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Three Pro Football Players On Holding The Number 1 Spot: The Struggle Of The Black Quarterback (Video)

Good coverage and perspectives offered by The Undefeated in this piece. Maybe y’all remember (maybe not) Doug Williams coming from getting beat up with the [orange, really orange] Tampa Bay Bucs for YEARS in the League… to taking the Washington Redskins to the Super Bowl AND winning (with a bum leg) in one year… AND retiring and taking over for one of college football’s greatest coaches EVER, Eddie Robinson, at Grambling University… now that’s a “QuarterBlack” (published in 1990, link to Amazon here) story. Barely talked about.

And the struggle continues. But first, a bit more history… Don’t let them forget, we’ve always had Black QB’s that were the ‘ish!

The first wave of successful Black quarterbacks gave this entire generation of stars the role models they needed – but few know the actual struggles that these legends had to overcome behind the scenes. In conversations with The Undefeated’s senior NFL writer Jason Reid, these legends discuss their journey and how they each played a unique part of the evolution: Warren Moon going from undrafted to the Hall of Fame, Randall Cunningham being able to embrace his athletic style and Donovan McNabb on the 1999 draft class that saw three players drafted in top 10.

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Curren$y ‘Jets’ To Philly With Randall Cunningham On His Back (Video)

Catch the flight and experience ‘Jet Life’ with Curren$y and the crew. They fall through and in store to bond with eager fans and take selfies before taking the the Philly stage. Draped in the Randall Cunningham throwback, sir, well played. And to that fan that passed the FOOT LONG at the show… daaaammmn! Hahaaaaa!

Check it out.

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