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Just-Ice – “Just Rhymin’ With Kane” feat. Big Daddy Kane (Prod. By DJ Premier)

And there it is: Just-Ice “Just Rhymin’ With Kane.” With DJ Premier on the track with the scratch. Dat all!

And it doesn’t get more straight forward than this. It doesn’t get more Golden Era than this… more Hip-Hop… And it don’t stop!


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Big Daddy Kane Live At The V1 Festival In Russia (Video)

BIG DADDY KANE!!! In Saint-Petersburg… Florida, right? Nah, son…Russia! This V1 Festival thing looks DOPE, perhaps “the best Hip-Hop event in Russia” for reals!!

The name Big Daddy Kane has become synonymous with the term “poet” in the world of Hip-Hop. Aside from introducing original lyrics to this genre, he also gave innovative live performances which included theatre art, choreography and special costumes. It all has proved that Big Daddy Kane is not only an MC but a full-on music hall artist.
– v1battle

Yep. A BDK show is ALWAYS a good ticket to cop. The G.O.D.M.C. always gives his all for the fans, leaving it all on the floor to righteously represent Hip-Hop… and it don’t stop!


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Big Daddy Kane Speaks On Battling Biz Markie And Getting Guaranteed A Record Deal (Video)

DeNiro, Byrd, Big Daddy Kane. Number 3 on Rapaport’s dream list of interviewees. Not bad. Not bad at all.

It’s an honor and a privilege to have someone who Michael Rapaport discussed as a dream guest on Episode 1 of the I AM RAPAPORT: STEREO PODCAST. None other than one of the greatest MC/Rapper’s of all time Big Daddy Kane. Dark Gable & The Dingo are here to discuss: Michael seeing him perform in 1986, When Antonio Hardy became Big Daddy Kane, How he got his name, How he became a MC, Writing Battle Rhymes, Sarah J Hill High School, Biz Markie, Marley Marl, Get Fresh Crew, Roxanne Shante, “I’ll Take You There,” Having a song on the radio but still being broke, Downstairs Records, “Raw,” His closest friends from the street, Michael’s Big 3 MC’s, The Reality of The Rakim Battle, Being tight with Eric B, How he separated himself from Rakim & KRS-One, Backup Dancers, The Wildest Club Fights he’s ever seen, Becoming a Star, Going to Europe for the first time, Dapper Dan, Meeting Jay-Z, Who his influences were coming up, What music he listens to today, Top 5 Groups, The State of Hip Hop Today, Eminem, Busta Rhymes, Ghostface Killah, Bobby Womack, James Brown & a whole lotta mo’! This episode is not to be missed!
Michael Rapaport


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Ghostface Killah – “Done It Again” feat. Styliztik Jones x Cappadonna x Big Daddy Kane (Prod. By Big Ghost)

Ghostface releases a new single, “Done It Again,” featuring the legend Big Daddy Kane, Cappadonna, and Styliztik Jones.

This joint represents the classic Ghostface vibe, celebrating women, their beauty, knowledge and strength. Having one of Hip-Hop’s most celebrated emcees and one of my all-time favorite artists (Big Daddy Kane) along for the ride was icing on the cake.
Ghostface Killah


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Big Daddy Kane | Freestyles On Flex | Freestyle #099 (Video)

When Cee drop that beat and let Big Daddy get ’em… they GOT! Daddy’s Home. Hope you saved the big piece of chicken because ’nuff respect is due, son!


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Big Daddy Kane Blesses NPR Music With A Mini Concert (Video)

Don’t know what’s wrong with your soul if this set from the Golden Era great doesn’t rock you. The B-I-G-D-A-D-D-Y-K-A-N-E in concert… a Tiny Desk Concert at that!

One of the greatest to ever bless the mic, Big Daddy Kane treated Tiny Desk to an office block party in the true essence of Hip-Hop. He performed a short set of classics, including “Smooth Operator,” “Ain’t No Half Steppin’,” “Raw” and a bonus freestyle. Through his warm, engaging and devilishly self-effacing style, the pioneer used an interlude between songs to address the intergenerational divisiveness defining rap today and the importance of fans of all ages supporting whatever they like, while “focusing on what’s positive and keeping that in the spotlight.”
– NPR Music


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The Most Epic Hip-Hop Showdown: Big Daddy Kane vs. Kool G Rap (Video)

You remember how the two dudes in the “Five Heartbeats” movie had that soul-singing battle on stage and made the lady fans faint? This Big Daddy Kane vs. Kool G Rap showdown… It’s like that. Yup. And that’s the way it is! Two Golden Era legends going head up; doing hit-for-hit in front of the fans. An intra-squad rhyme-sayer scrimmage between two of the Juice Crew.

Oh yeah, Masta Ace shows up later in the show to rock a short set, too. Click play and overdose on the dopeness already!

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Joell Ortiz – “Kill At Will” feat. Token x Big Daddy Kane (Video)

DOPE! Joell Slaughterer and Token (and Big Daddy Kane …that’s right) took down a beat and put up a classic track for the “That’s Hip Hop” album (out now) we posted earlier here. This is the visual for that – “Kill At Will.”


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Marley Marl x Big Daddy Kane x Masta Ace x Craig G. x Kool G. Rap – “The Symphony” (Live) [Video]

Oohhoohoooo! This is cooler than 40 below! Damn if Marley and Kane didn’t bring ’em ALL out! The Juice Crew got on the mics and made it do what it do. When Masta Ace said, ‘Listen closely…’ back in the day, best BELIEVE we did. And you will again. Press play and enjoy thoroughly, you faithful Hip-Hop heads!

This was at The Rock Steady Crew’s 38th Anniversary show in Central Park, New York City (July 27, 2015). More footage from that fantastic event after the jump.

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Jadakiss – ‘Young, Gifted, & Black’ Freestyle

Jadakiss drops this straight fiyah ‘Young, Gifted, & Black’ freestyle from Big Daddy Kane’s 1989 classic & kills it! This is pure lyricism at this finest! I literally got the goosebumps listening to this joint right here. THIS is hip hop not that other sh*t.  I’d even bet the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin would be impressed.

PREVIOUS: Jadakiss Gets ‘Highly Questionable’ In His ESPN Interview On ESPN (Video)

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Sean Falyon – “Set It Off” (BeEVERYWHERE Mix)

Promise we did not have a hand in this. However, if there is a true school emcee out here today who could go in on a Big Daddy Kane classic track (knowing how Kane did things…see the earlier BDK post here), it’s Sean Falyon. Check out the retouched product for yourself.


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Big Daddy Kane Live at Tramps (1999) [Video]

Yup. It’s Hard Being The Kane. But it’s easy, real easy from this ’99 show clip, to see why BDK’s style still endures to this day. Big Daddy Kane is still doing it today. Reality check: If you are not checking for the K-A-N-E today, best believe you are checking for someone who was influenced by him. Reality checkmate! Enjoy.

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Big Daddy Kane – “The Times” (Prod. By Dr G)

BDK still spitting that hardcore raw (R-A-W). N!ggas know he ‘roll with missionaries that cause obituaries.’ Wooo! Giving ’em ‘more problems than an old Nissan.’ WHAT! “The Times” is produced by Dr G out of Manchester (United Kingdom).


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Big Daddy Kane: The Homie Scrap Laid A Dude Out On Stage With The ‘One Hitter Quitter’ (Video)

Picture the concert of your dreams. You’re getting live at, like, a Big Daddy Kane concert. Scoob and Scrap and The K-A-N-E go in for the dance break. And that’s IT! You gotta hop on stage and join in…

AND KA-POW! You get BATMAN punched – and KNOCKED THE *EFF* OUT!

Kane said that’s not hypothetical. That happened. Uh ohhhh… (watch).

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Big Daddy Kane Talking About “Sex” With Madonna (Video)

Very cool: Madonna knew who Big Daddy Kane was back in the day; and was trying to school her fans on how great he was. Now, before you say Ms. “Like A Virgin” was on BDK’s jock… take a look-see at the pics from Madonna’s “Sex” book. She kinda let the K-A-N-E on her … um … ‘jock’ (wowww)!

Big Daddy Kane shares the story about how he met Madonna, and later posed for a racy spread with her and Naomi Campbell in the pop star’s “Sex” book.

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Saigon – “One Foot In The Door” feat. Big Daddy Kane (Prod. By DJ Premier)

Saigon can go in on a track. Know that. For this one, the track is by DJ Premier. Excited yet? Okay… guest lyricals by BIG DADDY KANE! And Premo ackin’ a damn fool on the scratch to take us out. This… and Saigon has that “GSNT3: The Troubled Times of Brian Carenard” dropping September 30, 2014, nowwww you can lose your sh!t.


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Big Daddy Kane Gets ‘Raw’ On Air In Croatia (Video)

Kane comes to [Zagreb] Croatia where he performed at Club Pepermint. Lots of love in the room at that show. Check out the radio visit footage though. Big Daddy Kane freestyling on the Blackout Rap Show then speaking on what’s in his personal playlist, people in the profession with whom he’d like to work, and more. Great clip!

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Marco Polo feat. Big Daddy Kane – “Nite & Day’

marco-polo-newport-authority-500x500It was just a few days ago we posted new joint from producer Marco Polo featuring the God Rakim called ‘What’s Wrong’. He’s back with another gem called ‘Nite & Day’ with another hip hop legend in Big Daddy Kane. This particular joint finds the ill producer flipping Al B. Sure’s 1988 R&B classic  ‘Nite & Day’ while BDK spits the appropriate bars to make this joint pop properly. This joint will appear on Marco Polo’s forthcoming free-LP “Newport Authority 2” as Marco states “I’ve recorded so much quality material over the last few years and I really want to share it all. It couldn’t all possibly fit on “Port Authority 2”; hence “Newport Authority 2” came to be.”


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Big Daddy Kane on Fuse TV (Video)

Big Daddy Kane speaks on taking the old-to-the-new (‘the new to the old, the old to the new’…that  Greg Nice popped into my mind for a sec, okay)… on the love he still gets (with a quick shout from Kendrick Lamar), the joy of reuniting with Jay-Z on stage at the Barclay Center, and more. Good clip.

What’s interesting is Big Daddy Kane was shopping Jay-Z to record labels back then considering Kane is only 1 year older than Jay-Z. BDK (44) Jay-Z (43)
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Big Daddy Kane – XX8 Bars Of Kane (Prod. By DJ Premier)

artworks-000039423442-niix70-originalJordan Brand is about to celebrate to the released of their Air Jordan XX8 Sneaker that will be released in Houston on Friday February 15th during the NBA Allstar Weekend with the general release happening on February 16th. The suits over at Jordan Brand sought out the legendary Big Daddy Kane & DJ Premier to record something special for the release with “28 Bars Of Kane”. This is just one of the songs to be featured on a full-length project entitled “XX8 Days Of Flight.”