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Kids React To 2016 Presidential Candidate Donald Trump (Video)

“Wait… a small loan of a million dollars?”

Wowwww. Even kids know what a majority of the Republican voting base (so far) doesn’t seem to get: Donald Trump is a rude, mean man with a terrible sense of humor, who is not in his right mind, who would NOT make America great (he’d make it worse)!

Watch. Just watch.

(Oh, there is a kid in there that kind of stands up for Trump. So, um, there’s that.)

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Stephen Colbert Talks Politics With Bernie Sanders And Walks ‘Silly’ With Lupita Nyong’O (Video)

Y’all done messed up now. Giving Stephen Colbert a ‘bump’ to a bigger media platform – from Comedy Central to CBS – allows him to do what he does, increased by an order of magnitude. Political satire on 10? Nah, on 100! And he’s just getting started. Above: Check him out lampooning the 2016 field of U.S Presidential candidates. “Feel the Bern” (candidate Bernie Sanders) for real. And dare you not to chuckle at the Republican candidates…

…Oh, you already were? Well, this’ll chuck some chuckles into the laugh fest.

Hit the jump for more hilarity; and Colbert spending some silly time with actress Lupita Nyong’O. And by the time all your watching and laughing are done, you will also have a little something to think about. Balancing comedy and commentary: it’s what Colbert does better than most anybody else in the biz.

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