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History: Rare Footage Of Famed Scientist George Washington Carver (Video)


My Grandpa (T. C. Cottrell) actually knew Dr. Carver. In fact, he gave Grandpa several of hair tonic treatments… right there on the Tuskegee Institute (way before it became Tuskegee University) campus back, back in the day! A bit of Carver & Cottrell history for you.

Now, I have been to the Museum several times. I even worked as a student research assistant for the Carver Foundation on Campus over several summers back in my teen years. But this footage, showing a bit of the LEGENDARY scientist/inventor as he lived, gives me chills… and swells of pride.

After all, I am Tuskegee, through and through. And so is this!

Originally shared on the US National archives website, this appears to be some of the only surviving color footage of famed inventor George Washington Carver (1860s-1943). Photographed here in and around his home at Tuskegee University by Dr. Cornelius Allen Alexander.
– reelblack



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Rare Footage: The Notorious B.I.G. Performing On Stage In London

About 18 years ago to this very day, March 19th, the Notorious B.I.G. rocked on stage live in London with Puff Daddy by his side. It was the launch party for radio personality Tim Westwood on London’s Radio 1 at the Palais that took place March 19th 1995. I love it when these never-seen-before videos are eventually digitized & later pop up on the web.
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Rare Footage: Biggie Performing ‘Get Money’ On Stage With Jay-Z As His Hypeman (Video)

Some rare footage was released via Fuse TV of Biggie performing during Ralph McDaniel’s Video Music Box party back in 1996 in NYC. The Notorious one performed his Junior Mafia hit ‘Get Money’ while Jay-Z served as Biggie’s hypman on stage for the show.

Rare Footage: The Beastie Boys On The Dave Chappelle Show (Video)

With the recent passing of Adam “MCA” Yauch of the Beastie Boys many are going to rare interviews & footage of the group from years past. Recently some unreleased footage of the Beastie Boys on the third season of the Dave Chappelle Show just surfaced on the internet.

Rare Footage Of Tupac At 19 Years Old During The Movie ‘Juice’ Filming (Video)

Check out this video of some rare footage of Tupac during the time he was filming the movie ‘Juice’ with Omar Epps & Khalil Kane. The raw & largely unedited video captures some truly candid moments of Tupac in the studio & with the fellas as they kick it during down time on the movie set.

SoundCheck: Rare Footage Of Slum Village With J Dilla & Baatin (Video)

It’s always good to see how people are discovering old unearthed videos & sharing them on the web. Check out this never seen before video of the original members of Slum Village as they soundcheck before a show. RIP Jay Dee aka J Dilla & Baatin! It’s FANTASTIC!!!