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Chi-Ali Speaks About His Time On The Run & In Prison For 14 Years On MTV’s RapFix Live (Video)

MTV caught up with rap artist Chi-Ali who was released from prison after a year on the run from authorities & subsequently serving 12 years in prison for manslaughter. It got so deep for Chi-Ali why he was on the run that he was eventually featured on primetime television’s “America’s Most Wanted”.  Many of you younger hip hop heads may not know that Chi-Ali was a teenage rap star & the youngest member of the Native Tongues crew with a few notable joints like “Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number”, “Funky RoadRunner”, & “Funky Lemonade”. MTV’s RapFix Live caught with him in Miami for his first interview since being released.
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Beanie Sigel and Jadakiss Speak On Their Past Battle (Video)

RapFix Live welcomed now friendly rivals Beanie Sigel and Jadakiss to address past beef and discuss possible-new-collab-in-the-making “Kiss the Mac.” Great sit down with host Sway! It’s Hip-Hop. No hard feelings. In fact, you can hear the respect between the two – studying each others’ lives and rhymes to put up worthy battle verses…and make some money!
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Scarface Speaks On Jay Z, Kanye West, & Doing The ‘Brad & Mack’ Album With Beanie Sigel (Video)

Scarface stopped by MTV’s RapFix told about how years ago he was open to doing an album with Jay-Z & Beanie Sigel. Face later spoke on how he can’t get a call back from Jay Z & Kanye West these days & got Beans on the phone to speak on their  upcoming ‘Brad & Mack’ project they have in the works for 2013.
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Freeway Rapfix Freestyle (Video)

Free drops some bars and big ups Troy Davis (R.I.P.)