutes For Some Good Food? Okay, ‘We Got You’ (Video)

Start it out so Philly and end up with eats halfway ’round the world. Are you okay with that? Then, yes, ‘We Got You.’

Tarik “Black Thought” Trotter of Grammy award-winning Hip-Hop band The Roots and Dustin Ross, co-host of weekly podcast “The Friend Zone,” meet up at a famous cheesesteak shop in North Philadelphia. Later, New York Times best-selling author Luvvie Ajayi and Founder and CEO of Skai Blue Media Rakia Reynolds strike up a conversation over tasty Moroccan food and belly dancing.
– Visit Philadelphia

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The Most Epic Hip-Hop Showdown: Big Daddy Kane vs. Kool G Rap (Video)

You remember how the two dudes in the “Five Heartbeats” movie had that soul-singing battle on stage and made the lady fans faint? This Big Daddy Kane vs. Kool G Rap showdown… It’s like that. Yup. And that’s the way it is! Two Golden Era legends going head up; doing hit-for-hit in front of the fans. An intra-squad rhyme-sayer scrimmage between two of the Juice Crew.

Oh yeah, Masta Ace shows up later in the show to rock a short set, too. Click play and overdose on the dopeness already!

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Tayyib Ali – “Pennsylvania” (Video)

So Philly, PA, USA on y’all mickeys AND all y’all fickeys!! Banging jawn with the promise of more from Tayyib Ali. Check out the video for “Pennsylvania” (with production by DJ Grumble).

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