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Three Pro Football Players On Holding The Number 1 Spot: The Struggle Of The Black Quarterback (Video)

Good coverage and perspectives offered by The Undefeated in this piece. Maybe y’all remember (maybe not) Doug Williams coming from getting beat up with the [orange, really orange] Tampa Bay Bucs for YEARS in the League… to taking the Washington Redskins to the Super Bowl AND winning (with a bum leg) in one year… AND retiring and taking over for one of college football’s greatest coaches EVER, Eddie Robinson, at Grambling University… now that’s a “QuarterBlack” (published in 1990, link to Amazon here) story. Barely talked about.

And the struggle continues. But first, a bit more history… Don’t let them forget, we’ve always had Black QB’s that were the ‘ish!

The first wave of successful Black quarterbacks gave this entire generation of stars the role models they needed – but few know the actual struggles that these legends had to overcome behind the scenes. In conversations with The Undefeated’s senior NFL writer Jason Reid, these legends discuss their journey and how they each played a unique part of the evolution: Warren Moon going from undrafted to the Hall of Fame, Randall Cunningham being able to embrace his athletic style and Donovan McNabb on the 1999 draft class that saw three players drafted in top 10.

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Comedy: Odell Beckham, Jr. Speak On The Cold Truth Of His Career Path (Video)

It looks like somebody should have clued OBJ in on how silly Kevin can be. The blondie-curly-twirly though. Ha! Get y’all’s crazy azzes in the tub. Careful though, it is ‘Cold As Balls!’

Odell’s iconic hair is making it rounds to everyone on set! In this episode, Odell talks about growing up playing soccer, his journey into the NFL and finally catching that epic one-handed catch! We know you have all been on ice to see this episode! Let us know if it was worth the wait.
– LOL Network

They even recount the night that THE one-handed catch was born. It wasn’t always sweet before ODJ really got to eat, but it’s better now.

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Comedy: Kevin Hart & Johnny Manziel’s Ice Tub Talk About The Cold Reality He’s Had To Face On And Off Field (Video)

Does Johnny Football have the balls to have a sit down with Kevin Hart? In the ice bath? Well… yeah.

Kevin Hart and Johnny Manziel get deep about his choice for going to football over baseball, his college football career and his struggle with the Cleveland Browns. Sit back with a cold one.
– LOL Network


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Experience The Eagles Vs. Patriots Super Bowl Through The Voices Of Key Figures “Mic’d Up” (Video)

Lots of awesome sights and sounds made for an epic Super Bowl event. Here is a great package of them.

Listen to the best mic’d up moments from Super Bowl LII the Philadelphia Eagles against the New England Patriots.

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‘Get Hyped’ For The Oakland Raiders’ 2017-18 NFL Season (Video)

People. PEOPLE! It is time to ‘get hyped’ about the Raiders. Right now. We are running out of room on the bandwagon, and you don’t wanna be ‘that’ fan… so late to the party that we call you on your b.s. for switching teams or not even being a real fan of any team at all.

Don’t want that for you. Buuuut if you are still an undeclared pro football fan, there is a vid clip above that will speak life to you. It will let you know there is only one nation to get you into your football groove. It’s [1, 2, 3] RAIDER NATION, BABY!!!

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Marshawn Lynch’s ‘Skittles’ Super Bowl Press Conference (Video)

Marshawn Lynch gives an exclusive Skittles press conference to discuss the most pressing issues in football.

Leave the brother alone, won’t you? Just trying to ‘not get fined’ – showing up and saying as little as possible – but noooo… they keep inviting (read: forcing) him to go to press conference after press conference.  Here’s another…  supposedly assembled to discuss football topics… but…

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Ray Lewis: A Football Life (Documentary)

Any avid football fan should be able to recognize that when it’s all said & done, Ray Lewis will be considered the greatest linebacker in the history of the NFL. Not only will he be heralded for what he did on the playing field, but how he has inspired many people beyond football. Check out the NFL network’s special program “A Football Life” in which Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis is the featured subject. Awe-Inspiring.
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NFL WR Calvin “Megatron” Johnson Featured On ESPN’s ‘E:60’ Program (Video)

Calvin “Megatron” Johnson is arguably the most dominant wide receiver in the NFL today & ESPN’s E:60 program did a feature on him that I had watched live when it aired. Despite being nicknamed “Megatron” by his teammates & doing well in the league, Calvin Johnson appears to be a very grounded, non-diva attitude wearing wide receiver in the NFL. This mini-documentary hosted by ESPN’s Lisa Salters does provide some insight as to who Megatron really is when he transforms off the field into Calvin Johnson.
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Seattle Seahawks Marshawn Lynch Goes Shopping For ‘Grills’ (Video)

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch just signed a huge contract with his NFL team recently & in one of the first interviews since news reports came of the deal he goes to a shop in his native Oakland to get some new grills for his teeth. First thing I’m thinking is ‘who in the hell still rocks grills? Oh well…. Congrats on the new contract & all homie, but spend your money wisely. Don’t want to have to follow that Allen Iverson savings & spending plan after A.I. allegedly blew over $150 Million dollars…….
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Chicago Bears Cut WR Sam Hurd After Federal Drug Charges (Video)

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It was inevitable that the Chicago Bears were going to cut wide receiver Sam Hurd following the federal investigation into his alleged attempts to distribute cocaine & marijuana in the Chicago area. If the charges are true then he’s apparently fooled many people around him about his true character according to this ABC News segment.