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Rewind: Rick James Takes His Former Bandmate To Court on Judge Joe Brown (Video)

Yooooo! Don’t waste another second trying to figure out “what the…?” It’s RICK JAMES, B!TCH! And just like Charlie Murphy might tell it, this story has some crazy twists & turns. Check out this celeb drama, played out on the Judge Joe Brown show.

At around 3 min, prepare for your first legit “DAAAAAAMNN! Did he just…” reaction. And it won’t be the last watching this.

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LAKIM – “I’m Rick James B!tch”

Every day people make remixes to classic and not so classic tracks.  Sometimes the track sounds the same other times completely different.  With that said sometimes producers are able to take just a little bit of the original track and make it their own while holding to true to what the artists created in the beginning.  Well LAKIM has done just that with his latest remix track titled “Im Rick James Bitch” where he flips the Rick James classic “Super Freak”.  I mean he adds some drums and a different baseline and it is a head nodder from start to finish.  The only problem is it is too short only lasting for under two minutes.

“What did the five fingers Say to the Face? S-L-A-P I’m Cold Bloooooooded”

– Dave Chappelle as Rick James


ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Lakim – “I’m Rick James B!tch”

Lakim gets in a short and sweet incredibly dope beat freak entitled “I’m Rick James B!tch.” Ah, like an unusual wine blend. Note the not-so-subtle notes of the late great Rick James’ “Super Freak.” This is gonna make you wanna get up and gangsta walk. And why not? It’s a celebration! Haaaa.


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Legends+Pioneers: Just Blaze And Rick James (Video)

For this episode of Legends+Pioneers with Opiyo Okeyo, we get Just Blaze speaking about the cool funk genius of Rick James. An inspiration to Blaze, the two (Blaze and James) got to hang out a couple of times. Watch Just Blaze reminisce and appreciate the times with late great; and check out the caricatures.

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